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We Are All Ready Death
from album (The Silence Procession) by C-Lekktor
face to face we fight with our enemies day by day trying to survive no retreat and never surrender n.. 
from album (Deathwish) by Christian Death
I see the end, and I see the end well it was open so I crawled inside And someone up ahead was cryin.. 
Deathrash Legions
from album (Deathrash Assault) by Deathchain
5. Deathrash Legions [music: Corpse lyrics: Corpse & Bobby] We were born south of heaven benea.. 
Soldiers Under Command
from album (Soldiers Under Command) by Stryper
We are the soldiers under God's command We hold His two-edged sword within our hands We're.. 

Im Almost Ready
from album (Im Almost Ready) by Pure Prairie League
I'm almost ready To let you know just how bad I feel I'm almost ready To let you loose an.. 
Till Death Comes
from album (Till Death Do Us Part) by Cypress Hill
[Chorus 2X] My game so strong, I can't go wrong My dough so long, baby why prolong Baby we get h.. 
Till Death Do Us Part
from album (Till Death Do Us Part) by Cypress Hill
[B-Real] How many times have we been thru this I can tell you that it's getting harder everytime.. 
Soldiers Of Darkness
from album (Soldiers Of Darkness/5 Arch Angels 12") by Sunz Of Man
featuring 9th Prince Killa Sin (Killarmy) [Movie Sample] Attention Soldiers: Kill everyo.. 
Life After Death Intro
from album (Life After Death) by Notorious B.I.G.
Previously on Ready to Die *music fades in from "Suicidal Thoughts"* ... me and.. 
Ready To Die
from album (Ready To Die) by Notorious B.I.G.
featuring Puff Daddy (uncredited) Yeah... Yeah... (You ready mother***er?) (We gon&#.. 
Death Be The Penalty
from album (Death Be The Penalty 12") by Shabazz The Disciple
Intro: Yeah The once lost disciples now found Bound together forever Verse On.. 
It's Too Late Now We Ready!
from album (We Ready I Declare War) by Pastor Troy
Troy:What that shit talking Guy:Uh Pastor Troy Troy:Get the *** away from my mother***in.. 
In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
from album (Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)) by Marilyn Manson
We have no future Heaven wasn't made for me We burn ourselves to hell As fast as it can be I wis.. 
The Death Song
from album (Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)) by Marilyn Manson
We're on a bullet, and we're headed straight into God Even he'd like to end it too We ta.. 

Dignafied Soldiers
from album (Dignafied Soldiers 12") by D.I.T.C.
featuring Big L Lord Finesse O.C. A.G. [Big L] Check it when I'm onstage you nigg.. 
Life Or Death
from album (Life Or Death) by C Murder
[Featuring Peaches] [Chorus] ohhhh It's life or death in my town and I'm standi.. 
from album (Life Or Death) by C Murder
[Featuring Fiend Kane & Abel Mac Master P Mia X Mystikal] this goes out to all my th.. 
I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
from album (I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier) by Willie D
Born, born, born, born, born, born, born killer I'm that motha*** god damn nigga Th.. 
Dance Of Death
from album (Dance Of Death) by Iron Maiden
Let me tell you a story to chill the bones About a thing that I saw One night wandering in the eve.. 
Wisconsin Death Trip
from album (Wisconsin Death Trip) by Static-X
Whats Wrong Don't you sing no ding dong Pushing out the phony Hook in up the rain away Motion.. 
from album (We Were Soldiers) by Steven Curtis Chapman
When you are a soldier I will be your shield I will go with you into the battlefield And when the ar.. 
Chronicles Of Life And Death
from album (Chronicles Of Life And Death) by Good Charlotte
You come in cold you're covered in blood they're all so happy you've arrived the doct.. 
Death Or Glory
from album (Death Or Glory) by Social Distortion
Every cheap hood strikes a bargain with the world And ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl Lo.. 
Angel Of Death
from album (Angel Of Death) by John Cale
Sushi for Shabu. You keep calling me. You keep calling me. Angel of Death. I have thought I heard y.. 
Amused To Death
from album (Amused To Death) by Roger Waters
Doctor Doctor what is wrong with me This supermarket life is getting long What is the heart life of.. 
Are You Ready To Fly
from album (Are You Ready To Fly) by Dune
Are you ready to fly Can you leave the world behind Baby baby Are you ready to fly Together we reac.. 
Death Row
from album (Death Row) by Accept
I'm dead meat - you took away my rights To be a part of your society A life-time in prison would.. 
The Death Of Josef
from album (Atrocities) by Christian Death
Men were poring over there loops and whorls Short of definite judgement Remains, Reportedly drowned.. 
Desperate Hell
from album (Deathwish) by Christian Death
INTRO (only on the Iron Mask): "Loneliness is to live in a world with no one there You fall on.. 
from album (Deathwish) by Christian Death
Have the virgins with their honesty guarantee We move like vandals down darkened streets And talk l.. 
Skeleton Kiss
from album (Deathwish) by Christian Death
Churches should be there I think of adventures of admiring corpses I'm retiring in the corner F.. 
Skeleton Kiss (Fright And Alternate Death Mixes)
from album (Skeleton Kiss (Single)) by Christian Death
Scratch, scratch, should be there Misdirections of rotting corpses I'm now sulking in the corner.. 
Death Of An Interior Decorator
from album (Transatlanticism) by Death Cab For Cutie
You were the mother of three girls so sweet That storm through your turnstile, and climbed to the st.. 
For The World To Dictate Our Death
from album (Death Cult Armageddon) by Dimmu Borgir
Let us sit back and watch Death and destruction's devotees revel Let us sit back and witness inn.. 
Sing Sing Death House
from album (Sing Sing Death House) by Distillers
I am a death house haunted mirror Acerbic heart aint nothing pure in here I keep the memories of a b.. 
The Will To Death
from album (The Will To Death) by John Frusciante
And they're thought to be lies But we saw them, saw them We looked right in their eyes Right at.. 
from album (Ready For The World) by Ready For The World
It's getting late, while are you still here, girl Have you made up your mind, you wanna make lov.. 
Love And Death
from album (Love And Death) by Sentenced
When the bow breaks The cradle will fall I am in shape for the game But for life? No more I have c.. 
Talkin' 'Bout The Death*** Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever)
from album (Hit To Death In The Future Head) by The Flaming Lips
Imagination, that's the way that it seems Man can't only live in his dreams Oh, it seems so.. 
Death Rap
from album (Pre-Fix For Death) by Necro
For death rap shit Word up Bump this Some evil shit Check it ***in faggot [Necro] It starts with y.. 



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