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Place Vendome
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There’s a chance an.. 
Ho Ho Vengaboys
from album (The Party Album) by Vengaboys
Ho Ho Vengaboys Vengaboys - Ho Ho Vengaboys ... Okay... Party People Are You Ready??... ... Cau.. 
Vengababes From Outer Space
from album (The Party Album) by Vengaboys
Vengababes from outer space Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Something Special's In.. 
from album (Venus) by Claire's Birthday
you want to get married he wants to screw you know that he's at it can't say the same about.. 

Hay Que Venir Al Sur
from album (Hay Que Venir Al Sur) by Raffaella Carra
Hay que venir al sur ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Por si acaso se acaba el mundo todo el.. 
from album (Vengeance) by New Model Army
Escaped the net in '45, hiding out in South America Protected by money and powerful friends Hopi.. 
Ven Y Dime
from album (Ven Y Dime) by Monchy Y Alexandra
Me dejaste herido el Corazon. Me dejaste ahogado en un mar de penas. Muero lentamente porque estas a.. 
Venus And Mars
from album (Venus And Mars) by The Wings
Sitting in the stand of the sports arena Waiting for the show to begin Red lights, green lights, s.. 
Venus And Mars (Reprise)
from album (Venus And Mars) by The Wings
Standing In The Hall Of The Great Cathedral Waiting For The Transport To Come Starship 21zna9 A.. 
Black Seeds Of Vengeance
from album (Black Seeds Of Vengenge) by Nile
The scourge of Amalek is upon you,The seed of Amu hath oppressed you They hath urinated upon you and.. 
O Vencedor
from album (Ventura) by Los Hermanos
Olha lá quem vem do lado oposto e vem sem gosto de viver Olha lá os que os bravos são escravos s.. 
Dans Le Soleil Et Dans Le Vent
from album (Dans Le Soleil Et Dans Le Vent) by Nana Mouskouri
C'est presque l'automne Les enfants moissonnent Et j'ai déjà rentré le bois Toi en un.. 
Tu Veneno
from album (Tu Veneno) by Natalia Oreiro
Tengo que partir Tengo que escaparme de ti Tengo que olvidar Y de nuevo comenzar Porque tu amor es e.. 
from album (Venomous) by Barathrum
Behold The Blood Of Sacrifice It's Running From The Altar The Altar Of Sacrifice, Offering For.. 

Storming Vengeance
from album (Vengeance War Till Death) by Bestial Warlust
I am the vengeance, I am the hate We are the demons, that are storming heavens gate Attack, charge,.. 
Cuando La Pobreza Entra Por La Puerta, El Amor Salta Por La Ventana
from album (Cuando La Pobreza Entra Por La Puerta El Amor Salta Por La Ventana) by El Último De La Fila
Cuando la pobreza entra por la puerta, el amor salta por la ventana Bendeciré, ***ta planta, pu.. 
from album (Resurrection) by Venom
You never know when it will come Just like a bullet - from a gun You lie awake - you sweat & sha.. 
La Venganza
from album (Vence) by Horcas
Entre las sobras Se puede divisar Aquel guerrero En busca de libertad Entre el fuego Sucumbirá Y co.. 
Le Vent Soufflait Mes Pellicules
from album (Le Vent Soufflait Mes Pellicules) by Daniel Belanger
Le vent soufflait mes pellicules tout partout dans l'air j'avais lair davoir faite affaire a.. 
from album (Veneno) by El Ultimo Ke Zierre
No me preguntes qué hice entonces, cuando la noche me protegía. No me preguntes qué pretendía,.. 
Senza Vento
from album (Viaggio Senza Vento) by Timoria
E son qui, non c'é niente strade, bar: comunque mi difendo e non mi arrendo La mia età è il f.. 
Dulce Venganza
from album (Sietevecesmal) by Trotsky Vengaran
en el puño del abrigo sus lagrimas seco sintio el gusto amargo de la desepcion en medio del pecho u.. 
Que Vengan A Buscarme
from album (Yo No Fui) by Trotsky Vengaran
Cada vez que hablás es peor que antes siempre hay algún gil que te hace el aguante vení cuando qu.. 
Giorni Di Vento
from album (Giorni Di Vento) by Litfiba
Sulla strada c'è Il respiro del mondo Nella testa e sulle mani resta il segno del viaggio G.. 
Con El Rock En Las Venas
from album (Con El Rock En Las Venas) by La 25
Vos preferís estar tirado sin un mango en el bolsillo arrimarte donde calienta el sol y cerras la p.. 
from album (Ventilen) by Entakt
min kulde bider og punktet fryser en morgen da hr. Frost gÃ¥r gennem byen nÃ¥r tÃ¥ge banker p.. 
Vengeance Descending
from album (Vengeance Descending) by Crystal Eyes
I've found a way back to my home at last A way that has been locked and cloaked until now It'.. 
Veneno En La Piel
from album (Veneno En La Piel) by Radio Futura
Dicen que tienes veneno en la piel y es que estás hecha de plástico fino. Dicen que tienes un.. 
La Ventanita
from album (La Ventanita) by Grupo Sombras
Desde que me dejaste la ventanita del amor se me cerró, desde que me dejaste las azucenas han cam.. 
Cross The Line
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
In the days so long ago All the things I’ve come to know Thank God it’s over With a cool l.. 
Heavens Door
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
The days without you, seem like a cloudy rainy day The storms I’ve been through to find the light.. 
I Will Be Gone
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
Something’s gonna come to get the best of me Leaving blackened circles round my eyes. SomethingÂ.. 
I Will Be Waiting
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
Yes, I can be such a humble man And can I make you understand You’re a part of me that I must set.. 
Magic Carpet Ride
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
The night is falling Exposing the way to your soul I will be pretending to know When I hear you call.. 
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
I found a way To keep a lot of pretty features all the same Here at my side You keep me warm with in.. 
Right Here
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
You better now close your eyes We’re traveling deep inside You face your real emotions To get thr.. 
Sign Of The Times
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
They wake to see the morning sun Their mourning has just begun… It’s so hard to hear those lon.. 
The Setting Sun
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
There were times I could always tell - Your every mood, your every worry Now you’re just a book o.. 
Too Late
from album (Place Vendome) by Place Vendome
The more they laugh the more I cry The more I’m contemplating The more I see right through those.. 
Ageless Venomous
from album (Ageless Venomous) by Krisiun
Blackened divinity - venomous ancestor summoned thru flames and pain serpent entity - of omens of bl.. 



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