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Okay Okay Boys
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Hoved tekst: Nat efter nat Jeg går ind i en bar Ryger cigaretter Vi taler ikke sammen Okay okay bo.. 
It's Alright, It's Okay
from album (Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)) by Hanson
We're rolling It's alright, it's okay You keep on runnin' because you don't lo.. 
It's Not Right But It's Okay
from album (My Love Is Your Love) by Whitney Houston
Friday night you and your boys went out to eat Then they hung out But you came home aroun.. 
It's Not Right,but It's Okay
from album (My Love Is Your Love) by Whitney Houston
Verse 1 Friday night you and your boys went out to eat Then they hung out,but you came home around.. 

It's Okay
from album (The Raw & The Cooked) by Fine Young Cannibals
(it's alright) I've been looking for about an hour, for a place to drink Trouble with this.. 
Alright, Okay, You Win
from album (Things Are Swingin') by Peggy Lee
Well alright, okay, you win I'm in love with you Well alright, okay, you win Baby, what can I do.. 
That's Okay
from album (A Long Way Home) by Dwight Yoakam
That's okay It's alright No, really everything is cool This is just The way I look When I.. 
That's Okay
from album (Marc Anthony) by Marc Anthony
i remember how it used to be when you said you were in love with me now i'm all alone.. 
Make It All Okay
from album (Around The Sun) by R.E.M.
You threw away the ballast and you rowed your boat ashore Didn't you, now? Didn't you? You m.. 
You Okay Honey?
from album (Rent Soundtrack) by Rent
A HOMELESS MAN Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing S.. 
I'm Okay
from album (Jake) by Jake
Why are you weeping Over me this hour I'm slipping away But you know you couldn't keep me fo.. 
You're Okay
from album (All You Can Eat) by K.D. Lang
i am wrought with paranoia for i have brought myself before you ***ly awaiting you're ok could.. 
Oh Well, Okay
from album (XO) by Elliott Smith
Here's the silhouette the face always turned away the bleeding color gone to black dying like a.. 
from album (Van Wilder OST) by Swirl 360
She sat me down and took me by the hand She said I'll try to make this painless if I can She was.. 

from album (Free City) by St. Lunatics
(Ali) St. Lunatics and we here now, we never give up Swallowin Cris' 'til we spit up, put.. 
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
from album (Deja Entendu) by Brand New
I am heaven sent Don't you dare forget I am all you've ever wanted What all the other boys a.. 
When Was It Okay
from album (Non) by Non
I remeber that day You felt all alone needed someone to hold wanted someone to call your own I was.. 
Okay With My Decay
from album (12-Pak-599) by Grandaddy
I woke up Tuesday Morning to coming down With out a sound coming back down The pressure put upon me.. 
Okay (Red Cup Remix)
from album (25 Reasons) by Nivea
[The Dream] Had to do a remiz for tha West side pimp [Chorus] That's it now shawty peep this my.. 
from album (Hurry Up And Wait) by Riddlin' Kids
I don't know I don't care, cause all we ever do is fight And, I relize it's the end but.. 
Megido No Oka
from album ('Ten To Chi' To '0 To 1' To) by Pierrot
kuroi tenkuu de naranda hoshi ga tsugeru kare ni tsukurareta futari ga deatta yoru nibiku sobietats.. 
I'm Okay
from album (Scream) by Sarah Bettens
Look for me right when the lights go down My own little natural hide I should be floating on top of.. 
Is It All Okay?
from album (Happy Birthday To Me) by The Muffs
Out of it and out of time And out of everything I can't believe it's true And I can't be.. 
It's Okay
from album (Switchin' To Glide) by The Kings
Apartment buzzing you are out I buzz a dozen jump and shout I am kidding, I just split {chorus} It.. 
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
from album (All I Want For Christmas Is You) by My Chemical Romance
Well if you wanted honesty, That's all you had to say. I never want to let you down or have you.. 
Are You Okay?
from album (Red Sky Recovery) by Oval Opus
Are you Ok? I heard the news Said your leaving town; are you going soon? I know it's hard; thing.. 
Dont Say Okay
from album (Speaking With The Angel) by Mary Black
I'm giving up on TV it's not making sense Gotta trust ourselves it's the last line of de.. 
Jord Dvalin
from album (Wigand) by Adorned Brood
Bruder einander bringen ums Leben Hart wird die Heimat, kalt wird's im Heime, Axt und Schwert sp.. 
Oka Tokat
from album (Unknown) by Parokya Ni Edgar
Hoy mga pare ko, anong nangyari dito? Bakit biglang namutla ang mukha ko? Nanginginig, tumindig ang.. 
Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni
from album (Eleven) by B'z
Tatoeba dou ni kashite K imi no naka aa haitte itte Sono me kara boku o nozoitara Ironna koto chotto.. 
Fun Fun Fun Okay!
from album (Smile) by The Pillows
Saitei saiaku shôdoku sare sô na kanjô furikitte tanjun de daitan na yokubô ni kamitsuita JUMPI.. 
Akuro No Oka
from album (Gauze) by Dir En Grey
ano basho de deatta ne ima de wa mou nani mo dekinai keredo kono machi de deatta ne ima de wa mou da.. 
Fruits Basket
from album (Fruits Basket) by Okazaki Ritsuko
Totemo ureshikatta yo / kimi ga warai kakede ta Subete o tokasu chou emi de Haru wa mada tookute /.. 
Ansigt Til Ansigt
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Ansigt til ansigt Jag efter vind Det der var er det der kommer Det der sker er det der skete Endnu e.. 
Bag De Røde Bjerge
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Huhh Fremad fortsæt afsted Efter lang tid Ind i en verden Af uendelig vildskab Venter på nye instr.. 
Bravo Charlie
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Bravo charlie radio Omega november Romeo Echo x-ray papa kilo lima Mike yankee tango India Oh julia.. 
Brændende Kakler
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Vi lytter til blæsten i græsset Vi kigger på stumper af vraget Vi er igen hvor vi var igår Vi.. 
International Klein Blue
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Mama Mama
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Søger uden at lede Hu Kender det gule lys Kender disse måneveje Mama mama Lyd uden mål Søger u.. 
Oppenheimers Formiddag
from album (Okay Okay Boys) by Kliche
Går i mørket På en trappe Går i mørket Trin for trin Åbner en dør Skærmer for lyset med hå.. 

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