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Vaillant (Acoustic)
from album (Michel Vaillant) by Archive
All night long You seem to fill the air Times like these I know I need you here So try and be quie.. 
Vaillant Theme
from album (Michel Vaillant) by Archive
Elän Vain Kerran
from album (Elän Vain Kerran) by Neljä Ruusua
On nahkahousut jääneet yläkomeroon Ja röyhelöpaidat pantu keräyslaatikkoon Niitit ja korvakoru.. 
Vain Glory Opera
from album (Vain Glory Opera) by Edguy

Tudo Vai Mudar
from album (Tudo Vai Mudar) by Nonstop
Tudo vai mudar Vais perceber que sou a primeira E tudo vai mudar Nonstop will never let you go Há.. 
from album (Vainajala) by CMX
Näytä tietä temppeliin ihosi savuten kosteaan ilmaan temppelihin kultaisehen kultaihosi hopeailma.. 
from album (Vaivén) by Jorge Drexler
Tu caricia no me afecta, yo la puedo tolerar, sin mover una pestaña, sin parar de controlar cada co.. 
Vai E Vai E Vai
from album (Parole Parole Parole) by Mina
La strada si apre davanti a noi I rumori della città Eco ai discorsi tuoi già sentiti ormai Mi.. 
from album (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out) by The Rolling Stones
(R. Johnson) Well I followed her to the station With a suitcase in my hand Yeah, I followed her.. 
Youre So Vain
from album (All I Want Is You) by Carly Simon
You walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one.. 
You're So Vain
from album (No Secrets) by Carly Simon
You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one.. 
Is My Living In Vain?
from album (Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha) by Xscape
Verse One: Is my living in vain? Is my giving in vain? Is my singing in vain? Is my praying in vain?.. 
In Vain
from album (Inxs) by INXS
Well just the other day While alone in my room I said to myself I need something new I've cu.. 

Is Your Love In Vain?
from album (Street Legal) by Bob Dylan
Do you love me, or are you just extending goodwill? Do you need me half as bad as you say, or are yo.. 
Mr. Vain
from album (Album Unknown) by Culture Beat
CHORUS: Call him Mr.Raider call him Mr.Wrong Call him Mr.Vain Call him Mr.Raider call him Mr.wrong C.. 
Shooting Up In Vain
from album (Desireless) by Eagle Eye Cherry
Waking up as the sun goes down Body all in pain Straight out the door to the worst part o.. 
Train In Vain
from album (Rock The Casbah) by The Clash
Train in VainThe Clash(Strummer/Jones)Say you stand by your man Tell me something I don't unders.. 
You're So Vain
from album (House Of Pain) by Faster Pussycat
You walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your skirt strategically hiked up on on.. 
Waiting In Vain
from album (Medusa) by Annie Lennox
From the very first time I rest my eyes on you,boy My heart said follow through but I know now That.. 
Life In Vain
from album (The Lost Tapes) by Oasis
I used to live my life in vain Until today it's been the same I've gone away to diappear My.. 
Intentional Heartache
from album (Blame The Vain) by Dwight Yoakam
She drove South I-95 straight through Carolina She didn’t use no damn map to find her way She pul.. 
Train In Vain
from album (Under The Covers) by Dwight Yoakam
They say you stand by your man Tell me something I don't understand You said you love me and tha.. 
Waiting In Vain
from album (Legend) by Bob Marley
1, 2, 3: I don't wanna wait in vain for your love; I don't wanna wa.. 
Tu Não Vai Mais Me Ver
from album (Album Unknown) by Democratas
estou trancado em casa meus 36 graus ardem como brasa pela porta é você saindo é a minha chance q.. 
Tears In Vain
from album (The Supremes Sing Country, Western & Pop) by The Supremes
(Clarence Paul) I don't want to love you But I do And I just can't help it You bring me h.. 
from album (Muusikalist Tanz Der Vampire) by Jassi Zahharov & Nele-Liis Vaiksoo
Vahel keset ööd ma tunnen korraga kurbust ja nukker on mu meel. Mõnel vaiksel ööl ma näen nii.. 
Nii Vaik*** Kõik On Jäänud
from album (Eesti Muld Ja Eesti Süda) by Ruja
Nii vaik*** kõik on jäänud su ümber ja su sees, mis oli, see on läinud, mis tuleb, alles ee.. 
Vaiki Kui Võid
from album (Eesti Muld Ja Eesti Süda) by Ruja
Vaiki kui võid,jää tasa sest sõnu ei kuule sa veel jah,vaiki kui võid,vii kaasa mu hääl,mi.. 
Je Vais T'aimer
from album (Afrique Adieu) by Michel Sardou
A faire pâlir tous les Marquis de Sade, A faire rougir les putains de la rade, A faire crier grâce.. 
Tudo Que Vai
from album (Acústico) by Capital Inicial
Hoje é o dia E eu quase posso tocar o silêncio A casa vazia. Só as coisas que você não quis Me.. 
A Feast For The Vain
from album (Epica) by Kamelot
In Vain
from album (Resonance) by Mad At Gravity
Minds (It's cold outside) Will go unbroken (Close the door) Thoughts (Once complete) Will.. 
Noinko Vaikeeta Se On
from album (Meikit, Ketjut Ja Vyöt) by Maija Vilkkumaa
Sun silmiä aristaa hän tupakkaansa karistaa sä tiedät miten tässä vielä käy Hän sun tarinaa.. 
Vai Sola
from album (L' Anno Zero) by Nek
Oggi che giorno è se non potrò stare con te ieri tornando sai ti ho vista un pò distante non lo s.. 
In Vain
from album (Mata Leão) by Biohazard
Feel the warmth of the flame as it burns inside Burning high and higher, pressure starts to climb Tu.. 
Vai Bello
from album (Nessuno) by Articolo 31
Vai bello Vai bello perché la folla strippa se tiriamo su un bordello se facciamo noi macello vai b.. 
Vai Levando
from album (Chico Buarque & Maria Bethânia Ao Vivo) by Chico Buarque
Mesmo com toda a fama Com toda a brahma Com toda a cama Com toda a lama A gente vai levando A gente.. 
Vai Passar
from album (Chico Buarque Ao Vivo Paris Le Zenith) by Chico Buarque
Vai passar Nessa avenida um samba po***r Cada paralelepípedo Da velha cidade Essa noite vai Se arr.. 
Vai Trabalhar Vagabundo
from album (Meus Caros Amigos) by Chico Buarque
Vai trabalhar, vagabundo Vai trabalhar, criatura Deus permite a todo mundo Uma loucura Passa o domin.. 

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