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I Got Dat Feelin' (SoSoDef Remix)
from album (I Got Dat Feelin' Single) by DJ Kool
featuring J.D. (J.D.) Y'all wanna dance Y'all wanna dance Y'all wanna dance.. 
The Grind Date
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
if the meek shall inherit the earth and not the weak let me inherit the street, *** it you know wha.. 
*** On The First Date
from album (*** On The First Date) by Twiztid
[Monoxide Child] Now let me introduce myself as the man *** every bitch in the world, just cuz I.. 
from album (Quédate) by Christian Meier
Cae la tarde en un frío color, escucho mi nombre en el corredor, y ya no es tu risa la que me recue.. 

Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni
from album (Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni) by See-Saw
anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro arifureta yasashisa wa kimi wo toozakeru da.. 
At Your Touch
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
Hold me close till I feel better About that girl About nothing at all Push and pull in which direct.. 
Fink For The Man
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
Slick it back Gimme some grease You got it I want it So baby so sweet Jett black hair Leather on th.. 
Freeze Sucker
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
What you want is a little piece of my love Come on and get it Come a little closer A little closer Y.. 
Harmonic Generator
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
I'm gonna push the button flick the switch today Cause you got nothing I want I got nothing to.. 
In Love
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
Hey, I feel lonely But I got so many differet women on my mind It's uncool, to be kind Why do yo.. 
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
Lady You got me fellin low I felt sick, yeah I just can't let you go What you want You might g.. 
Mother***er From Hell
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
There's a girl running around my head I know she makes me frown She may be crazy, she maybe not.. 
Sitting Pretty
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
We're sitting pretty Have you heard? I gotta tell you that's a little absurd Some things are.. 
What Would I Know
from album (The Datsuns) by The Datsuns
Come on baby baby don't deny You got me standing at the end of your line I'll take a number,.. 

Date With Hate
from album (Date With Hate) by Flotsam And Jetsam
Stepping out, louieville slugger Gonna meet the local ***town mugger Freedom keep my eye right on.. 
Akan Datang
from album (Akan Datang) by Amy Mastura
Jangan kau ragu terhadapku Takkan kubiar kau tertunggu Bersabarlah kau menantiku Jangan terlalu kau.. 
Mijn Hart Kan Dat Niet Aan
from album (Mijn Hart Kan Dat Niet Aan) by Frédérique Spigt
Mijn Hart Kan Dat Niet Aan (3.08) Jou kan het geen reet schelen Hoe het met me gaat Je kijkt de an.. 
from album (Dataseed) by Cut.Rate.Box
nanotech economy micro-tuning frequencies radio perception a miracle we have found never weak an.. 
Date Of Birth (Intro)
from album (Date Of Birth) by Arsonists
[Swel] Yes y'all, GOD bless y'all See now this is what y'all been waiting for And this i.. 
Super Scription Of Data
from album (Super Scription Of Data) by Shimamiya Eiko
oshiemashou ka? sono kawari dare ni mo iwanai yakusoku shite ne yubikirigenman usotsuitara harisenbo.. 
Datenkoku Sensen
from album (Datenkoku Sensen) by Ali Project
todomaru mono oroka nari shi harari hirari yubi ni fureta kuroi tsubasa no hitohira kimi ga hitot.. 
Get Down Like Dat
from album (No Doubt) by 702
Get down (hey-hey) hey-hey da-da-da-da-da-da-da (repeat) this how we get down (repe.. 
Got A Date With An Angel
from album (Album Unknown) by Debroy Somers Band
Got a date with an angel, Got to meet her at seven' Got a date with an angel, And I'm on my.. 
A Flower Grows In Brooklyn
from album (The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills) by Positive K
Yes this song will serve as the proof That in the midst of everything so negative There&#.. 
from album (The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills) by Positive K
Uhh.. hey! Carhoppers car car hoppers Carhoppers car car hoppers Speak on it now Carh.. 
from album (The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills) by Positive K
featuring Big Daddy Kane "You talkin just like a pimp!" "You see pimpin&.. 
Gimme Dat Ding
from album (Album Unknown) by The Pipkins
That's right, That's right I'm sad and blue 'Cause I can't do the Boogaloo I'.. 
I've Got A Date With A Dream
from album ((I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance) by Billie Holiday
I've got a date with a dream A dream divine I've got a date with a dream Who may be mine I&.. 
Dat Dere
from album (Pop Pop) by Rickie Lee Jones
Hey mama, what's that there? And what's that doing there? Hey mama, up here! Mama, hey look.. 
First Date First Kiss First Love
from album (Album Unknown) by Sonny James
FIRST DATE, FIRST KISS, FIRST LOVESonny JamesFirst datetonight was our first date.We couldn't an.. 
A Change Of Heart
from album (A Date With The Everly Brothers) by The Everly Brothers
Well I guess you must have had a change of heart You don't treat me like you used to at the star.. 
Every Breath You Take
from album (50 First Dates Soundtrack) by UB40
Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I'll.. 
Tulad Ng Dati
from album (Harapin) by Dawn
Wala na akong makita Sa iyong mga mata Dati rati Isang tingin ko lang Alam ko na Alam ko na Baki.. 
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
[Spoken Intro - Spike Lee] Peace - this is Spike Lee A.k.a. Shelton Jackson Lee A.k.a. loving husban.. 
Come On Down
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
[Flava Flav] Look man! You're botherin me G I got shit to do right now, aight? This is for De L.. 
Days Of Our Lives
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
[Common] Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh [Chorus: De La] + (Common) [Dave] Yo how the days of your life go C.. 
He Comes
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
"Oh, whaddya know? He comes" [Posdonus] Down, like water, fresh out the clouds clown Dro.. 

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