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Angel Song
from album (Angel Song) by Great White
The Angel SongGreat WhiteFallen angelRipped and bruisedThink on better daysLife is rudeTreats you ba.. 
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
from album (More Songs About Buildings) by Talking Heads
Oh, Oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me. You can walk, you can talk just like me. You c.. 
How Could An Angel Break My Heart
from album (Another Sad Love Song) by Toni Braxton
I heard he sang a lullaby I heard he sang it from his heart When I found out thought I would die.. 
On The Side Of Angels
from album (You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs) by LeAnn Rimes
I've never been so certain I've never been sure. We're on the side of angels.. 

Ten Thousand Angels Cried
from album (You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs) by LeAnn Rimes
Stillness filled the Heavens on crucifixion day. Some say it rained I don't know if it&.. 
If I Sing You A Love Song
from album (Angel Of The Morning) by Bonnie Tyler
If I sing you a love song, will you always remember? Will you hear it on lonely nights when I'm.. 
Angeline Is Coming Home
from album (River Songs) by Badlees
Her parents house exudes a reborn air The bathtub virgins in the midnight air Seem to smile in cel.. 
Angels Of Mercy
from album (River Songs) by Badlees
CHORUS There must be angels of mercy Lookin' down on me 'Cause when I lok up to t.. 
Even Angels Fall
from album (Songs In The Key Of A Minor) by Jessica Riddle
You've found hope You've found faith Found how fast she could take it away Found true love L.. 
The Prom Song
from album (Two Angels And A Dream) by Depswa
They're more than just words, They're colors, To paint my feelings for you. and i know ho.. 
Angel, Won't You Call Me?
from album (5 Songs) by The Decemberists
Angel, won't you call me? Could I be the only though I am a lost cause, Angel, won't you cal.. 
Drinking Song
from album (Furious Angels) by Rob Dougan
I want to weave a musical spell That leaves you unwell and thinking of me everyday I want to play yo.. 
The Milkshake Song
from album (Album Unknown) by Angry Salad
down and out when i used to walk the same way home from school and i hoped i'd see her and then.. 
Train Song
from album (Angel Doves) by Mindy Smith
I've been listening For tose metal wheels To come scraping across that Old rusty track And I.. 

Immigrant Song
from album (Leave Scars) by Dark Angel
We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow, The ha.. 
The First Time I Loved Forever
from album (Of Songs And Poetry) by Lisa Angelie & Ron Pearlman
(Love theme from Beauty & The Beast, TV series) Narration: Somewhere I have never travelled Gla.. 
Contemplation Song
from album (Blacken The Angel) by Agathodiamon
The Watching Song
from album (Angels In The Flesh And The Bone) by Floater
I sqeezed my and slipped my wet way out Into a world that was to damn cold My pushing mother had no.. 
This Is Not A Love Song
from album (In Search Of Angels) by Runrig
I could tell you about the moon That's rolling 'cross the sky I could show you all the stars.. 
This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song
from album (When Angels And Serpents Dance) by P.O.D.
I don't belong Too many wrongs I'm so undeserving. I'm lost inside confusing minds. a sl.. 
Dead Man's Song
from album (Schwarzwald) by Lola Angst
Let's throw down God's crown And gain our own empire To set his world on fire They will hate.. 
Once Bitten Twice Shy
from album (Angel Song) by Great White
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Great WhiteWell the times are getting hard for you little girl I'm a-humm.. 
Rock Me
from album (Angel Song) by Great White
Sweet little baby You don't have to go Little baby Tell me you won't go We'd be so good.. 
Save All Your Love
from album (Angel Song) by Great White
I wake in the night, to find you on my mind. Deep in a dream, you always have, 'Til the end of.. 
Angel's Song
from album (Memorial Address) by Ayumi Hamasaki
Hitoribocchi nanka ja nainda to Yoru ni nigekonde iikikaseta Kekkyoku sore wa jibun no kodoku o Hini.. 
Black Angel's Death Song
from album (Velvet Underground And Nico) by Velvet Underground
The myriad choices of his fate Set themselves out upon a plate For him to choose What had he to lo.. 
Song About An Angel
from album (Diary) by Sunny Day Real Estate
man: so i say still away sleep close my eyes an image of your face traced in white sand underneath.. 
Angel Song
from album (Silence Becomes It) by Silence 4
This is me with another nervous breakdown My pressure dropped, this body went with it Memory fails,.. 
Song For Angels
from album (Strange And Beautiful) by Crimson Glory
Innocence is fragile like the wind Cold hearts can tear it down It's hard to find some sanctuary.. 
A Song For The Angels
from album (Bodies And Minds) by Great Lake Swimmers
A Song For The Angels By Great Lake Swimmers The echo to your yell the ripple to your dive the cu.. 
A Song For An Angel
from album (Album Unknown) by Shai
It was hard to see you go. It took apart of me that day. A part of me faded away. You know if I coul.. 

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