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from album (Goat's Head Soup) by The Rolling Stones
(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Baby, baby, I've been so sad since you've been gone Way back to N.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Artie Shaw
And now the purple dusk of twilight time Steals across the meadows of my heart High up in the sky th.. 
from album (Come Upstairs) by Carly Simon
Golden rock'n'roll man Breaking all of the records and rules Sold out in an hour The stage i.. 
from album (Somewhere More Familiar) by Sister Hazel
I saw a starfish on the ground He was half buried in the sand Just so out of place and ah.. 

Starfish And Coffee
from album (Sign 'O' The Times) by Prince
It was 7:45 we were all in line 2 greet the teacher Miss Cathleen First was Kevin, then came Lucy, t.. 
from album (Fever In Fever Out) by Luscious Jackson
one day i was telling you all about coming from dust cashed it i to buy a few locks i knew wouldn.. 
from album (All Time International Hits) by Connie Francis
And now the purple dusk of twilight time Steals across the meadows of my heart High up in the sky th.. 
Stare Out Your Window
from album (Corporate America) by Boston
She's downright into herself, it's so untrue She's dolled right in so well, this can'.. 
Star Eyes
from album (Album Unknown) by Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Star EyesJimmy Dorsey Music by Gene De Paul Lyrics ?Star Eyes, That to me is what your eyes are,Sof.. 
Stare It Cold
from album (Shake Your Money Maker) by Black Crowes
Under the weather I never got better Wrapped up in my disease Mile away, she want to count my day Lo.. 
Star***ers Inc.
from album (The Fragile) by Nine Inch Nails
My god sits in the back of the limousine My god comes in a wrapper of cellophane My god pouts on t.. 
Star***ers, Inc.
from album (The Fragile) by Nine Inch Nails
My god sits in the back of the limousine My god comes in a wrapper of cellophane My god pouts on t.. 
from album (La ***orcisto) by White Zombie
September in the rain - her sweat come a frozen onto my skin - Eliminate the outerspace and come an.. 

Stardust Remedy
from album (Munki) by Jesus And Mary Chain
sung by Jim I was just a teenage jesus freak Got drunk on punk and then I found my feet Tried to ma.. 
Starfield Road
from album (Experimental Jet Set Trash & N) by Sonic Youth
[Thurston] the turbo goes to rocket put yr kiss in my hand sensate yr belly down bend down round thi.. 
from album (Lunar Strain) by In Flames
Wipped in the eye by the sand Malicious have light of day obscured The sun has burned my skin Open w.. 
Star Estrella
from album (Cumbiera Intelectual) by Kevin Johansen
A star is calling me, me está llamando A star is calling me, me está llamando A star is calling me.. 
Stare Into The Sun
from album (Handful Of Rain) by Savatage
He never closed his eyes Or so we theorized But we were young and bold And he was mostly old And his.. 
from album (Beginnings) by Memento
on her death bed staring at the moon serenity devoured by the demons in bloom she said “I wish I co.. 
Stare At The Sun
from album (The Artist In The Ambulance) by Thrice
I sit here clutching useless lists And keys for doors that don't exist I crack my teet on pearls.. 
from album (Valley Of The Damned) by Dragonforce
Outside on a winter's night when the rain begins to fall There's a chill in the air and the.. 
Stare At The Sun
from album (Silicon Messiah) by Blaze
As I live, so I die Here in, endless night Time to be, time to see Infinity, consuming me There&.. 
Star Fish
from album (Pussy Whipped) by Bikini Kill
They want to buy the look of my abuse They want to use my blood to color their perfume Get out of me.. 
Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule
from album (Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule) by Bal-Sagoth
Spears agleam in the dying sun, The blood is spilled, the battle's won, From the icy throne of G.. 
Starfish Ride (For A Million Dollar Handshake)
from album (Serpentine) by Flowing Tears
Come down to my echo mind Feverdreams of neurotic kind But I cannot feel you Head down and straight.. 
from album (Burning The Process) by Pressure 4-5
We still can't care when you stare Shut up and leave Do whatever you please Slapped me and left.. 
from album (For Madman Only) by Waxwing
Tried for the launch but you only sank into the sea Not a star but just a starfish you'll be Col.. 
Hoshizora To Heishi
from album (Sénka Sénrui) by Kemuri
Star Fighter
from album (Becoming Aware) by Unfinished Thought
My Mind Wanders I Wave Goodbye And Let It Go As She Ponders The Familiar Ending To The Show And Wha.. 
from album (Counterfeit²) by Martin Gore
Ah look what they've done to the rock'n'roll clown Ah rock'n'roll clown, look he.. 
Stare And Wonder
from album (Of Love And Lunacy) by Still Remains
Through this window I see my vision is crystal clear. It wont be long now, never tainted, it wont be.. 
from album (Starfire) by Jorn Lande
Star Dust
from album (Caravan) by Changin My Life
Atsui mune ni mimi wo oshiete Kikoete kuru yo natsukashii oto Dare ni mo miseru koto nai kao Kimi.. 
from album (StarFall) by Dragonland
Astray I have wandered I have been haunted By the fear that's been holding me down But the heav.. 
Stares And Whisper
from album (Album Unknown) by Renee Geyer
They just stare and whisper Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm Everybody's talkin' Mmm-mmm-mmm-.. 
Star ***er
from album (Album Unknown) by Hanzel Und Gretyl
I got your orders in my hand Automatic command Come close and step into the sphere It radiates it is.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Blue Magic
i feel it, with everything you do i like this, i do yes and i like you this connection, we felt it,.. 
Stare At You
from album (The Block) by New Kids On The Block
I still get lost, caught in a daze, Tongue tied, just like the very first day... I saw you and I'.. 

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