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Shrinking Violet
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
We pick the ultra-violets We get to wear the made up fantasy We like to spin the bottle Hogs on t.. 
In Their Darkened Shrines 1
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
[ Part I - Hall Of Saurian Entombment ] Through Subterranean Labyrinths of Catacombs We Hath Crawle.. 
In Their Darkened Shrines 2
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
[ Part II - Invocation To Seditious Heresy ] And Here I Stand I who would be master of the Black Ea.. 
In Their Darkened Shrines 3
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
[ Part III - Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra ] Foul Enemies of Ra who have Rebelled.. 

In Their Darkened Shrines 4
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
I knew they were Accursed so remote were these nameless desert ruins Crumbling and inarticulate the.. 
30 Hari Mencari Cinta
from album (30 Hari Mencari Cinta) by Sheila On 7
Kita berlari dan teruskan bernyanyi Kita buka lebar pelukan mentari Bila ku terjatuh nanti Kau siap.. 
Tiga Hari Untuk Selamanya
from album (Tiga Hari Untuk Selamanya OST) by Float
lewat sudah tiga hari tuk selamanya dan kekallah detik detik di dalamnya tunggu sejuta rasa di hati.. 
Shrine Of Saint Cecilia
from album (Album Unknown) by The Andrews Sisters
Our home is a shambles, all I treasured has gone The town seems deserted, everyone's so forlorn.. 
Shrimp Boats
from album (Jo's Greatest Hits) by Jo Stafford
Oh... (CHORUS): Shrimp boats is a-comin' Their sails are in sight Shrimp boats is a-comin'.. 
Shriner's Convention
from album (Ahab The Arab) by Ray Stevens
Here they come down main street, drums a flailin' and the sirens a wailin', what a roar Band.. 
Put It In Your Ear
from album (Shriner's Convention) by Ray Stevens
Tell me baby what you need to know. Do you wonder if i love you so? Tell me honey what you want to h.. 
The Dooright Family
from album (Shriner's Convention) by Ray Stevens
I wanta tell you a story 'bout the Dooright Family. That soul singing gospel group from the hill.. 
The Watch Song
from album (Shriner's Convention) by Ray Stevens
I was sittin' in a bar room just drinking my beer when a cowboy came over and he said loud and c.. 
Shriner's Park
from album (Your Little Secret) by Melissa Etheridge
I wonder what you're doing In the night out there Is a sad summer breath tangled in your hair Ca.. 

from album (Bedtime For Democracy) by Dead Kennedys
If only people could shrink Our world wouldn't be so overcrowded Bring ourselves down to size Th.. 
from album (February Son) by Oleander
(lyrics: Thomas Flowers) the deeper you get the more you sink into it faster you fall the more you.. 
Steaks And Shrimp
from album (Double Wide) by Uncle Kracker
Clap your hands to the beat, just clap your hands to the beat C'mon clap your hands to the beat.. 
Shrinking Universe
from album (B-Side) by Muse
Cast your eye tears on to me And i'll show you what you really need Give too much attention A.. 
from album (Encendedor) by Dambuilders
she doesn't speak much english but she tells me all her favorite bands there's not too much.. 
This Shrieking Love
from album (Silver) by Moist
i came screaming down the highway looking for a place to fly stopped outside the window it's onl.. 
Spirit Shrine
from album (The Gray Race) by Bad Religion
shed a tear for the criminal, give him something to believe light a fire for the miserable, give the.. 
Bad Whiskey
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
When I woke up this mornin' I promised it would end To walk the straight and narrow Now it.. 
Barbed Wire
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Standin' by the window Watchin' all the rain Wonderin' where the wind blows It's.. 
Big Little Thing
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Dig it, it's not real Someone's got your spinnin' your wheels Cryin' songs to hell.. 
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Come on Too much time spent in stormy weather I didn't think it would be so cold Our fire'.. 
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Sittin' here thinking 'bout The soul that they call the one love I just wanna stop the wor.. 
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Someday, somewhere This life's neverending Never thought you were pretending Your dreams have.. 
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
If I ever thought my whole world be torn apart If I ever dreamed I was the lucky one I wanna touch.. 
Girl You Turn Me On
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Two, three, four Call of the wild, lightning to thunder Who woulda thought it would pull you under.. 
How Many More Times
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
How Many More Times, treat me the way you wanna do? How Many More Times, treat me the way you wanna.. 
I'll Be There
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Lonely child Brush the soul to sleep Lonely child Come on, come on to the real thing, honey Touc.. 
It's Hard
from album (Shrinking Violet) by L.A. Guns
Stoned in love is what you came for Spinnin' wheels and burnin' lights from your candle I&.. 
from album (Atomic) by Sleeper
You closed your eyes and left me here And now I’m jealous of your sleep I made some noise to wake y.. 
Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (*** Led Zeppelin)
from album (Telepathic Surgery) by The Flaming Lips
I got this can of gasoline, you know what I mean I got it just for burnin' and it keeps the sire.. 
Eve Of Destruction
from album (Incredible Shrinking Dickies) by The Dickies
The eastern world it is exploding Violence flaring and bullets loading You're old enough to kill.. 
from album (Oil & Gold) by Shriekback
In a jungle of the senses Tinkerbell and Jack the ripper Love has no meaning, not where they come fr.. 
In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
from album (25th Floor) by Tiamat
Deep down in the tombs Dried out and embalmed Royalties embedded Locked under a curse Powers of mort.. 
from album (Nighttime Birds) by The Gathering
To feel this great urge To hold and embrace you I slowly dry out I shrink and shrink Until I'm.. 
Churning The Maelstrom
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
Am the Uncreated God Before Me The Dwellers in Chaos are Dogs Their Masters Merely Wolves I Gather T.. 
Execreation Test
from album (In Their Darkened Shrines) by Nile
Mut The Dangerous Dead Trouble me No Longer I Inscribe Thy Name I Threaten Thee With The Second Deat.. 

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