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Big Eyes
from album (In Color) by Cheap Trick
(1) It's not the way you look no-no It's not the way you walk Your eyes are somethin' go.. 
Fat Cats, Bigga Fish
from album (Genocide & Juice) by The Coup
Well now haha what have we here? chorus c-c-c-come with it get down get down get down 2ce.. 
In A Big Country
from album (In A Big Country) by Big Country
IN A BIG COUNTRYBIG COUNTRYI never saw you look like this without a reasonAnother promise fallen thr.. 
Big Cars
from album (Big Cars) by Big Tymers
[Baby] You know Do it big nigga If you don't do nothing do it big, *** it Ain't like your s.. 

Big Money Heavyweight
from album (Big Money Heavyweight) by Big Tymers
[Baby and Mannie Fresh talking:] [Baby:] yeah, big tymers, this what its hitting for nigga this stun.. 
The Big Picture (Intro)
from album (The Big Picture) by Big L
One-two, y'all know, y'all know [Fo***] Alright, we gon' keep it movin [Primo] Check thi.. 
It's A Big Daddy Thing
from album (It's A Big Daddy Thing) by Big Daddy Kane
Ahh yeah We gon' pump this up one time As we set it off a little like this, kick it!.. 
Great Big Sea/Gone By The Board
from album (Great Big Sea) by Great Big Sea
Great big sea hove in Long Beach, W*** fal-o-ral tad-dle did-dle i-do, Great big sea hove in Long B.. 
The Old Gumbie Cat
from album (Cats Selections) by Cats
I have a gumbie cat in mind Her name is Jenny Any-Dots Her coat is of the tabby kind With tiger stri.. 
Jellicle Song For Jellicle Cats
from album (Cats Soundtrack) by Cats
Are you blind when you're born? Can you see in the dark? Dare you look look at a king? Would yo.. 
Atomic Eyes
from album (Atomic Eyes) by Atomic Eyes
Her upsets is what she is about She's got that smirk uh huh, her dirty red mouth Her lights down.. 
Close Your Eyes, It's Okay To Rest Now
from album (Before Their Eyes) by Before Their Eyes
I've lost you somewhere in forever So lets start this all over Because all of this seems too fam.. 
Biggest Part Of Me
from album (Biggest Part Of Me) by Ambrosia
Sunrise, there's a new sun a-risin' In your eyes I can see a new horizon Realize, that will.. 
Big Dreams In A Small Town
from album (Big Dreams In A Small Town) by Restless Heart
(Chorus) Big dreams in a small town Eighteen and glory bound Nothing here to tie us down Big dre.. 

Big Iron
from album (Big Iron) by Marty Robbins
Big Iron Marty Robbins To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day Hardly spoke to folks.. 
Hello Big Man
from album (Hello Big Man) by Carly Simon
He started a company When he was a young man handsome, and like a reed so tall With a face like an o.. 
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
She moves like and angel And seven evening stars Dance through the window Of her universal house.. 
Freezing Steel
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
I've flown the house of freezing, the house of freezing steel And though my body's back I kn.. 
O' Caritas
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
Hunc ornatum mundi Nolo perdere Video flagrare Omnia res Audio clamare Homines Nune extinguitur Mund.. 
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
It's so quiet in the ruins walking though the old town Stones crumbling under my feet I see smok.. 
Silent Sunlight
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
Silent sunlight, welcome in There is work I must now begin All my dreams have blown away And the chi.. 
Sweet Scarlet
from album (Catch Bull At Four) by Cat Stevens
Once she came into my room, feathered hat an' all Wearing a warm wool shawl wrapped around her s.. 
Fill My Eyes
from album (Mona Bone Jakon) by Cat Stevens
And in the morning when you fill my eyes I knew that day I couldn't do, Ahh, no wrong, I could.. 
I've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old
from album (The Very Best Of Cat Stevens) by Cat Stevens
I buy the nicest things from a super market store Vitamin land and marzipan and I know just what th.. 
Stray Cat Strut
from album (I Wont Stand In Your Way) by Stray Cats
Ooo, ooo, ooo ooo Ooo, ooo, ooo ooo Ooo, ooo, ooo ooo Ooo, ooo, ooo ooo Black and orange stray cat.. 
Big Willie Style
from album (Big Willie Style) by Will Smith
big Will the high roller strolling through with an entoruage hard to camaflouge when you livin'.. 
Big Generator
from album (Big Generator) by Yes
verse 1: Such a strange pre-occupation Such a strange peculiar breed How it's shining in its arm.. 
Final Eyes
from album (Big Generator) by Yes
Person to person woman to man Sing me a story to reach me Teach me to teach me to understand All the.. 
Open Your Eyes
from album (Open Your Eyes) by Yes
You've got a great imagination You carry on in the same old way No lessons learned from yesterd.. 
Big Log
from album (Big Log) by Robert Plant
My love is in league with the freeway It's passion will rise as the cities fly by And the tail l.. 
Big Daddy
from album (Big Daddy) by Heavy D. And The Boyz
Big DaddyHeavy DWhat's the dealI wanna know is this love for realOr could it be lust that I feel.. 
Winchester Cathedral
from album (Nashville Cats) by Homer & Jethro
Winchester Cathedral--You're drivin' me mad I don't know who sings it--But it's migh.. 
from album (Big Brother & The Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin) by Janis Joplin
I'm a caterpillar I'm a caterpillar Crawling for your love Crawling for your love Crawling f.. 
Beautiful In My Eyes
from album (Beautiful In My Eyes) by Joshua Kadison
BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES Joshua KadisonYou're my peace of mindIn this crazy worldYou're everyth.. 
Don't Close Your Eyes
from album (Don't Close Your Eyes) by Kix
What's you're doing out in the night time Won't you call me on the phone Your mama can&#.. 
Big City
from album (Big City) by Merle Haggard
I'm tired of this dirty old city And tired of too much work And never enough play And I'm.. 
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
from album (Album Unknown) by Tiny Hill
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?)Tiny Hill A # 25 hit for Tiny Hill in 1940A #.. 
Open Our Eyes
from album (Open Our Eyes) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Father, open our eyes, That we may see, to follow thee. Oh lord grant us, thy lovin' peace, A.. 
Cant Take My Eyes Off You
from album (Cant Take My Eyes Off You) by Frankie Valli
You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you. You'd be like heaven to t.. 
My Eyes Adored You
from album (Cant Take My Eyes Off You) by Frankie Valli
CHORUS My eyes adored ya Though I never laid a hand on you My eyes adored ya Like a million miles aw.. 




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