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from album (Tennis) by Chris Rea
In the morning madness and the stabbing light She pours the coffee and she says "What was wrong.. 
Anyone For Tennis
from album (Anyone For Tennis) by Cream
Twice upon a time in the valley of tear The auctioneer is bidding for a box of fading years And the.. 
Wedding Song (There Is Love)
from album (Captain & Tennille) by The Captain & Tennille
He is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts Rest assured this troubadour is acting on hi.. 
Tennessee Bird Walk
from album (Tennessee Bird Walk) by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
TENNESSEE BIRD WALKJack Blanchard & Misty MorganTake away the trees and the birdsAll have to sit.. 

Tennessee Moon
from album (Tennessee Moon) by Neil Diamond
Written by: Neil Diamond & Dennis Morgan Hollywood don't do what it once could do I used to.. 
Tender Love
from album (Tender Love) by Jordan Knight
Here I lay all alone Tossin', turnin' Longing for some of your, Tender Love I've waite.. 
City Hall
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
All you people up there in City Hall, You're ***in' it up for the people that's in the.. 
Cock Pushups
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
KG: Do you think that um, do you think that when the album, when this is out... JB: Yeah? KG: Do you.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
Dio has rocked for a long, long time, Now it's time for him to pass the torch. He has songs of w.. 
Double Team
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
[spoken] Damn, a hard day's rockin'. Better slip off ma shoes. Maybe give a little stretch.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
JB: Kage... KG: Yeah? JB: Let's go to this drive-thru. (Motor Sounds) KG: Oh good, I'm starv.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
Climb upon my faithful steed. Then we're gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed. Climb upon my big.. 
Friendship Test
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
JB: BRRRRRRRRRRING....BRRRRRRRRRRRRING KG: *Click* Two Kings. JB: Hey Kage. KG: Hey. JB: How's i.. 
*** Her Gently
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
(JB) This is a song for the ladies, but fella's, listen closely. You don't always have to f.. 

*** Her Softly
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
You don't always have to *** her hard. In fact sometimes that's not right... to do Sometime.. 
Hard ***
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
KG: We should talk about the hard *** though. JB: Hard ***? KG: Because, I think its a prett.. 
Inward Singing
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
(spoken) JB: Oh my god. Oh my god, I've done it. Kage, come here, I want you! KG: What, what? Go.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
With karate I'll kick your ass! From here to Tienamen Square! Oh yeah mother***er, I'm gonn.. 
Karate Schnitzel
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
JB: God, I'm ***in hungry. Let me check the fridge... Dude, where's my ***in schnitzel? He.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
Dude, we gotta ***in' write something today. Come on. I don't like that so far off to a b.. 
Kyle Quit
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
Last week, Kyle quit the band, Now we're back together, uh. Misunderstanding, didn't underst.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee. Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee Lee. We're talking *** Lee. I had a.. 
One Note Song
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
(spoken) KG: Jack, do you think some people... do you think that there's some people that are, r.. 
Rock Your Socks Off
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
[Dave Grohl (spoken):] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-6-6! [sung] It doesn't matter if it is good, It only.. 
The Road
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
The road is ***in' hard, The road is ***in' tough-ah, There's no question that-eh It i.. 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
A long time ago...me and my brother Kyle here, We were hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road... 
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds, There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly. Not.. 
You ***er
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
[J.B.] Lets kick it, Ill say kick and you’ll just kick it with a tasty groove ok. 1,2,3 Kick It! Ki.. 
Zankoku Na Tenshi No Teeze
from album (Zankoku Na Tenshi No Teeze) by Evangelion
Zankoku NA tenshi no youni Shounen yo shinwa ni nare Aoi kaze ga ima mune no doa wo tatai temo.. 
Tu Mayor Tentacion
from album (Tu Mayor Tentacion) by Yaire
Tu Mayor Tentacion Se te nota cuando me hablas Se te nota en la mirada Se que aun me amas Se porqu.. 
New York Tendaberry
from album (New York Tendaberry) by Laura Nyro
New York tendaberry Blue berry A rush on rum Of brush and drum And the past is a blue note Inside m.. 
'Ten To Chi' To '0 To 1' To
from album ('Ten To Chi' To '0 To 1' To) by Pierrot
zujyou ni ukabu 'chiisa na bukki' ha heisakei no shuukai de tsune ni mawaritsuzukeru soshite.. 
Yuugai No Tenshi
from album ('Ten To Chi' To '0 To 1' To) by Pierrot
anata ga subarashii koi ni mezamete mukuwareru tame ni tada hitotsu fuhitsuyou na mono sore ha ne, k.. 
Tennesse Stud
from album (Album Unknown) by Tennesse Ernie Ford
Along about eighteen and twenty-five I left Tennessee very much alive I never would have got through.. 
Ya No Tengo Prisa
from album (Ya No Tengo Prisa) by Tete
Aunque ya no brille mas el sol y que en la tierra no haya calor aunque la noche no tenga estrellas y.. 
The Tenth Dimension
from album (Tenth Dimension) by Blaze
Those self appointed secret rulers of this world, They are hypocrites liars and thieves. And with.. 
Tennessee Flat Top Box
from album (Tennessee Flat Top Box) by Roseanne Cash
In a little caberet In a south texas boarder town Sat a boy and his guitar And the people came from.. 
Ten Year Night
from album (Ten Year Night) by Lucy Kaplansky
There is no one else around The road is quiet, the only sound Is wind that sounds like cars that sou.. 
Faith Of A Little Seed
from album (Big Tent Revival) by Big Tent Revival
All it takes, is a little bit of water and sunshine To make a big tree grow And every tree, was a li.. 




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