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Voodoo Vibes
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
What you do to me is voodoo I'm the puppet in your hand If you stick a nail inside it I can feel.. 
The Vibes
from album (Ill Communication) by Beastie Boys
I kick out the jams and tell you who I am I said I'll make you shake your***like Les Ma.. 
Positive Vibes
from album (Rollin' Stoned) by Kottonmouth Kings
[Chorus] We need some positive vibes for these rainy days Let the sun come out keep pushin' thes.. 
Vibes And Stuff
from album (Low End Theory) by A Tribe Called Quest
Q-Tip: Let me flaunt the style (style), I think that the time's near That we drop studs (s.. 

Hardcore Vibes
from album (Are You Ready To Fly) by Dune
hardcore vibes, that I run things (2x) This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation Hardc.. 
Cool Vibes
from album (Eurovision Kyiv) by Vanilla Ninja
"COOL VIBES" don’t want you to lead me to the dark don’t need you to tear my heart apar.. 
Hardcore Vibes 2004
from album (Album Unknown) by Raver Society
[Hank] Caution! Stand clear off the speakers! [SP] This one's going out to all the ravers in th.. 
A Little Mercy
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
They built cathedrals for the glory and the fame While the kids down in the streets Are dying in it&.. 
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
It's like another kind of revolution It's seems to be another century Caught in a web of wor.. 
Desert Song
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
The world - the world has changed its old face From blue to grey if you watch it from space Oh moth.. 
Fly Away
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
You gonna make me feel I get lost - your blood is cold as steel All I got was hell but I don't w.. 
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
Lova And Pain
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
I feel lost now When you said how Could it go on I don't want to be of these clowns I'm not.. 
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
Families worlds apart War Torn - broken hearts Thousand sad goodbyes as this city dies symbol of a w.. 

World Of Mistery
from album (Voodoo Vibes) by Axxis
No matter who you are You gotta join in and pray... Under the roof of god We feel the passion of lo.. 
Fading Vibes
from album (Inches) by Les Savy Fav
When we were little kids we tried the seven deadly sins in the attic every summertime. The wet fe.. 
Good Vibes, Bad Vibes
from album (Deus Ex Machina) by Liv Kristine
Good vibes, bad vibes - dance on the ocean Man-made insanity's holding me down Good vibes, bad v.. 
Pass The Vibes
from album (Experience) by The Prodigy
[Chorus] Pass the vibes, I wanna take it easy Just flow, baby, just flow 2pm, it's raining outs.. 
Vibes Alive
from album (Young Tree) by Groundation
Like a mystic rising upon the river That the fisherman row And the breeze blowing through the trees.. 

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