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Can We Go Back
from album (Voices Of Theory) by Voices Of Theory
Another night I cry once again Without you in my life My world would come to an end And I know that.. 
Dìmelo (Say It)
from album (Voices Of Theory) by Voices Of Theory
He dado demaciado Lo que he podido dar Si las aguas se enfurecen Cojeras miedo a nadar? Con tem.. 
One Clear Voice
from album (One Clear Voice) by Peter Cetera
The whole world is talking Drowning out my voice How can I hear myself With all this noise But all t.. 
Voices Of Babylon
from album (Voices Of Babylon) by The Outfield
Hit the message, I can hear you calling No one's going anywhere tonight We conceived a modern ge.. 

Fear The Voices
from album (Fear The Voices) by Alice In Chains
Awww put our heads together Because a signature could change our future Uh-huh For some wrote you a.. 
One Voice
from album (One Voice) by Billy Gilman
Some kids have and some kids don't And some of us are wondering why Mom won't watch the ne.. 
Voices Carry
from album (Voices Carry) by Til Tuesday
I'm in the dark, I'd like to read his mind but I'm frightened of the things I might find.. 
The Voices That Betray Me
from album (Album Unknown) by The Voices That Betray Me
Shatter my emotions Take them all away Left alone to face You Now You know my heart Left only to.. 
Some Voices
from album (Some Voices EP) by Pinback
Hyperdrive sequence begin. Hit it, Pinback... She lays among the flowers and spreads among the shee.. 
She's Hearing Voices
from album (She's Hearing Voices) by Bloc Party
She's hearing voices call her She's hearing voices warn her She just can't sleep in he.. 
from album (Yellowstone & Voice) by Yellowstone & Voice
All of the children in the park Searching the sculpture to find where you are All of the blind men.. 
Tribal Voice
from album (Tribal Voice) by Yothu Yindi
hmmc There’s a walking of a rainbow dawn And the sun will rise up high There’s a whisper in the m.. 
Angelic Voices Calling
from album (Angelic Voices Calling) by Illnath
So as he feels the knife she holds against his throat His sweat breaks out, he's cold The voice.. 
Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear The Voices)
from album (Voices) by Hall & Oates
Look at me I'm running Ooh what have I done Oh I must have hurt someone Stalking subway station.. 

I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
from album (Evolution) by Oleta Adams
I know you thought it best That we spend a little time apart But one night without you Is so much fo.. 
Voice Of America
from album (Astra) by Asia
I heard you on the radio Some other time From some forgotten studio Way down the line So long, so lo.. 
Voice In The Wilderness
from album (A Little In Love) by Cliff Richard
My heart was so heavy with longing for you My arms were so lonely, lonesome and blue Alone in my so.. 
from album (Pearls Of Passion (+bonus Tracks)) by Roxette
I knew this would happen And I don't want to be around When it gets out. I've closed the las.. 
The Voice
from album (Rarities) by Roxette
Between the open heart and the whisper goodbye, there's a perfect teardrop in your eye. Between.. 
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
was in a bar called Paradise When the fiddler from the band Asked me "Why do you stand there cr.. 
Spirit Voices
from album (Rhythm Of The Saints) by Paul Simon
We sailed up a river wide as a sea And slept on the banks On the leaves of a banyan tree And all of.. 
Voices Of Old People
from album (Bookends) by Simon & Garfunkel
[Art Garfunkel recorded old people in various locations in New York and Los Angeles over a period of.. 
Voice Of Experience
from album (Baby Its You) by The Shirelles
I know (I know) I know (I know) I know (I know) I know (I know) I know he will never be true; I love.. 
The Imploding Voice
from album (Machina/the Machines Of God) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Everywhere you are Is everywhere you've been Just lost to the beat Punching through y.. 
Ballad Of Davy Crockett
from album (Album Unknown) by The Voices Of Walter Schumann
Born on a mountain top in Tennessee greenest state in the land of the free raised in the woods so he.. 
Nine Voices (Longwalker)
from album (The Ladder) by Yes
Anderson/Squire/Howe/White/Sherwood/Khoroshev On a beach North Africa Nine tribesmen stand alone Wa.. 
I Hear Voices
from album (Forever) by Puff Daddy
featuring Carl Thomas [Puffy] Sometimes I don't think you mother***ers Understand.. 
The Voice
from album (I Robot) by The Alan Parsons Project
It's almost a feeling you can touch in the air You look all around you, but nobody's there.. 
I Hear Voices
from album (Forever) by The Pretenders
[Puffy] Sometimes I don't think you mother***ers Understand where I'm coming from Where I&.. 
One Small Voice
from album (Speeding Time) by Carole King
The Emperor's got no clothes on No clothes? That can't be--he's the Emperor Take that ch.. 
All The Voices
from album (The Swing) by INXS
Deep down in my heart There is a lot of words Tears fall down my face But I hear the many voices tha.. 
Million Voices
from album (Gone Til November) by Wyclef Jean
African Chorus throughout song: ----------------------------------- Ni dyar'izuba, Rizagaruka, H.. 
The Voice & The Snake
from album (MCMXC A.D.) by Enigma
The first bowl on the earth the second bowl on the sea the third bowl on the rivers the fourth bowl.. 
The Voice Of Enigma
from album (MCMXC A.D.) by Enigma
Good evening This is the voice of Enigma In the next hour we will take you with us into another w.. 
Say It
from album (Say It) by Voices Of Theory
Oh-ohoh-ohoh oh-ohoh-ohohoh oh-ohoh-ohoh Am I givin enough, is it all it sould be When the water ge.. 
from album (Aint That A Shame) by Cheap Trick
You didn't know what you were lookin' for Til you heard the voices in your ear Hey, it'.. 
Still Within The Sound Of My Voice
from album (By The Time I Get To Phoenix) by Glen Campbell
Where have you gone, my darling one? Are you on your own? Are you having fun? Is it someone to ho.. 
from album (The Voice) by Joe Cocker
Marjorine, where have you been. Did you meet the Queen, Marjorine Let me know, why did you go Why wo.. 
from album (Albatross) by Judy Collins
Once upon a time in another world on a hill that overlooked the sea there was once a garden of beau.. 
(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
from album (One Clear Voice) by Peter Cetera
Feel your breath on my shoulder And I know we couldn't get any closer I don't wanna act toug.. 

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