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Muhammed My Friend
from album (Tori Amos Live From New York Video) by Tori Amos Featuring Maynard James
Muhammad my friend, it's time to tell the world We both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem And.. 
On The Boundary
from album (Y Kant Tori Read) by Tori Amos
You Said You Wanted Safer Ground But You Got Caught Up In The River I Was There To Save You Boy But.. 
Alone With 20 Bucks
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Living, barely surviving Freebasing life till its end Divided soulless vices Death before life co.. 
Ant In The Dope
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I would fast for days And call you a god I would do anything even say I'm in love Just to pene.. 

from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Public Domain) Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright 'Round yon vir.. 
Closer To Coma
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like som.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Like ecstasy to the spine A moment of lost words no memory of time A twist from within Like the ca.. 
Human Pinata
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Directions say assembly required Nothing's admired the majority's been Hired, wired, the tr.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong Jesus forgive for I have sinned Jesus I belief bo.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Shaffer/Arvizu/Morrill/Silveria) Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong? Jesus forgi.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone) I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst car.. 
L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care I'm not.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/J. Gonzalez/G. Gonzalez) Translated by Reptilian You roll with the sick dog We come.. 
Powertools For Girls
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Dirt and grease The seductive sin Green tattoos, hands all over Life starts over again The cemen.. 

The Devil's Sweepstakes
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Up the stakes, up the stakes, up the stakes In the devil's sweepstakes This road is paved with.. 
Ty Johnathan Down
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Jonathan Davis) Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock.. 
Estamos Juntos
from album (Diego Torres) by Diego Torres
En el cielo hubo un angel que escuchó que nosotros hablabamos de amor y con sus alas al viento tu r.. 
Cantar Hasta Morir
from album (Diego Torres MTV Unplugged) by Diego Torres
Quiero cantar hasta morir Y así dejar una señal Y que la luz de mi alma no se apague Hasta llegar.. 
from album (Breathing Tornados) by Ben Lee
I’m feeling tornados Blood drips off the town now Blood drips off the town now I’m watching the w.. 
Psychic Torture
from album (Psychic Torture) by Project Pitchfork
a screaching sound inside of my head what am I doing here shiny needles in my eyes and nowhere to hi.. 
from album (Tortured) by Anet
I was alive after the murder Yes I survived after the crash You know my dreams You couldn't hau.. 
A Torrid Love Affair
from album (A Torrid Love Affair) by Boys Night Out
The first time I saw a body bend that way I realized that we're more beautiful dead than alive T.. 
Torn Between Two Worlds
from album (Torn Between Two Worlds) by Allegiance
Cross the fie line Between the barrier of time Invading conscious soul Taking conscious soul Taking.. 
Paz En La Tormenta
from album (Paz En La Tormenta) by Imperio
Busco paz, en la tormenta Toque a la puerta, del olvido Buscando tranquilidad Le hallé un lugar, a.. 
Alto En La Torre
from album (Alto En La Torre) by Sui Generis
Alto en la torre nacio mi voz se hizo viento y floto con la tuya y se fundio con el atardecer Cierr.. 
The Torture
from album (Freak Show) by Torsohorse
The Torture of, The pain of growing old. Keep a watchful eye when I'm falling down or I'll.. 
Inside The Torn Apart
from album (Inside The Torn Apart) by Napalm Death
Inside the torn apart Feeding on the lies Lair of sedition Perverse incubation Live through this Lo.. 
In Torment In Hell
from album (In Torment In Hell) by Deicide
Liar of a priest, What could you want from thee, is it so hard to see, I will not believe, the truth.. 
Need A Little Time (Torrie Wilsons Theme Song)
from album (Wwe) by Torrie Wilson
I just need a little space to call my own Just a corner of the world where I can be alone With you W.. 
Video Game
from album (Video Game) by Stiliti
Anche se tu mi chiamerai Ora sarò solo come non mai Ricorderò cose che tu Non cercherai quando mi.. 
Cocaine Cowgirl
from album (Matt Mays & El Torpedo) by Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Looking back through the chapters of your life Searching for the storyline Cause the one you're.. 
La Tortura
from album (La Tortura) by Shakira Featuring Alejandro Sanz
Ay payita mía guardate la poesía, guárdate la alegría pa' ti! Dáme, dáme, dÃ.. 
Video Demons
from album (Video Demons) by Dead Inside The Chrysalis
Torture Test
from album (Torture Test) by Diesel Machine
Put in so much I can't turn back I've got to live to see it through All the years spent I ca.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Torpedo
O vad deseara la concert, O sa bem o bere (hahaha) Ne luam in brate, nu-i dau drumu Sper sa mai bem.. 
from album (Dreams Under Ice) by Torian
I belong to iron legions, gliding through the damned Marching into winter seasons, taste the dark a.. 
from album (Tornero) by Mihai Traistariu
I: I'm keeping a smile with my mind everyday I'm feelin' your touch on my face even while you're a.. 
Lost Torso Found
from album (Lost Torso Found) by Degrade
When you find a rotten torso Lying in a stinking bag Be sure to cheack out the surroundings And don.. 



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