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My Whole World Ended
from album (My Whole World Ended) by David Ruffin
Last week my life had meaning It was beautiful and so sweet But now it's nothing, nothing withou.. 
New World Man
from album (New World Man) by Rush
New World Man Rush (Lyrics: Neil Peart, Music: Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson) From "Signals".. 
All Around The World
from album (All Around The World) by Lisa Stansfield
Spoken: I don't know where my baby is but I'll find him, somewhere, somehow I've got to.. 
Criminal World
from album (Good News From The Next World) by Simple Minds
I look for the answer I look for the light I walk on every highway Still I need you tonight So let.. 

Brave New World
from album (Brave New World) by Styx
Written by Tommy Shaw, James Young Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw The lines are drawn in the sand across.. 
Brave New World Reprise
from album (Brave New World) by Styx
Written by Tommy Shaw, James Young Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw No fear No pain Never any need to worr.. 
What A Wonderful World
from album (What A Wonderful World) by Willie Nelson
I see trees of green red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wond.. 
Around The World In A Day
from album (Around The World In A Day) by Prince
Open your heart, open your mind A train is leaving all day A wonderful trip through our time And lau.. 
Love Makes The World
from album (Love Makes The World) by Carole King
There was trouble in my mind tonight Somethin' inside didn't feel quite right Then I saw you.. 
This Perfect World
from album (This Perfect World) by Freedy Johnston
You ought to see your face You ought to hear your voice Last time that I was here I wouldn't tur.. 
World Gone Wrong
from album (World Gone Wrong) by Bob Dylan
1. Strange things have happened, like never before. My baby told me I would have to go. I can't.. 
Brave New World
from album (War Of The Worlds) by David Es***
Take a looke around you at the World we've come to know Does it seem to be mutch more than a cre.. 
Touch The World
from album (Touch The World) by Earth, Wind & Fire
She walks with a beat as she works The street in the dead of night She's been laid off And he.. 
Mission (A World Record)
from album (A New World Record) by Electric Light Orchestra
For many days we travelled from a distant place and time, To reach a place they call the planet Eart.. 

My World
from album (My World) by Ray Charles
The time has come to air my feelings There's just so much confusion going down I'm not the k.. 
Beautiful World
from album (Beautiful World) by Collective Soul
In the morning Hope is whispering to me quietly Some confusion Seems to reign continuously over me T.. 
World I Know
from album (Beautiful World) by Collective Soul
"Has our conscience shown? Has the sweet breeze blown? Has all kindness gone? Hope still linger.. 
Wonderful World, Beautiful People
from album (Wonderful World, Beautiful People) by Jimmy Cliff
Eh-yeah, wonderful world, beautiful people You and your girl things could be pretty But underneath.. 
World Falling Down
from album (World Falling Down) by Peter Cetera
I never thought life would be easy Take it from me it's not easy When you're living on your.. 
Color My World
from album (Color My World) by Petula Clark
You'll never see a dark cloud hanging 'round me Now there is only blue sky to surround me Th.. 
Real Cool World
from album (Cool World Soundtrack) by David Bowie
So far this love is delightful The face of seduction was you But I listened for each and every foots.. 
The Man Who Sold The World
from album (The Man Who Sold The World) by David Bowie
We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when, although I wasn't there, he said I was hi.. 
Far Side Of The World
from album (Far Side Of The World) by Jimmy Buffett
Ramadan is over, The new moon's shown her face, I'm halfway round the planet, In a most unli.. 
One World
from album (One World) by John Denver
This song was first released on the One World Album. It is the only album it has been released on... 
The World Is Not Enough
from album (The World Is Not Enough (soundtrack)) by Garbage
I know how to hurt I know how to heal I know what to show And what to conceal I know when to tal.. 
All The Girls In The World Beware!!!
from album (All The Girls In The World Beware!!) by Grand Funk Railroad
I got tarter on my teeth, but I don't care. I got dark brown stains, in my underwear. I'm a.. 
World Machine
from album (World Machine) by Level 42
Some folks try to multiply >From sunrise to sunset Leave behind more of their kind So no-one will.. 
Pop Goes The World
from album (Pop Goes The World) by Men Without Hats
Pop Goes The WorldMen Without HatsJohnny played guitar, Jenny played bass.Name of the band is The Hu.. 
Welcome To The Real World
from album (Welcome To The Real World) by Mr. Mister
I'm cryin' tears of joy I'm cryin' tears of pain Cryin' tears of joy They run do.. 
It's Christmas (All Over The World)
from album (Christmas All Over The World) by New Edition
All my life, I've tried to do what's right. First star I see tonight, please make my wish c.. 
A Wonderful Day In A One-Way World
from album (A Wonderful Day In A One-Way World) by Peter Gabriel
Saturday is shopping day-- I drive my car but there's no place to park it --no respect for super.. 
Secret World
from album (Secret World Live) by Peter Gabriel
I stood in this sunsheltered place 'Til I could see the face behind the face All that had gone b.. 
The Laughing World
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
Right now day one I fall hard when I fall I always fall on you Face first head down eyes cl.. 
*** The World
from album (Me Against The World) by Tupac Shakur
Who you callin' rapist ?? ain't that a bitch you devils are so two faced wanna see me locked.. 
Sittin' On Top Of The World
from album (Sittin' On Top Of The World) by LeAnn Rimes
Never seen a sky so blue I've never been happy with anyone Like I am when I'm with.. 
Scatman's World
from album (Scatman's World) by Scatman John
[CHORUS] (Scatting by Scatman John) I'm calling out from Scatland I'm calling out from Scatm.. 
Welcome To The Cruel World
from album (Welcome To The Cruel World) by Ben Harper
Welcome to the cruel world. Hope you find your way. Welcome to the cruel world. Hope you find you.. 
Me Against The World
from album (Me Against The World) by Tupac Shakur Featuring Dramacydal
It's just me against tha World ooohhhhh ooohhhhh just me against tha world baby ohhhhhh ohhhh.. 
Heart Shaped World
from album (Heart Shaped World) by Jessica Andrews
This ain't the planet I've been living on It don't circle round the sun Ever since the.. 
I Wanna Tell The World
from album (Change Your World) by Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith / Mark Heimermann / Toby McKeehan I saw you And you saw me And I didn't even k.. 



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