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Tiada Lagi Air Mata
from album (Album Unknown) by The Mark IV
Di kalaku kesepian Melihat keindahan alam Wajahmu menjelma bermain di fikiran Sejak aku, kau tinggal.. 
Ku Sapu Air Mata Perpisahan
from album (All This Times) by Sting
siapa sangka kan jadi begini siapa duga kita kan berpisah ku tak percaya biar pun kenyataan yang pas.. 
Air Mata
from album (Cintailah Hati) by Dewa 19
air mata telah jatuh membasahi bumi takka sanggup menghapus gelisah penyesalan yg kini ada jadi tak.. 
Tiada Lagi Cinta
from album (Berkenalan) by Ruffedge
This here Rough Edge Terry Lee,S-G TO M-Y You feel me when you talk to much And I had enough cinta (.. 

Tiada Lagi
from album (Album Unknown) by Search
Sia-sia sudah, kita jalin cinta Bila hati selalu berbeda Sampai kapan lagi, kuharus menahan Rasa kec.. 
Tiada Lagi Tangisan
from album (Bunga-Bunga Cinta) by Misha Omar
Misha Omar Tiada Lagi Tangisan Kini telah lama kita berpisah Rintihan asmara kian berubah Tiada lag.. 
Air Mata Keinsafan
from album (Kembara Cinta) by The Zikr
Air mata keinsafan Yang mengalir di malam sepi Inilah dia pelembut jiwa Bagi mendapat kasih Ilahi R.. 
Tiada Lagi Kidungmu
from album (Lagenda Cinta) by Lefthanded
Air mata yang berderai Siapa yang menghapuskan Hati kering dan gersang Siapa yang meneduhkan Sedangk.. 
Tiada Lagi Aku
from album (Album Unknown) by Rusty Blade
Kita bersama menempuh semua Dugaan melanda tidak kupinta Pahit dan manis duka menghiris Kita menghar.. 
Air Mata Di Kuala Lumpur
from album (Album Unknown) by La Costumbre
Airmata di Kuala Lumpur Jatuh berkecai hancur berderai Aku menangis tidak terhingga Putus kasih yang.. 
Ain't It A Shame
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
Hit with the bug to run, you didn't go to college we can use you son You look like the pride of.. 
Empty Pages
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
When you're out in front and your life is unsure What have you got goin' for you after every.. 
Feel The Breeze
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
Since I met you how can I notice if the sky is blue or grey But here I am standing outside looking i.. 
I Don't Believe In You
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
Who are we to say who we must obey to get much better, ooh to get much better, Who are we to say th.. 

It's Not Easy
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
And the money she gave me, wasn't enough to pay the rent, But before I get some all my money.. 
Love And Other Bruises
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
As the time slips through your fingers Till it's almost time to go And the morning breaks betwee.. 
Strangers In Love
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
Strangers in love must a star fall from the sky It's stranger than most and stranger when we try.. 
The Weight Is My Soul
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
In the night when you're lonely and you can't find a word for how you feel There's a pla.. 
We Are All Alone
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
We are all alone that's the way it seems to be Love is in my sight and I can see it if you can W.. 
What A Life
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
Love comes to everyone some are weak some strong I'm not strong today They've took her back,.. 
Jefferson Airplane
from album (After Bathing At Baxter's) by Jefferson Airplane
You want two heads on you body And you've got two mirrors in your hand. Priests are made of bric.. 
Summer Of Love
from album (Jefferson Airplane) by Jefferson Airplane
Summer Of Love was something special We were so young and so free The Summer Of Love that I was a pa.. 
Blues From An Airplane
from album (Takes Off) by Jefferson Airplane
Do you know how sad it is to be a man alone I feel so solitary being in my home without you I don.. 
from album (AIRWAVES) by Michael Bolton
Are you ready? Say you'll let me Take you for a ride The night is young, it's just begun Why.. 
S&M Airlines
from album (S&m Airlines) by NOFX
I went to the airport, but I missed my flight I had to get out of this town tonight Then a lady in b.. 
Something In The Air
from album (Something In The Air) by Lila McCann
(Michael Dulaney) Out on that river road In a pontiac lit up by the dashboard glow They hold each o.. 
Hands In The Air
from album (Hands In The Air) by Eightball
[Eightball] Okay; comin' from the top of my Dome when I'm droppin' my Own type of style,.. 
Acabame De Matar
from album (Acabame De Matar) by Banda El Recodo
Acabame de matar pa' que me dejas herido? Acabame de matar pa' que me dejas herido?(x2) si.. 
El Alma Al Aire
from album (El Alma Al Aire) by Alejandro Sanz
yo quiero el aire que tiene tu alma yo quiero el aire aquel que vive en ti yo quiero el aire, aire q.. 
from album (Airports) by Something Corporate
You little creep, That's what she said, these quotes from your mother, get better every day. An.. 
Mata Ashita
from album (Mata Ashita) by Every Little Thing
Nani wo suru wake ja nakute mo Konna ni itoshii jikan ga hora Ima koko ni nagarete iru yo Itazura ni.. 
All The Nation's Airports
from album (All The Nation's Airports) by Archers Of Loaf
Shuffling through all the nations airports Invalids collide with terrorist scum. Choking on the lag,.. 
from album (Aire) by Los Cafres
Aire yo quiero una canción que me lleva a Marte Aire, tu boca es la poción que envenena y arde. Ai.. 
Airmata Ibu
from album (Airmata Ibu) by Siti Nurhaliza
Apakah sebenarnya Terbuku dikalbumu Apakah erti linang airmata di pipimu Ucapkanlah padaku Tak bisa.. 
Airmata Syawal
from album (Airmata Ibu) by Siti Nurhaliza
( 1 ) Sayu... hati ini makin sayup Rindu... terkenangkan desa pe.. 
Air-Conditioned Love
from album (Air-Conditioned Love) by Ludo
am a savage besmitten with her The loneliest werewolf, I wander the earth My words are mistakes and.. 
Matase Alba
from album (Matase Alba) by Iris
Inca o zi care va veni, Nici nu stiu,iubito,unde vom fi, E doar o zi ce-arata,iar,minunea din noi!.. 
Tak Tahan Lagi
from album (Tak Tahan Lagi) by Melly Goeslow
Tak tahan lagi Ingin berteduh Berjuta kata ingin ku ucap Sama kau pergi Tak ada lagi Teman dalam se.. 
Airmata Jernih
from album (Airmata Jernih) by BPR
Dari airmataku yang jernih Renunganmu entah di mana Hembusan bayu membisik engkau rindu... Kepadaku.. 
Monedas Al Aire
from album (Monedas Al Aire) by Carlos Varela
Tiras tres monedas al aire y le preguntas al I Ching, ¿cómo será el fin? Sabes que no puedo salva.. 




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