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Why Did You Leave?
from album (EverGreen) by EverGreen
Verse I came home today and found that you were gone. Please talk to me as I'm not sure what I&#.. 
Why Did You Leave Me
from album (Ego Trippin) by Snoop Dogg
(verse 1- snoop) ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom what a dog gotta do? let me holla at ya boo damn i miss you.. 
Why Did You Leave This Place (Featuring Nomie Lukat)
from album (Album Unknown) by David Ball
Last night, I was lying and thinking in my bed I could not sleep because of the endless questions ru.. 
Did You Ever Think (Remix)
from album (Did You Ever Think (12" Remix)) by R. Kelly
featuring Nas [R. Kelly] No matter what ya'll say or do We gotta get this money W.. 

Why Do You Love Me?
from album (Why Do You Love Me?) by Garbage
I`m no Barbie doll I`m not your baby girl So I`ve done ugly things and I have made mistakes And I am.. 
How Did You Know
from album (Gary Valenciano: How Did You Know) by Gary Valenciano
I remember so well The day that you came Into my life You asked for my name You have the most beauti.. 
If You Leave Me Now
from album (If You Leave Me Now) by Monica Naranjo
Monica Naranjo If You Leave Me Now If you leave me now Holding on to the memories I´ll survive.. 
Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby?
from album (Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby?) by Doris
Did you give the world some love today, babe? Did you give the world some love today, babe? Well you.. 
When Did You Leave Heaven
from album (Down In The Groove) by Bob Dylan
When did you leave heaven? How could they let you go? How's everything in heaven? I'd like t.. 
Why Did You Go
from album (Return To Fantasy) by Uriah Heep
WHY DID YOU GO I woke up today With my head in daze ‘Cause my love had gone With nothing to do Jus.. 
When Did You Leave Heaven
from album (Album Unknown) by Guy Lombardo
WHEN DID YOU LEAVE HEAVENGuy LombardoWhen did you leave heaven?How could they let you go?How's e.. 
Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
from album (Let's Talk About Love) by Modern Talking
Why did you do it just tonight ? You're leaving me without good-bye Why can't you give me on.. 
Why Did You Mess With Forever?
from album (Break Away) by John Mayer
i came by to get my things, thank you for getting the door, but i dont feel right walking in a war.. 
Why Did You Give Me Your Love
from album (Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers) by Hank Snow
Mmmm-mmmm-mmm-mmm Mmmm-mmmm-mmm Oh, why did you give me your love, dear When it lasted only a day W.. 

Why Did You Do It
from album (Album Unknown) by Stretch
I've been thinking 'bout what you have done to me The damage is much deeper than you'll.. 
Why Did You Kill The Princess?
from album (Gate Of Hell) by Sky Lark
The Gurdian Angel: Why did you kill the princess? Why did you cross the dark sea? Why did you stop m.. 
from album (Neil Young) by Neil Young
When we were living together I thought that I knew you would stay. Still when you left me I tried to.. 
Why Did I Always Depend On You?
from album ((I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance) by Billie Holiday
Why did I always depend on you When I knew that you'd end In another's arms? As a rule I'.. 
Why Didn't You Call Me
from album (On How Life Is) by Macy Gray
We went out one night Everything went right We got something started It was outta sight We had s.. 
Why Didn't You Call Me?
from album (On How Life Is) by Macy Gray
We went out one night Everything went right We got something started It was outta sight We had such.. 
If You Leave Me Now
from album (You're The Inspiration) by Peter Cetera
(Don't go, please don't go...) If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of.. 
You Leave Me Breathless
from album (All I Remember Is You) by Tommy Dorsey
YOU LEAVE ME BREATHLESSTommy DorseyYou leave me breathless, you heavenly thing,You look so wonderful.. 
Where Did You Sleep?
from album (Careful What You Wish For) by Texas
You pushed away you're rocking chair You're seven years of living Choose to think it over -.. 
If You Leave My World
from album (Take Me To Your Heart) by Michael Learns To Rock
What about the life that you were dreaming of What about the picture in my head What about the love.. 
Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas
from album (Santa Hooked Me Up) by B2K
B2K- Why'd you leave me on Christmas. ~Verse 1~ See I brought you diamonds.. 
Why Did I Break Your Heart
from album (Mirror Mirror) by 10cc
Inside my loneliness and sorting through the mess I came across a bunch of snaps and letters I found.. 
Did You Miss Me?
from album (See This Through And Leave) by The Cooper Temple Clause
Did you miss me? I bet you did? Did you miss me? And what I did? How's it going kid? Hows the lo.. 
Why Do You Make Me Bleed
from album (Open Your Mouth For The Speechless) by A Life Once Lost
I try and catch myself from crying but the tears are dead. I can cry on your command. I can scream m.. 
And Thus You Poured Like Heaven Wept
from album (The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame) by Ashes You Leave
...and thus you poured like heaven wept, From your buds and springs, Cover us in leaves the wind bro.. 
Your Divinity
from album (The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame) by Ashes You Leave
With every minute death is nearer Are we not just passengers Aboard a sinking ship? All is lost, me.. 
Well, Did You Evah
from album (Swing When You're Winning) by Robbie Williams And Jon Lovitz
Robbie: I have heard among this clan You are called the forgotten man Jon: Is that what t.. 
I Didn't Mean To Be Mean
from album (If You Leave Can I Come Too) by Mental As Anything
It's hard to be a nice guy all the time Everybody knows that guilty feeling When you hurt the on.. 
Why Did It Have To Be Me
from album (Arrival) by ABBA
Björn: When you were lonely, you needed a man Someone to lean on, well I understand Agnetha, Fri.. 
Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love
from album (Room Service) by Bryan Adams
Was it some man that didn't treat you right Left you reaching out for him in the middle of the n.. 
Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
from album (Almost Unreal) by Roxette
In a time Where the sun descends alone, I ran a long long way from home To find a heart that's m.. 
Come Back (Before You Leave)
from album (Tourism) by Roxette
Never looked back on a love affair. I never spent minutes on history, it made me sad, it made me so.. 
Only When You Leave
from album (Gold) by Spandau Ballet
Layin' in the after glow I only want to learn what you know But no.. 
After You Leave Me
from album (Styx) by Styx
Written by George Clinton Lead vocals by James Young you come to me girl tears are in your eyes you.. 
If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry
from album (Album Unknown) by Jerry Wallace
(If you leave, take my heart, take my heart) If you leave me tonight I will cry Though you say we wi.. 
from album (Get Close) by The Pretenders




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