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Before I Let You Go
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
I can still remember yesterday We were so in love in a special way And knowing that you loved me Mad.. 
Get With Me
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
Baby, I know where you wanna be tonight Baby, I can see it when I look into your eyes They tell me.. 
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
I, I wanna take you right into the light I know that I can make you feel so right I'm gonna tre.. 
I'm Gonna Love You
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
Baby baby baby I've been lookin' at you lookin' at me And I was just thinkin' maybe.. 

Let's Get It On
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
Parkin' your car right next to mine I see my honey lookin' so very fine You know that I'.. 
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
You came to me With just one look into my eyes And I said to myself, "This is it, I'm gonn.. 
Not That Easy
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
I know I haven't been that easy to love lately 'Coz I feel so cold about us What we shared.. 
So Slow
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
I. I've been with you boy for years is quite a while getting to sensual is really not my style.. 
Treat You So Right
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
Listen to me Got somethin' to say Show me all the lovin' in your eyes I wanna see, baby I.. 
Wanna Be The One
from album (Freestyle) by Freestyle
Dry your eyes Wipe those tears away I'm gonna make you see... Tomorrow's gonna be A brighte.. 
Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang
from album (Freestyle Live) by Freestyle
Bakit ngayon ka lang Bakit ngayon kung kailan ang aking puso'y Mayroon nang laman Sana'y n.. 
Are We Cuttin (Freestyle)
from album (Are We Cuttin (Freestyle)) by Jin
Oh Oh, Yeah, Dj Boone, The Number 1 draft pick right here, Your Boy Jin, Double R, Streets Illistrat.. 
WBAU Freestyle Verse
from album (Rare Demos And Freestyles) by Necro
[Necro] My flow is vile Like the cancel in Lyle The necrophile will rink the blile Of *** star ice.. 
from album (Freestyle) by Bartonboy
You're so clumsy; you couldn't be a cripple in a dance off. You want to see the Next Big Thi.. 

1997 Freestyle
from album (1997 Freestyle) by Non Phixion
[Necro] Vented to leave you tormented I crave to enslave your brain through airwaves Sermon's a.. 
WBAU Freestyle
from album (WBAU Freestyle) by Captain Carnage
I don't debate, I hate with a passion I eat women like rancid Through a brick wall I'm crash.. 
The Conspiracy Freestyle
from album (3 Verses) by Eminem
[DJ Green Lantern] Okay (Yeah) It's about that time again [Eminem] Green Lantern [DJ Green.. 
Wake Up Show Freestyle
from album (3 Verses) by Eminem
[Eminem] Yo speed racer 97' burgundy Blazer Wanted for burglary had to ditch the mer.. 
Evil Freestyle
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Life flashes before you and then its taken away And then there so much that you never got to say But.. 
Eminem Freestyle - Live In Detroit
from album (The Eminem Show DVD) by Eminem
Eminem: When I do pop pills I keep my tube socks filled. And pop the same shit that got 2Pac killed... 
Freestyle Ryhme
from album (3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)) by Kid Rock
Kid Rock, i'm gonna rock the house biatch It goes, 1 for the trebble, and 2 for the bass And th.. 
from album (Fundamental Elements Of Southtown) by P.O.D.
Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal.. 
from album (B-Boys & Flygirls) by BomFunk MC's
Fre-Fr-Fr-Fr-Fr-Fr-freestyler! rock the microphone!! straight from the top of my dome Fre-Fr-Fr-Fr.. 
Nas Freestyle
from album (Funkmaster Flex The Mix Tape Volume II) by Nas
Yo Funk Flex what the *** is the deli my niggee? This is Nas in yo area y'all know t.. 
Thugz Mirror Freestyle
from album (God's Son) by Nas
[Verse 1] Yo, my man was regulatin on niggas he used to thug with Older niggas in this murder game,.. 
from album (Foolish Fool) by Sublime
three, four! i mean it, i mean it i wanna have *** with you let me tell ya, let me tell ya, let me.. 
'98 Freestyle
from album (The Big Picture) by Big L
[Big L] One-two, one-two Kinda tired.. Big L, 'bout ta.. get into some shit Aight check it out.. 
Suicide Freestyle
from album (Venni Vetti Vecci) by Ja Rule
[Featuring Case] Ummm say all that I want to do Is live my life Ummm but everytime I.. 
Suicide Freestyle
from album (Venni Vetti Vecci) by Ja Rule Featuring Case
[Case] Ummm, Say all that I want to do Is to live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another.. 
Freestyle Conversation
from album (Tha Doggfather) by Snoop Doggy Dogg
Intro: (Snoop talking with homey) Homey: Ai Dogg let me holla at'cha man Snoop: Wuz.. 
Soundbombing Freestyle
from album (Soundbombing) by Black Star
[DJ Evil Dee] Uh, this is Side 2, Evil Dee in your area Rawkus, every four minutes of dump.. 
Freestyle - Mister Cee
from album (Mister Cee: The Best Of Biggie) by Notorious B.I.G.
Yeah You're now entering the mode of the Notorious Biggie Smalls Junior M.A.F.I.A. cliq.. 
Poison Freestyle
from album (2 Low Life Muthas) by Poison Clan
featuring Brother Marquis Tony Rock Verse 1: JT Money Roll out the red carpet let the b.. 
from album (Cocoon Crash) by K's Choice
See their heads up in a cloud, watch them follow what goes on Through a little screen, oh no, the pi.. 
Guru Freestyle
from album (Power Cypha) by Tony Touch
featuring Guru * this was rhymed in 96 before You Know My Steez and So Wassup from which.. 
from album (Power Cypha 2) by Tony Touch
featuring Noreaga [Noreaga] Tony Touch Iraq Iraq 50 MC's... A little bit a thugs.. 
Black Star Freestyle
from album (Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale) by Tony Touch
featuring Black Star *send all corrections directly to typist* [Mos Def] (Talib Kweli).. 
Common Freestyle
from album (Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale) by Tony Touch
featuring Common *send corrections directly to typist* [Common] Yeah this is the tru.. 
Cormega Freestyle
from album (Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale) by Tony Touch
featuring Cormega [Cormega] What up son? It's Mega Tony Touch what da deal dun dun.. 
Eminem Freestyle
from album (Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale) by Tony Touch
featuring Eminem *send corrections directly to typist* [Eminem] If I'm elected fo.. 

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