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Sweet F.A.
from album (AC-DC) by Sweet
Well it's Friday night And I need a fight And if she don't spread I'm gonna bust her hea.. 
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
from album (Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)) by Eurythmics
Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas-- Everybod.. 
Sweetest Sounds
from album (Sweetest Sounds) by Sergio Franchi
INTRO: What do I really hear and what is in the ear of my mind ? Which sounds are true and clear and.. 
Sweet Freedom
from album (Sweet Freedom) by Uriah Heep
SWEET FREEDOM As you look around you Do you like what you see? Though it sometimes Makes you lonely.. 

The Sweetest Illusion
from album (The Sweetest Illusion) by Basia
bread and butter tastes more like it could be _cordon bleu_ mona lisa's smiling like a cheshire.. 
Cute Sweet Love Addiction
from album (Cute Sweet Love Addiction) by Johnny Gill
Cute Sweet Love Addiction Gimme a low key brewski I'm gonna be alright Just like sugar (sugar).. 
Sweet Dreams
from album (Sweet Dreams) by La Bouche
Sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing Sweet dreams of passion through the night Sweet dreams a.. 
Sweet Freedom
from album (Sweet Freedom) by Michael McDonald
No more runnin’ down the wrong road Dancin’ to a diff’rent drum Can’t you see what’s goin’ on.. 
Sweetheart's Dance
from album (Sweetheart's Dance) by Pam Tillis
Chorus: Sweetheart's dance, that's what we do The two heart two-step baby, that's me an.. 
Sweet Kisses
from album (Sweet Kisses) by Jessica Simpson
oooh ooook oooh couldn't look me in the eye he apologizes he didn't make enough to take.. 
Your Sweet Voice
from album (Girlfriend) by Matthew Sweet
Speak to me with your sweet voice And take me through another night Speak to me with your sweet voic.. 
No More Sweet Music
from album (No More Sweet Music) by Hooverphonic
Face your faith remove all the lace you love me to death but death may love you more you paint with.. 
Am I Not Sweet
from album (Am I Not Sweet) by Natural Born Hippies
You don't have to worry about the future About your life you just hold on to me. You don't.. 
Sweet Sensation
from album (Sweet Sensation) by Stephanie Mills
Something strange came over me ‘Cause I never felt this way There's no place I'd rather be.. 

Sweet Dreams
from album (Sweet Dreams / The Fear In Me) by Ruby's Grace
won't you come lay down with me little baby and i'll be sure not to leave until you sleep.. 
Sweet Cliches
from album (Sweet Cliches) by The Reason
This calls for a reception. For some can take so long, and some move in a new direction. This direct.. 
Sweet Desire
from album (Sweet Desire) by Lullacry
So long have you drunk bitter tears Turning hopes into fears Every wound in your soul has a story.. 
Sweet Shadows
from album (Sweet Shadows) by Daughter Darling
April how dare you Bring me a life new And now I sit and stare Soul bare, soul bare, soul bare He s.. 
What's Wrong
from album (Sweetwater) by Sweetwater
What’s wrong? What’s wrong in our schools? Politicians are blowing their cools Over they who refu.. 
Sweet Summer Rain
from album (Sweet Summer Rain) by Rushlow
Three or four miles down a red dirt road, An' a green-eyed girl an' I used to go to see her... 
Sweet Sinsemilla
from album (Sweet Sinsemilla) by Mystic Roots
Chorus Sweet sensemilla burning in the night Sweet sensemilla Yeah Gonna make you feel right Verse 1.. 
Sweetest Poison
from album (Sweetest Poison) by Nu Pagadi
Sweetest Poison (poison) (poison) (You're my sweetest poison) Ich bin kein Dämon, doch etwas B.. 
Sweetest Poison [Electromix]
from album (Sweetest Poison) by Nu Pagadi
Sweetest poison [Electromix] Nu Pagadi (Poison) (Poison) (Poison) Ich bin kein Dämon Doch etwas.. 
Sweetest Poison [Extended Version]
from album (Sweetest Poison) by Nu Pagadi
Sweetest poison [Extended Version] Nu Pagadi (Poison) (Poison) (You're my sweetest poison) I.. 
Sweetest Poison [Original Version]
from album (Sweetest Poison) by Nu Pagadi
Sweetest poison [Original Version] Nu Pagadi (Poison) (Poison) (You're my sweetest poison) I.. 
So Sweet
from album (So Sweet) by Jonathan Rice
We're back there and the heartbreak came Yeah, it hit me pretty hard I waved hello and goodbye T.. 
Sweetest Hell
from album (Hell Sweet Hell) by Fear My Thoughts
The pain we stand to satisfy our ego The tortures we go through The lies we tell the smiles that we.. 
Sweet Death
from album (Sweet Death) by Hate
you no what makes me mad….. people who think they are the *** shit and do whatever the *** t.. 
BCC/Sweet Home Transylvania
from album (Sweet Home Transylvania) by The Bronx Casket Co.
Time is a thief, death is a whore Fear is a parasite, nothing more All these things put into play A.. 
Sweet Revenge
from album (Sweet Revenge) by John Prine
I got kicked off of Noah's Ark I turned my cheek to unkind remarks there was two of everything b.. 
Tomorrow, Tonight
from album (Michael Sweet) by Michael Sweet
Lyin' here by your side, the silence speaks to me I've got no where to hide Except in your m.. 
All This And Heaven, Too
from album (Michael Sweet) by Michael Sweet
I went searchin' for some peace of mind Out on the open road under a stormy sky I find something.. 
All I Wanna Do (Is Love You)
from album (Michael Sweet) by Michael Sweet
When I was a young boy I never did see The kind of love You've given me But now that I'm a g.. 
The Arsonist Vs The Assassin
from album (Oh Sweet Ransom) by Oh Sweet Ransom
The Arsonist: Here I am, I stare so vacantly I look upon the things I've done It burns a hole i.. 
Sweet Forgiveness
from album (Sweet Forgiveness) by Bonnie Raitt
When will I learn To take you on my journey When will I see, yeah That you belong to me When will I.. 
Sweet Dreams
from album (Sweet Dreams) by La Bouche
In my times of loneliness I'm wondering What came over me the sight of the light My life's a.. 
Sweet Sweet
from album (Siamese Dream) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Sweet sweet sweet sweet little agony I don't know just where you've been But I'll take t.. 
Sweet Sweetheart
from album (Writer) by Carole King
You're a sweet sweetheart You've been a real good friend You're around when I'm down.. 
Sweet Sweet Baby Since You've Been Gone
from album (A Natural Woman) by Aretha Franklin
Baby baby, sweet baby There's something that I just got to say Baby baby, sweet baby You left me.. 
Sweets For My Sweet
from album (Album Unknown) by The Drifters
If you wanted that star that shines so brightly To match the star dust in your eyes Darlin', I w.. 




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