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Stranger Than Fiction
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
a febrile shocking violent smack the children are hoping for a heart attack, tonight the windows are.. 
Better Off Dead
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
I'm sorry about the sun. How could I know? That you'd get burned? And I'm Sorry about th.. 
Hooray For Me...
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
I can see my teenage father standing straight on a desolate corner, in the shadow of tentacled tower.. 
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
mother, father, look at your little monster, I'm a hero, I'm a zero, I'm the butt of the.. 

from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
individuals run for cover, for the multitudes of thoughtless clones have reached a critical mass, in.. 
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
now here I go, hope I don't break down, I won't take anything, I don't need anything, do.. 
Inner Logic
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
automatons with business suits clinging black boxes, sequestering the blueprints of daily life conte.. 
Leave Mine To Me
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
There are desperate times upon us, There are codes of white and black, Political resentment and peop.. 
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
if I'm a monster, I am a willing one, this roller coaster ride is an enticing one, on the tip of.. 
Markovian Process
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
You will all say that I am surely crazy Only an unrepentant pessimist whose thoughts should be detai.. 
News From The Front
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
Blood is a river, Flowing darkly amidst the tangled roots of the tall shining city Crazy flowing man.. 
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
So, you're feeling unimportant, 'Cuz you've got nothing to say. And your live is just a.. 
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
television, television, television, television oh yeah! I want to bask in your golden light, submer.. 
The Handshake
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
every time you shake someone's hand and it feels like your best friend, could it be that it'.. 

Tiny Voices
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
the brown and orange sky holds its breath as the sun retreats to the distant horizon, and our hearts.. 
What It Is
from album (Stranger Than Fiction) by Bad Religion
there's a purpose, there's a goal, there's a virtuos, and immoral, there's a reason.. 
Stranger Than Fiction
from album (The Way Of The Fist) by Five Finger Death Punch
It's stranger than fiction How you've decayed It must be so lonely Lost within your ways Yo.. 
Stranger Than Fishin
from album (Pump Up The Valuum) by NOFX
Got a no string guitar, got a sunn beta head I'm a rock n roll star, I ain't no musician.. 
Stranger Than Kindness
from album (Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Stranger than kindness Bottled light from hotels Spilling everything Wet hand from the volcano Sober.. 
I Remember/Stranger Than You Dremt It
from album (The Phantom Of The Opera) by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Christine: I remember there was mist... swirling mist upon a vast glossy lake... There were candles.. 
Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine
from album (I Can See Your House From Here) by Camel
Can't you see? All of the things that I'm trying to say Are inside of me I never thought I&#.. 
Stranger Than Love
from album (Mood Swings) by Harem Scarem
Any night that you're lonely Can be the night Your conscience Gets a little too much You're.. 
I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It
from album (Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack) by Phantom Of The Opera
Sung by: Emmy Rossum Gerard Butler [Christine] I remember there was mist... Swirling mist upon a v.. 
Stranger Than Strange
from album (A Cabinet Of Curiosities) by Paul Roland
There are faces in the marbling and on the bark of trees Heads upon the flower stalks and wild ones.. 
More Than Words Can Say
from album (More Than Words Can Say) by Alias
Here I am at six o'clock in the morning Still thinking about you It's still hard, at six o&#.. 
Medley: Blue Rock Montana/Red Headed Stranger
from album (Red Headed Stranger) by Willie Nelson
Well he rode into Blue Rock Dusty and tired and he got him A room for the night He lay there in si.. 
Red Headed Stranger
from album (Red Headed Stranger) by Willie Nelson
A red headed stranger from Blue Rock Montana rode into town one day And under his knees was a raging.. 
Tougher Than Leather
from album (Tougher Than Leather) by Willie Nelson
He was tougher than leather And he didn't care whether The sun shined or not When a young kid.. 
The Stranger
from album (The Stranger) by Billy Joel
Well, we all have a face that we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves when ever.. 
We Got Our Own Thang
from album (We Got Our Own Thang) by Heavy D. And The Boyz
Everybody shake your body we don't ill we chill at party Keep a groove that's sensual.. 
Bluer Than Blue
from album (Bluer Than Blue) by Michael Johnson
Bluer than BlueMichael JohnsonAfter you goI can catch uo on my readin'After you goI'll have.. 
Hotter Than Hell
from album (Hotter Than Hell) by Kiss
Come on She looked good She looked hotter than hell All dressed in satins and lace I looked at her a.. 
Thank You
from album (Thank You) by Duran Duran
If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea There will.. 
Thank God For Believers
from album (Thank God For Believers) by Mark Chesnutt
(Mark Alan Springer, Roger Springer, Tim Johnson) Last night I came home again Three sheets to the.. 
Less Than Strangers
from album (Telling Stories) by Tracy Chapman
You and me Had some history Had a semblance of honesty All that has changed now We shared words Only.. 
Perfect Strangers
from album (Perfect Strangers) by Deep Purple
Can you remember remember my name As I flow through your life A thousand oceans I have flown And col.. 
Miss Thang
from album (Miss Thang) by Monica
Miss Thang.. (oohh) Miss Thang.. (Ooh ahh ooh..) Miss Thang.. (Oh yeah..) Verse 1: Couldn't wa.. 
Slicker Than Your Average
from album (Slicker Than Your Average) by Craig David
Yo Craig (yeah) There's some real jealous people out there right (uh huh) Trying to say how you&.. 
There's More To Me Than You
from album (There's More To Me Than You) by Jessica Andrews
I spent years and all of this time Thinkin' I was better off Cause you were mine You always said.. 
Thank You
from album (Thank You) by Jamelia
[Verse 1:] The fights, those nights I tried to pretend it don't hurt The way, I prayed Someday t.. 



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