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Gaining Through Losing
from album (Gaining Through Losing) by Ken Hirai
Gaining Through Losing Megurikuru kisetsu goto ni kono te kara koboreochiru mono Tachidomari furi.. 
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Hay veces que no sé, si exprimir el sol Para sentir calor Y dudo que al nacer, llegará a creer Qu.. 
La Venganza De Gaia
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Se despertó bañado en sudor Y un frío interno, le estremeció Se hizo la luz, y en su cama junto.. 
Didn't Wanna Be Daddy
from album (Jeffrey Gaines) by Jeffrey Gaines
I don't know if they were sons or daughters I don't know if they had a cure for the world I.. 

Hero In Me
from album (Jeffrey Gaines) by Jeffrey Gaines
He's lived as long as he possibly can Given the circumstance 'Cause he's protected himse.. 
Love Disappears
from album (Jeffrey Gaines) by Jeffrey Gaines
I was gathering all the things I had to tell you And found that there were more things I had to hide.. 
Scares Me More
from album (Jeffrey Gaines) by Jeffrey Gaines
The wind's in the sky, and the blue's in the ocean The thought's in my mind, sending me.. 
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
from album (Vol. 1-De Gainsbourg A Gainsba) by Serge Gainsbourg Featuring Jane Birkin
- Je t’aime je t’aime Oh oui je t’aime - Moi non plus - Oh mon amour - Comme la vague irrésolue.. 
In The Deep Of Gaia
from album (Vité) by Gaias Pendulum
The last day over your body And now is time of my journey Into the heart of the earth In the deep of.. 
Ces Petits Riens
from album (Gainsbourg Percussions) by Serge Gainsbourg
Mieux vaut n'penser à rien Que n'pas penser du tout Rien c'est déjà Rien c'est d.. 
No Pain No Gain
from album (Clean Up Woman) by Betty Wright
Ooh...ooh...ooh... My baby and are back together again Lovin' is better than it's ever been.. 
Smaointe... (D'Aodh Agus Do Mháire Uí Dhúgain) / A Thought... (For Hugh And Mary Duggan)
from album (Shepherd Moons) by Enya
Irish Gaelic: Éist le mo chroí, Go brónach a choích Tá mé caillte gan tú 's do bhean ch.. 
from album (Raise Your Fist And Yell) by Alice Cooper
A tree has grown on the spot Where her body did rest Blood seeped in the soil From the knife in h.. 
Lost In You
from album (The Life Of Chris Gaines) by Garth Brooks
There's no more waiting Holding out for love You are my Godsend That I have been forever dreamin.. 

That's The Way I Remember It
from album (The Life Of Chris Gaines) by Garth Brooks
It's only natural with time Details can somehow slip your mind Something so sweet, though incomp.. 
Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained
from album (Midnight Oil) by Midnight Oil
In my world there are sorrows I'd rather drown in happiness Come the morning, when the darkness.. 
Why Don't You Love Me (feat. Linda Gail Lewis)
from album (You Win Again) by Van Morrison
Why don't you love me like you used to do? How come you treat me like a worn out shoe? My hair&#.. 
Re-Gaining Unconsciousness
from album (War On Errorism) by NOFX
First they put away the dealers, keep our kids safe and off the street Then they put away the prosti.. 
Gainesville Rock City
from album (Borders And Boundaries) by Less Than Jake
This map hung up on the truck stop hallway door is looking worn and I can hardly read it anymore I f.. 
from album (Hourglass) by James Taylor
The sky was light and the land all dark, The sun rose up over Central Park. I was walking home from.. 
No Pain No Gain
from album (Til My Casket Drops) by C Bo
featuring Lunasicc Laroo Now it's on flip me at '7 8 Coupe Reds hydraulics du.. 
G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)
from album (One Day It'll All Make Sense) by Common
featuring Cee Lo Common: After bein' 25 you know just trying to survive in the worl.. 
Lullaby For Gaia
from album (ESCM) by BT
If it's in space and all is lost - A million shattered pieces Then let it be I'll tell yo.. 
No Pain No Gain
from album (Prison Bound) by Social Distortion
Well, I walked Man I walked Through some pain today Well, I guess today was my turn to hurt Well, wh.. 
No Pain No Gain
from album (Because) by Nylons
You see the struggle before you See the dark side of the street You feel the friction of your heart.. 
from album (Desensitized) by Pitchshifter
What do I know what do I know? (I), never look back never look back (no). Stick it in me stick it i.. 
from album (Big City Nights) by Scorpions
Music :Rudolf Schenker Lyrics:Klaus Meine, Mark Hudson Face in the gutter eyes on the floor Knoc.. 
Nothing To Gain
from album (L.D. 50) by Mudvayne
Cold and silent Soiled face I will wash it all away With my love That's all she's ever neede.. 
Mother Gaia
from album (Infinite) by Stratovarius
Time waits for no one So they say It goes on forever The tears of pain I see in your eyes How can we.. 
Hitomi Wo Tojite
from album (Gaining Through Losing) by Ken Hirai
asa mezameru tabi ni kimi no nukegara ga yoko ni iru nukumori wo kanjita itsumo no senaka ga tsume.. 
Kimi Wa Tomodachi
from album (Gaining Through Losing) by Ken Hirai
kimi ga waratta boku mo tsurarete waratta utsushikagami mitaida kimi wa boku no tomodachi kimi ga ok.. 
Kiss Of Life
from album (Gaining Through Losing) by Ken Hirai
Kuchizuke kara hajimeyou Yawaraka na shinjitsu wo kasanetai imasugu ni Kotoba no yaiba ni makenai y.. 
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Atrás en la quietud, que tiñe toda piel Con los tonos de un final Dejé al dolor volar, hacia mi l.. 
El Arbol De La Noche Triste
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Hoy la soberbia hizo violar tu valor Y la avaricia lamió tu deshonor Cuanto duele sentir Que uno es.. 
El Atrapasueños
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Dichoso es el que ve Que cielo y horizonte Condenados están A tenerse que entender Juicioso es.. 
La Conquista
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
El viento se despertó Levantando al dios del mar Mientras bostezaba el sol El horizonte se desveló.. 
La Costa Del Silencio
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
El mar escupía un lamento tan tenue que nadie lo oyó. Era un dolor de tan adentro que toda la cost.. 
La Rosa De Los Vientos
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Sí siembras una ilusión Y la riegas con tu amor Y el agua de la constancia Brotará en ti una flor.. 
Si Te Vas
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Vengo de tanto perder Que tuve miedo a tener Algo por lo que abrir Mi alma y ponerla a tus pies S.. 
Van A Rodar Cabezas
from album (Gaia) by Mago De Oz
Si he de morir, será luchando Por ver crecer a mi pueblo aquí Y perderé en un suspiro Lo que en u.. 

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