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Walking A Line
from album (One By One) by Foo Fighters
Got my good side at the ready If the other one is on the mend Feel it in my bones when you break my.. 
Walking Wounded
from album (Walking Wounded) by Everything But The Girl
Out amongst the walking wounded, every face on every bus Is you and me and him and her and nothing.. 
Across The Lines
from album (Across The Lines) by Tracy Chapman
ACROSS THE LINES Tracy ChapmanAcross the linesWho would dare to goUnder the bridgeOver the tracksTha.. 
Walking Off The Buzz
from album (Walking Off The Buzz) by Blessid Union Of Souls
Amy woulda died for me She would've had my baby If I needed a favor It was yes, she n.. 

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
from album (A Thin Line Between Love And Hate) by Annie Lennox
Men zegt van liefde dat ze zacht is Als een lief en teder woord *it's a thin line between love a.. 
Walking On Broken Glass
from album (A Thin Line Between Love And Hate) by Annie Lennox
Walking On Broken GlassAnnie LennoxYou were the sweetest thing that I ever knewBut I don't care.. 
Walking On A Thin Line
from album (Back In Time) by Huey Lewis & The News
Walking on a Thin LineHuey Lewis and the NewsSometimes in my bed at nightI curse the dark and a pray.. 
Walking In The Sun
from album (Walking In The Sun) by Travis
I was walking along in the sun Taking pictures of everyone And there's something on the tip of.. 
Ride The Thug Line
from album (Thug On Da Line) by Krayzie Bone
[Chorus] Thugline, Thugline, come Ride The Thugline All day (day), keep it real, keep it real, keep.. 
Thug On Da Line
from album (Thug On Da Line) by Krayzie Bone
[Intro] These niggaz don't know who the *** they ***in with man On the real shit nigga, this i.. 
Walking Man
from album (Walking Man) by James Taylor
Moving in silent desperation, Keeping an eye on the Holy Land. A hypothetical destination, say, Wh.. 
End Of The Line
from album (End Of The Line) by Honeyz
All alone, I wait for you As darkness fills this room I don't know why you ain't called L.. 
from album (B-Line) by Lamb
It's in, your eyes And the way you move You've got music in yourself A kind Of glow Like you.. 
Blue Lines
from album (Blue Lines) by Massive Attack
Tricky You can be with the one you love or love the one you're with Spliff in the ashtray, red.. 

Walking Into Clarksdale
from album (Walking Into Clarksdale) by Page And Plant
When I was born I was running As my feet hit the ground Before I could walk I was humming An old rai.. 
Lazy Line Painter Jane
from album (Lazy Line Painter Jane) by Belle And Sebastian
Working the village shop Putting a poster up Dreaming of anything Dreaming of the time when you are.. 
Walking With A Ghost
from album (Walking With A Ghost) by The White Stripes
No matter which way you go No matter which way you stay You're out of my mind, out of my mind Ou.. 
Break The Line
from album (Break The Line Maxi) by Guano Apes
you can get it come and climb under my skin overtake it pushing me on a fast lane come lets get.. 
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Don’t say a word life is like a sin-phony brave as you dare there’s nothing but your gain so take.. 
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Stand up don't sit in the dark or should i call out the name of d.k. the penetration of my brain.. 
Electric Nights
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
I Close my eyes And forever that's the time When we were broken Hey you! Why don't we hypnot.. 
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
So hello, how is it been? Twentyfive years is still the same Is it's me the night to take me her.. 
Kiss The Dawn
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Loaded forecast on you the pants are tight you are ready to use searching for some trouble who's.. 
Plastic Mouth
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
It's a long life a long life you have to live for only short time exit will let you leave Are yo.. 
Pretty In Scarlet
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Pretty in scarlet So pretty in scarlet We slept a while to turn it up and get it off our minds i.. 
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Quitely explodes your love Your insecurity is so soft to me I can't let you bleeding We are fall.. 
Scratch The Pitch
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
The lines fade away they dissapear the colour of your lips wants to move on so now the one you are l.. 
Sing That Song
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Wrecking the best of me see me front onto past disease what's up wrecking the rest of me you got.. 
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Come come try draw your scale try to make it special don't throw it all away the time might be u.. 
Sugar Skin
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Speak your word leave a sign no more critics lay it down worst demean I prefer you blind to salve yo.. 
You Can't Stop Me
from album (Walking On A Thin Line) by Guano Apes
Someone who's coming out, to see a lot of our destination A maniac neurotic who wants to jump o.. 
Sending All My Love
from album (Linear) by Linear
Girl, I close my eyes and then I start to cry for you You're the reason why I have to say goodby.. 
Last In Line
from album (Last In Line) by Dio
We're a ship without a storm Cold without the warm Light inside the darkness lit at peace We.. 
Walking In L.A.
from album (Walking In L.A.) by Missing Persons
Look ahead as we pass, try and focus on it I won't be fooled by a cheap cinematic trick It must.. 
Man On The Line
from album (Man On The Line) by Chris De Burgh
Man On The Line There's a man on the line, he is wasting my time, He calls me everyday, he'.. 
Walking The Thin Line
from album (Non Rien N'a Changé) by The Radios
There's something going on in the air how can i tell you, how would i dare this feeling's ge.. 
Direct Line
from album (Direct Line) by Dedringer
I'm on a direct line Feelin' fine It's been a long time comin' Came just in time Us.. 
On The Line
from album (On The Line Soundtrack) by Lance Bass Featuring Joey Fatone, Mandy Moore, Christian Burns & True Vibe
I'm laying it On the line to show you I'll never let you go On the line for your love Th.. 
On The Front Line
from album (On The Front Line) by The Casualties
coming from the ghetto there's no future for the poor where the cops don't care if a bullet.. 
Five Lines
from album (Five Lines) by Idiot Savant
Staring at the ceiling something strange is happening this time I have tried to hear inside drums ar.. 




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