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A Place Where We Belong
from album (A Place Where We Belong) by Air Supply
I'm just a wandering gypsy I'll sing for you tonight And when the seats are empty I'll t.. 
Brother Where You Bound
from album (Brother Where You Bound) by Supertramp
there's a red cloud hanging over us and it's so big and it's gonna burst all you peopl.. 
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
from album (Where Have All The Cowboys Gone) by Paula Cole
Oh, you get me ready in your '56 Chevy Why don't we go sit down in the shade? Take shelter o.. 
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
from album (Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See 12") by Busta Rhymes
featuring Kwesi Be [Busta Rhymes] Good evening wonderful women and men When Disaster St.. 

This Is Where I Came In
from album (This Is Where I Came In) by The Bee Gees
I've seen the story I've read it over once or twice I said that you say A little bit of bad.. 
Where Your Road Leads
from album (Where Your Road Leads) by Trisha Yearwood
(Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks) (Victoria Shaw/Desmond Child) I believe in miracles I believe.. 
This Is Where I Belong
from album (Where We Belong) by Boyzone
Here I stand in the northern rain And I can't believe I'm home again And I can'.. 
Where Did You Go?
from album (Where We Belong) by Boyzone
Tell me where did you go? Tell me where did you go? Tell me where did you go? Hoping an.. 
Back Where You Belong
from album (Back Where You Belong) by 38 Special
I heard you're askin' how I'm feeling I guess I'll play it day by day I'm still.. 
Where I Wanna Be
from album (Where I Wanna Be) by Donell Jones
I said I left my babygirl a message Saying I won't be coming home I'd rather be alone She.. 
Right Where You Stand
from album (Right Where You Stand) by Gang Starr
Wh-wh-wh-what can I say? Let me explain this to you..." [GangStarr] Yo, I don't even wan.. 
From Where Intro
from album (From Where???) by Mad Skillz
...It's not about the salary I do this so Mc's they twice before they battle me Cau.. 
Where There Is Faith
from album (Where There Is Faith) by 4him
I believe in faithfulness I believe in giving of myself for someone else I believe in peace and love.. 
Hit You Where It Hurts
from album (Hit You Where It Hurts) by Marie Frank
Every single day I go about my business Set in my own little ways Until my heart gangs up on me And.. 

Here's Where The Story Ends
from album (Here's Where The Story Ends) by The Sundays
people I know places I go make me feel tongue tied I can see how people look down they're on the.. 
Where Did We Go Wrong
from album (Where Did We Go Wrong) by Novastar
she just left me, oh and there's no one here that I want to change her for and I was good for he.. 
Where Did Our Love Go
from album (Where Did Our Love Go) by The Supremes
(Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland, Jr.) Baby, baby Baby don't leave me Ooh, please d.. 
Where We Started From
from album (Where We Started From) by Little River Band
When you call my name from wherever you are I will find my way back to your home town I will send a.. 
Wherever You Are
from album (Wherever You Are) by Laava
When I feel blue, I think of you, cause you're true, Wherever you are Near or far you still ar.. 
Wherever You Are (Spanish Translation)
from album (Wherever You Are) by Laava
Cuando me siento triste pienso en ti, porque eres real. Donde quiera q estes, serca o lejos, tu si.. 
Where's The Pleasure?
from album (Where's The Pleasure?) by Protocol
Protocol – Where’s The Pleasure? Now I know that I was meant to think you’re mine How will I eve.. 
This Is Where I Stand
from album (This Is Where I Stand) by Easyworld
The ache of a thousand nearly nothings Like unrequited love It doesn't mean a single *** thi.. 
Where's Your Mom?
from album (Where's Your Mom?) by Chixdiggit
get turned on by your nylons in the hamper parents out of town, i guess they're sleeping in the.. 
Where Serpents Reign
from album (Where Serpents Reign) by Ancient Ceremony
Falling into Emptiness, caught by Pits of Despair can't find out sense of this *** why am I sen.. 
Comin' From Where I'm From
from album (Comin' From Where I'm From) by Anthony Hamilton
Verse I: Sitting here, guess I didn' make bail Got time and a story to tell Started when I wa.. 
The World Where Shadows Come To Life
from album (The World Where Shadows Come To Life) by Archontes
I see the Starlight And I feel the pain So it's been And shall be tomorrow My wings are clipped.. 
Where Pain Comed To Die
from album (Where Pain Comes To Die) by Bay Laurel
A day like this. In a room far from bliss. The world is right outside with an offer I must refuse... 
Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
from album (Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays (1999)) by Empyrium
When through the starry night the mists of autumn glide the air is filled with tragedies of olden ti.. 
Faerghail (Where Angels Dwell No More)
from album (Where Angels Dwell No More) by Faerghail
Over gardens of time towards the frozen shore You'll find a place where angels dwell no more A k.. 
Where I Find My Heaven?
from album (Where I Find My Heaven?) by Gigolo Aunts
Hey Monday mornin' is only for the brave And the blood flows through my heart and leaves like sa.. 
Where Angels Fear To Tread
from album (Where Ironcrosses Grow) by Dismember
War birds fly in tight formation, Across the blackened sky, A thousand engines roar, Tremors of the.. 
Where Ironcrosses Grow
from album (Where Ironcrosses Grow) by Dismember
Death is all around me, violence and decay Screams of the dying, never leave my mind Hanging helples.. 
Where Did He Go?
from album (Where Did He Go?) by The Briefs
In an alleyway Upstate In a riverbed, no one knows his fate At the restaurant In the parking lot.. 
Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
from album (Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be) by Stormlord
Roma I Hail your timeless glory overwhelming's your might (no) mortal man stood against you the.. 
Where Life Ends
from album (Where No Life Dwells) by Unleashed
God of lies, Slaughter and sacrifice We spit in his face And laugh as we die ...Where life ends Moth.. 
Where No Life Dwells
from album (Where No Life Dwells) by Unleashed
Home Is Where The Heartache Is
from album (Home Is Where The Heartache Is) by Someday Never
Yeah, I wish that we could say Perfect's just our way And we're so happy Frequent flashback&.. 
From Where You Are
from album (From Where You Are) by Lifehouse
So far away from where you are These miles have torn us worlds apart And I miss you Yeah, I miss.. 
Where Angels Fear To Tread
from album (On A Day Like Today) by Bryan Adams
well i'm wrapped around your finger i'm never letting go you know i'm happy jus.. 
Right Back Where I Started From
from album (Room Service) by Bryan Adams
You don't know what you got - until you lose it And I can testify that that's the truth I ha.. 




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