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from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
I’m feeling tornados Blood drips off the town now Blood drips off the town now I’m watching the w.. 
Come Back To Sorrento (Torna A Surriento)
from album (The Columbia Years, 1943-1952, Vol. 11) by Frank Sinatra
Guarda il mare com'e bello! Spira tanto sentimento. Come il tuo soave accento, che me desto fa s.. 
from album (Skid Row) by Skid Row
The night approaches after dark you have no chance Come when moonlight takes the sky you'll feel.. 
Laredo Tornado
from album (Eldorado) by Electric Light Orchestra
Summer days, where did you go, You've let me down so bad, Clouds fill the sky, Gone is the dr.. 

Texas Tornado
from album (I See It Now) by Tracy Lawrence
You called me up from Amarillo, said you were coming to town And thought I'd like to tell you he.. 
Tornado Of Souls
from album (Rust In Peace) by Megadeth
This morning I made the call The one that ends it all Hanging up, I wanted to cry But dammit, this w.. 
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
They took a picture And from this cold lightning Living me through So I feel like an alarm clock Fi.. 
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
She's downtown Lies in the street Been lying in the sheets She's gone home Lies in the str.. 
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
Drive your car Through the kitchen cupboard door Through the winter Down to the floor Drive your he.. 
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
Hold the man up to your hands Old hands Make the man work again Giant can Giant can get high again.. 
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
I can't play When he wakes up She said He can't play When he thinks I'm growing up That.. 
Marriage Tree
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
Like an old man in a dress Treat me like a 12 year old man No more hearts Don't know what 20 is.. 
Mexican Women
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
Leave home Blood becomes a foreign substance And see it as you let it dry I forgive my nature or I&.. 
Run Letter
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
So many tears I'm shaking out. Squeezing them out, and bend it The way things work together If I.. 

Saving Grace
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
So we drive and we've driven 10,000 miles In our hometown Sink back into the driveway Which is Z.. 
The River
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
Lose your way and we can stay out all night Lose your keys and we can't go home In a little time.. 
Walking In The Dark
from album (House Tornado) by Throwing Muses
I can't forgive a dream You own a question It's a body You can make me cry You have a rig.. 
from album (Planets) by Adema
A screaming match again Could this be the end A breaking point and I can't bear it You wanna.. 
from album (Decameron) by Epidemic
Chill in the wind, black is the sky. Feel the force, the force of life. Evening the odds, it's t.. 
from album (Tight) by Mindless Self Indulgence
i sneak up and hit you like a ***in' tornado you ain't no operator, so who the *** are yo.. 
Andare, Partire, Tornare
from album (Lei, Gli Amici E Tutto Il Resto) by Nek
L'autostrada è finita già manca poco per la città vado forte perché sto tornando da te s.. 
from album (Killing Technology) by Voivod
Nature deadly twisters War of winds strikes again You live in a nice neighborhood As nice as it will.. 
My Tornado
from album (Whip It On) by The Raveonettes
Burn To Shine
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
You called me early one morning And said you were glad I was home You were lying there flat on your.. 
I Am A Sunflower
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
Today a boy outgrew his town They say his sadness was his sign It used to happen every day or so the.. 
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
This tender body Just wouldn’t have a clue What it could be in for So come on get your shoes on I’.. 
Nothing Much Happens
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
It’s sad and spent Feel the motion again Stop and pause Then move some more Still surprise you whe.. 
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
I’ve been looking for some kick Looking for one trick To get through the day I’ve tried watching.. 
Ship My Body Home
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
Coming out of sydney Country music playing Cursing all of them who stayed In the city I own this ci.. 
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
So glad you’re coming I’ve nothing on my mind If I could only visit The places that you hide It’.. 
The Finger & The Moon
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
I walk the streets with some friends of mine Just like every time Sit here letting time line my face.. 
Que Paso (Hey Baby)
from album (Album Unknown) by Texas Tornados
Hey, baby, que paso? Thought I was your only vato Hey, baby, que paso? Please don't leave me (di.. 
Glass Tornado
from album (The Poacher Diaries) by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
crawling over the bodies of your dead bastard children more like a loss to a plotline then you can t.. 
A Perfect Day To Chase Tornados
from album (Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted)) by Jim White
Way down south I know a girl who is blind. She walks alone along a lonely highway each day. She drea.. 
from album (All Right Here) by Sara Groves
You live your life like a tornado. Destruction follows everywhere you go. And you have no plans to.. 
Tornaré A Ser Lliure
from album (La Nit Dels Anys) by Sopa De Cabra
Diuen que ningú és imprescindible, diuen que tots els llocs són lluny, però jo puc recordar les.. 
Tornando A Casa
from album (Camera A Sud) by Vinicio Capossela
Sento i galli abbaiare e gli ultimi mezzi passare a trafiggere il resto del sabato son tornato strat.. 
Torna Pierpaolo
from album (Cappelle) by Squallor
Pierpaolo: Prontoooo..... Formantina: siiii P: Cardani Bofini Vatti Falli Curlo F: si signor.. 
Torna A Casa Mexico
from album (Mutando) by Squallor
Sono Alfonso Boffa, inviato speciale del… del TG1, e sono ancora qui, dopo undici anni sulla grad.. 
Es Hora De Tornar A Casa
from album (Sol) by Els Pets
Malalties per mancanca d'aire, nits estranyes de ressaca i mala maror; mil raons per a posar dis.. 

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