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Tres Regalos
from album (Tres Regalos) by Pedro Fernandez
Me espero, no voy a marcharme no voy a dejarte sin antes decir. Que lloro,jotos que sufro al mirart.. 
Seishoujo Ryouiki
from album (Seishoujo Ryouiki) by Ali Project
mada iwanaide jumon meita sono kotoba "ai" nante hane no you ni karui sasayaite papa yori.. 
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
When I first saw your trespasser He wandered uninvited to your door He seemed to know his way around.. 
I Check My Bank
from album (Trespass Soundtrack) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
I'm peelin off domes with a baseball bat Forty four Magnum choice of gat Mercury tip f.. 

Have You Heard
from album (Tres Hombres) by ZZ Top
Have you heard 'bout Jo Ti Mahr, yeah yeah yeah? Well, then you could not be lost, yeah yeah y.. 
Master Of Sparks
from album (Tres Hombres) by ZZ Top
High class Slim came floatin' in down from the county line. Just gettin' right on Saturday.. 
Move Me On Down The Line
from album (Tres Hombres) by ZZ Top
When I hear that Santa Fe start blowin' I wonder where it's been and where it's goin'.. 
Precious And Grace
from album (Tres Hombres) by ZZ Top
Ridin' top the floodway on a Friday night, the landscape's a fine and nat'ral sight. Jus.. 
from album (Tres Hombres) by ZZ Top
I met a shiek from Mozambique who led me to the Congo. He dreamed to go to Mexico and sample a burri.. 
Tres Equis
from album (Cypress Hill (1991)) by Cypress Hill
Conozco una muchacha y ella es fina Tremendos cocos y tambien ella es linda A veces me la cojo en l.. 
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
See my hand is moving touching all that's real And once it stroke the love's body now it cla.. 
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
For those that trespass against us. Knife Tell me my life is about to begin. Tell me that I am a h.. 
Looking For Someone
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
Looking for someone, I guess I'm doing that Trying to find a memory in a dark room Dirty man, yo.. 
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
To Thomas S.Eiselberg, a very rich man, who was wise enough to spend all his fortunes in burying him.. 

Visions Of Angels
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
Standing in a forest gazing at the sun looking at the trees but there's not even one See a rippl.. 
White Mountain
from album (Trespass) by Genesis
Thin hung the web like a trap in a cage, The fox lay asleep in his lair Fang's frantic paws told.. 
Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)
from album (Capital Punishment) by Big Punisher
[Featuring Inspectah Deck, Prodigy] "Wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem st.. 
Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)
from album (Capital Punishment) by Big Punisher Featuring Inspectah Deck & Prodigy
"Wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned..." --> Rakim (repeat 2X) &q.. 
Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)
from album (Don Cartagena) by Fat Joe Featuring Big Punisher, Cuban Link & Triple Seis
[Fat Joe] Blam! Bang bang baby! Yeah, Terror Squad style Trizzie, check it out now [Cuban Link] Yo,.. 
Gotta Get Over (Takin Loot)
from album (Trespass Soundtrack) by GangStarr
Shit it ain't go hold me back I gotta go all out to get mine A tech nine might come in han.. 
You Know What I'm About
from album (Trespass Soundtrack) by Lord Finesse
[Lord Finesse] Check it out for those that know me Ya wonder why I always play low key I.. 
Aamun Seisaus
from album (Suljetut Ajatukset) by Nicole
Hiillos liekin sammuttaa Katsoen olkansa taakse Aamun seisaus heijastuu Piirtäen silmiimme loiston.. 
Tres Delinquentes
from album (Delinquent Habits) by Delinquent Habits
I fix my bass goes hardcore down for cleek hi whose that enemeny pump through the speaker.. 
Tres Delinquentes (Spanish Version)
from album (Delinquent Habits) by Delinquent Habits
* appears on the International release and the twevle inch (Verse 1) Yo soy el guero lo.. 
On The Wall
from album (Trespass Soundtrack) by Black Sheep
Verse One: Black-Sheep Spell it to the letter I'm out of the ghetto Some could tell.. 
To Be Free
from album (Tres Lunas) by Mike Oldfield
You find yourself alone, sometimes Without a home, no protection You don't know which way to go.. 
Fábula De Los Tres Hermanos
from album (A Donde Van) by Silvio Rodríguez
De tres hermanos el más grande se fue por la vereda a descubrir y a fundar. Y para nunca equivocar.. 
La FuncióN De Las Seis
from album (A Mi Cerrada) by Fernando Delgadillo
Todo empezó cuando en el cine me senté con mi bolsa de palomitas Traía repletos los bolsillos de.. 
Tres Agujas
from album (11 Y 6) by Fito Paez
los barcos viajan de país en país la luna no siempre es la misma y vos te vas a ir, solo en la h.. 
El Uno El Dos Y El Tres
from album (Aidalai) by Mecano
Ese dia un dia llegara no sera pronto ni tarde cuando no queda cerilla ya es el dedo lo que arde Lo.. 
Seis Vírgenes Descalzas
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Reflexioná Tu Caso Ya No Tiene Solución Sos La Malicia Retratada Y Vas Mezclada Entre La Gente De.. 
Aquí Y Ahora (Los Primeros Tres Minutos)
from album (Bocanada) by Gustavo Cerati
Llegó Con Tres Heridas
from album (Miguel Hernández (1972)) by Joan Manuel Serrat
Llegó con tres heridas: la del amor, la de la muerte, la de la vida. Con tres heridas viene: la de.. 
Seis Tequilas
from album (Alivio De Luto) by Joaquin Sabina
Me falta una mujer, me sobran seis tequilas, no ver para querer, malditas sean las pilas que me hace.. 
Tres Tristes Tigres
from album (Astaroth) by Mago De Oz
La tristeza es siempre, como una esponja, absorbe el agua de la vida hasta hacerla morir. Sentir des.. 
Tres Dias
from album (Sufriendo A Solas) by Lupillo Rivera
Tres dias sin verte mujer tres dias llorando tu amor tres dias que miro el amanecer. Nomas tres dia.. 
Seis Seis Seis
from album (Matando Gueros) by Brujeria
Senor pardoname por mis pecados Vendi mi alma para proteger el rey nino En el hombre del padre, hijo.. 
Derrière Les Fenêtres
from album (Avant Que L'ombre) by Mylene Farmer
La lumière est invisible A nos yeux" C'est ce qu'ils disent en silence Quand ils sont.. 
from album (Cicuta) by Libido
Hoy que empiezo a extrañar donde estarás, hoy que busqué en tu lugar amiga no supe entender, perd.. 
Tres Palabras
from album (Babylon) by OBK

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