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Singing The Blues
from album (Singing The Blues) by The Bluenose Brothers
Blues, Blues, Blues, Blues, Blues, Blues, Blues, Blues Well I never felt more like singing for blue.. 
Name Your Poison (Singing The Booze)
from album (Name Your Poison (Singing The Booze)) by Richard O'Brien
Mai Tai say that I'm Old Fashioned, Tres Vin Ordinaire That I want a fresh Manhattan With whi.. 
Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
from album (Tonight I'm Singing Just For You) by Country Joe McDonald
My goal was fame and fortune at the start, I played and sang to make my dreams come true. But darlin.. 
Keep On Singing
from album (Aint No Way To Treat A Lady) by Helen Reddy
KEEP ON SINGING Helen Reddy (Keep on singing don't stop singing) (You're gonna be a star so.. 

from album (Album Unknown) by The Singing Nun
Dominique, nique, nique, over the land he plods And sings a little song Never asking for reward He j.. 
When Somebody Loves You Back
from album (Life Is A Song Worth Singing) by Teddy Pendergrass
It's so good lovin' somebody And that somebody loves you back To be loved and be loved in r.. 
Singing All Day
from album (Living In The Past) by Jethro Tull
Singing all day, singing 'bout nothing, Singing all day, singing 'bout nothing, Singing all.. 
Quick Joey Small
from album (Album Unknown) by Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus
Quick Joey SmallKasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral CircusQuick Joey Small went over the wallWith a bal.. 
How Can I Keep From Singing
from album (Shepherd Moon) by Enya
My life goes on in endless song above earth's lamentations, I hear the real, though far-off hy.. 
Ngiculela - Es Una Historia/I Am Singing
from album (Songs In The Key Of Life) by Stevie Wonder
Ngiculela (Zulu translation by Thoko Mdalose Hall) Ngiculela ikusasg Ngliyacula nao thando Ngicu.. 
Can't Stop Singing
from album (High And Mighty) by Uriah Heep
CAN'T STOP SINGING I can't stop singing I can't see the end Just a new beginning As lon.. 
Singing Hills
from album (Amor) by Bing Crosby
The singing hills (mmmmm) Are singing tonight (mmmmm) And echoing a song of long ago The singing hil.. 
Singing The Blues
from album (Life And Times) by Jim Croce
I was born to sing a good-time song You know that nothin' used to bring me down 'Til the da.. 
Singing Lessons
from album (Albatross) by Judy Collins
God of the rivers and the waterfalls God of thunder and lightening God of plains and the mounta.. 

Singing Lessons
from album (Albatross) by Judy Collins
Sometime down the road Maybe when we're grey and old We'll be together Just when nobody know.. 
Singing Skies And Dancing Waters
from album (Country Roads Collection) by John Denver
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the I Want To Live Album, and has also be.. 
Singing The Blues
from album (Album Unknown) by Guy Mitchell
Singing the Blues-Artist: Guy Mitchell-the # 4 song of the 1955-1959 rock era-was # 1 for 10 weeks i.. 
Singing The Dolphin Through
from album (The Roaring Silence) by Manfred Mann
Farewell Plymouth, your morning cold and grey Is painting shadows on my thoughts And we're bound.. 
Singing Merry Christmas
from album (Christmas All Over The World) by New Edition
Another time of year has come To be loved in a special way We will try to do what's right On th.. 
The Song We Were Singing
from album (Flaming Pie) by Paul McCartney
For a while, we could sit, smoke a pipe And discuss all the vast intricacies of life We could jaw th.. 
Singing The Blues
from album (You Win Again) by Van Morrison
Well, I never felt more like singin' the blues 'Cause I never thought that I'd ever lose.. 
Singing To The Song Of Life
from album (17") by Mandy Moore
There's a rhythm of this world In every nation A never ending song Of celebration A song that da.. 
Singing For The Lonely
from album (Ain't That A Kick In The Head) by Robbie Williams
Singing for the lonely You're not the only one who feels this So scared of what I'm doing Al.. 
Tired Of Singing Trouble
from album (Life's Rich Pageant (Re-release)) by R.E.M.
I'm tired of singing trouble To keep myself alone Somebody come and help me, Lord To carry a hea.. 
Singing In My Sleep
from album (Feeling Strangely Fine) by Semisonic
Got your tape and it changed my mind Heard your voice in between the lines Come around fr.. 
Singing The Blues
from album (Angels With Dirty Faces) by Tricky
i've been working so hard just came home from my job i look down in my wallet goddamit I been ro.. 
Schoolchildren Singing "Particle Man"
from album (Then-The Earlier Years) by They Might Be Giants
Particle man, particle man Doing the things a particle can What's he like? It's not importan.. 
Singing In The Sunlight
from album (Wassup) by Insane
We get it every Monday night, When the sun is big and bright, We all feel warm and uptight, Everybod.. 
Inward Singing
from album (Tenacious D) by Tenacious D
(spoken) JB: Oh my god. Oh my god, I've done it. Kage, come here, I want you! KG: What, what? Go.. 
How Can I Keep From Singing
from album (Eva By Heart) by Eva Cassidy
My life goes on in endless song Above Earth's lamentation I hear the real though far-off hymn Th.. 
Singing Softly To Me
from album (Quiet Is The New Loud) by Kings Of Convenience
Things seem so much better when they're not part of your close surroundings. Like words in a l.. 
Girls Singing
from album (Our Constant Concern) by Mates Of State
Why does the rhythm get me every time? It wouldn't if the girls all got along And maybe I imag.. 
Keep Singing
from album (Undone) by Mercy Me
Another rainy day I can't recall having sunshine on my face All I feel is pain All I wanna do is.. 
Girl Singing In The Wreckage
from album (England Made Me) by Black Box Recorder
It's my primary instinct to protect the child, Girl singing in the wreckage, My dress is torn, M.. 
The Singing Sea
from album (Call Me Call Me) by Yoko Kanno
The singing sea The talking trees Are silent in a noisy way The stars are bright But give no light.. 
Basement Ghost Singing
from album (What To Do What You Are Dead) by Armor For Sleep
now i'm in your basement laying low to keep out of your way i hear your footsteps move the fl.. 
Singing To The Birds
from album (Excerpts From A Love Circus) by Lisa Germano
So what if your heroes changed their minds And all you thought was right flew out the window And all.. 
Singing To Ease The Pain
from album (Pleasure Seeker) by Sprout
For too many years now, For too many nights, You've expected me, you cow To stop my life to h.. 
Death Singing
from album (1959) by Patti Smith
In the straw-colored light In light rapidly changing On a life rapidly fading Have you seen deat.. 

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