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from album (Stress The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
Chorus: Repeat 4X Crush kill destroy stress Verse One: Prince Poetry Pain stres.. 
Stress (Remix)
from album (Stress 12") by Organized Konfusion
featuring Large Professor [Pharoahe Monch] Yo it's the verbal assult weapon with wor.. 
Carry Stress In The Jaw
from album (Carry Stress In The Jaw) by Mr. Bungle
Powder grinding mouthfull Pull the day from the nocturn Sonimloquist is the nightmare's song &qu.. 
Stress Builds Character
from album (Stress Builds Character) by Dystopia
Life's been swell now I want to die My body it hurts me sigh after sigh I call it torture you ca.. 

Mon Petit Garçon
from album (Chants De Marins) by Chants De Marins
Dans la côte à la nuit tombée On chante encor' sur les violons Au bistrot sur l' ac.. 
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
you think your head's achin, i'm not finished yet i won't be mistaken, how so.. 
Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress
from album (Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album) by Boogiemonsters
Verse One: Mondo, Vex I can see your only eyes, locked into your skull My backbone the zone.. 
Black Sunday
from album (Stress The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
Lawd help me out now We gotta get together We gotta Organize No matter the weather It&.. 
from album (Stress The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
[Pharoahe Monch] Comin ahh comin ahh I'm comin like a redneck trucker! Watch your ba.. 
Keep It Koming
from album (Stress: The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
Spark that L! Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X We keep it koming We keep it koming huh We k.. 
Let's Organize
from album (Stress: The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
featuring O.C. Q Tip [Q Tip] Yeah check it out we here with the big O With the big b.. 
Stray Bullet
from album (Stress: The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
Verse One: Pharoahe Monche Let the trigger finger put the pressure to the mechanism Which.. 
The Extinction Agenda
from album (Stress: The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
...the extinction agenda... ...the extinction agenda... Back is the incredible O R G t.. 
from album (Stress: The Extinction Agenda) by Organized Konfusion
So yo, why you trying to play me though? Out like a sucker (Repeat 4x) [Pharoahe Monch] You're.. 

Stressed Out
from album (Beats, Rhymes, And Life) by A Tribe Called Quest
featuring Faith Evans Intro/Chorus: Faith Evans I really know how it feels to be, stressed ou.. 
from album (Am I My Brother's Keeper) by Kane & Abel
[Talking] Hey Nigga This is our last time bonita After this we out I'm tellin you.. 
Stressed Out (Close To The Edge)
from album (St. Elmo's Fire Soundtrack) by Airplay
All for one and one for all All in it together That's the way it used to be Nothing lasts foreve.. 
from album (Unstable) by Adema
The weight of the world has been put on my shoulders I looked in the mirror and know that I'm ol.. 
Ms. Stress
from album (Floetry) by Floetry
[Chorus:] It's better that it hurts, it's better that it feels this way to me I can't be.. 
from album (Machine Fish) by Galactic Cowboys
No one calls unless I leave No one's home, the voice repeats Kind hands wrapped around my neck.. 
Stress On The Sky
from album (Blackened Sky) by Biffy Clyro
You’re just a…. I’m not to blame, broke your heart for fun You’re just a…. I’m not to blame,.. 
Dont Stress, This Is My Reality
from album (Very Berry) by Berry2Berry
Dont stress you want me up for the best, and I hope you dont think that I'm anything less 'c.. 
from album (Klartext) by Wise Guys
Seit einer Weile ist es schon so weit, dass die Leute nicht mehr nach meinem Alter fragen. Doch nutz.. 
from album (Entropia) by Pain Of Salvation
(watching corners and crossing watching all the red lights watching the stress watching beggars and.. 
from album (Extraction From Mortality) by Believer
What's the use of worrying What good does it do? Will it add a single day To your life? PANIC -.. 
Last Chants For A Slow Dance
from album (Album Unknown) by *** Gang Children
So it begins, my eyes implore listen harder Spirit like a wavering flame Promiscuity of a failed r.. 
Storm And Stress
from album (Little Thoughts) by Bloc Party
Promise you'll say if it gets Promise you'll say if it gets too much Don't be so scared.. 
With Or Without You
from album (Master Chants Of Chapter4) by Gregorian
With Or Without You See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side I wait for you S.. 
Boa Fé
from album (Stress, Depressão & Síndrome Do Pânico) by Autoramas
Não quero saber se eu não tive dignidade ao ocupar seu lugar/ agora é tarde e não adianta prende.. 
Carinha Triste
from album (Stress, Depressão & Síndrome Do Pânico) by Autoramas
Eu sei que te incomoda essa minha carinha triste mas ela só demonstra que o amor ainda existe tal.. 
Eu Não Morri
from album (Stress, Depressão & Síndrome Do Pânico) by Autoramas
Eu não morri, nnnnnão morri, eu juro pra vocês que eu não morri/ Eu não morri, nnnnnão morri,.. 
Fale Mal De Mim
from album (Stress, Depressão & Síndrome Do Pânico) by Autoramas
Você fica irritado comigo só porque você me acha mais bonito que você você já fica todo nervo.. 
No Stress
from album (Album Unknown) by Cyclefly
You've always amazed me, You're making me crazy. I can't hide my frustraition, I don'.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Tipe-X
If I can dreaming everytime I wanna fly like a bird I wanna find another world...where Full of freed.. 
Chrysanthèmes Pour Madame Bear
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
On m'a dit les choses se terminent là où elles commencent. C'est dans les extrêmes que ç.. 
Des Fois
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
Des fois je craque et j'me braque. Des fois je vois tout en black. Des fois ma tête se détraqu.. 
Dur Dur D'Être Billy
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
Refrain: Toutes ces filles et toutes ces drogues. Tous ces bars remplis d'alcool, tout ce ***e e.. 
*** Blocher
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
Greis Verwärfig us arroganz vergässe ds vouk verpennt. 25.09. ds debaku itz fougt d¹abwehr. Was e.. 
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
Comment vous le dire? Ce game c'est plein de pédés, de hype, de fame et de mecs prêts à céd.. 
Ma Génération
from album (25.07.03) by Stress
Elle en a marre de chialer dans sa piaule, paumée entre deux pôles. Entre oui et non, pendant que.. 

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