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Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
from album (Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic) by Prince
Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave World full of lovers, city full.. 
Joy To The World
from album (Joy-Holiday Collection) by Jewel
joy to the world! the lord is come let earth receive her king joy to the world! the lord is come.. 
Shout At The Devil
from album (Shout At The Devil) by Motley Crue
He's the wolf screaming lonely in the night He's the blood stain the stage He's.. 
How Did You Know
from album (Gary Valenciano: How Did You Know) by Gary Valenciano
I remember so well The day that you came Into my life You asked for my name You have the most beauti.. 

Count Me In
from album (A Session With Gary Lewis And The Playboys) by Gary Lewis And The Playboys
Count Me In Gary Lewis and the Playboys Written by Glen D. Hardin Peak chart position # 2 in 1965.. 
from album (Joy Williams) by Joy Williams
Do you ever get the feeling people think you're crazy 'Cause you trust what they can't s.. 
Come And Sing (Ode To Joy)
from album (Ode To Joy) by Nana Mouskouri
Come and sing a song of joy For peace a glory gloria Sing this song of hope rejoice For freedom hall.. 
Shout It Out
from album (Shout It Out) by Shotgun Messiah
when your beds too sweaty and your head feels funny you're tossin and turning cause your rooms t.. 
from album (Shout) by Lilian Garcia
its two am ure stuck inside ure head again ure replayin all of ure mistakes to think u got nothing.. 
Let's Dance To Joy Division
from album (Let's Dance To Joy Division) by Wombats
I'm back in Liverpool, And everything seems the same, But I worked something out last night,.. 
With Strangers
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
I bet you're wondering how I knew that this would come to an end he stole your heart from you so.. 
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Only when the goal Is unattainable Do I start to feel Like I'm losing myself And this deep secre.. 
The Next Time Around
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
One too many goals That measure out your worth To seek your weight in gold Sat by the ivory sill Th.. 
Shoulder To Shoulder
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Shoulder to shoulder Amused, but not advanced He, she You, me It's all just circumstance Eager,.. 

Play The Part
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Spending time Convinced that it's mine with her Just to keep her out of mind Still I'll tak.. 
No One's Better Sake
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
One thought has me turning back a dozen point the other way We act upon desire to each a hand for hi.. 
Keep Me In Mind
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Read from start to end And again hold the feelings which are crossing the brain Strips the chord of.. 
How To Hang A Warhol
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Momma, someday you'll be so proud of me You'll see me hanging in the New York gallery Someda.. 
Don't Watch Me Dancing
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Margarida has a strange appeal Sways between suitors on a broken heel Of course her desires they alw.. 
Brand New Start
from album (Little Joy) by Little Joy
Take advantage of the season to take off your overcoat the spirits will lift of those young men you.. 
When You Were Shouting At The Devil... We Were In League With Satan
from album (When You Were Shouting At The Devil... We Were In League With Satan) by Zimmer's Hole
In my youth, I learned the Truth, PURE METAL was the only way Glam rock can suck a cock, it's st.. 
Floy Joy
from album (Album Unknown) by Diana Ross & The Supremes
FLOY JOY The Supremes - #16 in 1972 Floy, Floy, Floy Floy Joy! Floy, Floy, Floy Floy Joy! Floy,.. 
Joys Of Christmas
from album (Dancing With Strangers) by Chris Rea
I see all the tough guys still not 25 Dying on their feet Coughing, honking, cadging cigarettes And.. 
Ton Of Joy
from album (The Otis Redding Story) by Otis Redding
My baby nothing but a ton of joy Children, yes she is one ton of joy My baby nothing but a ton of jo.. 
Song Of Joy
from album (Album Unknown) by Miguel Rios
A Song Of Joy (Himno A La Alegria) Waldo De Los Rios Performed and written by Waldo De Los Rios Com.. 
from album (Almost Unreal) by Roxette
Joyride Roxette Words & Music: Per Gessle I hit the road out of nowhere, I had to jump my car.. 
Joy Of A Toy
from album (Dance Passion) by Roxette
You wake me up In the middle of the night And burn the cover down. You're on the phone in the ai.. 
(Do You Get) Excited?
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
When the day gets dark Over a thousand streets And you feel your heart is a living beat. When you.. 
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
You know I'm hotblooded, baby... Get on up and kick it all the systems are ready to go. Well, ar.. 
Knockin' On Every Door
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Hey now honey, You got to face the floor, You headed for the heart But you couldn't find the doo.. 
Perfect Day
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Breathe some faith into my chest. Lay me down, I need the rest. Ever since the sky turned grey I'.. 
Physical Fascination
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Hey, I got to go, Get aboard attack a love jet Heaven and back. My- my-my-my-my-my-my. And I got to.. 
Small Talk
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
It's not the chapters he reads When you're feeling low down. It's not the touch of his s.. 
Things Will Never Be The Same
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Lay it down, Pull my heart to the ground. Time's getting cold, Now the leaves all turn hard and.. 
Watercolours In The Rain
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Going through the motions. Ending up nowhere at all. Can't see the sun on my wall. Going through.. 
I Remember You
from album (Joyride) by Roxette
Are you ready? Go! I hear your footsteps Like you're walking. I hear your voice Like you're.. 
Pepsi - The Joy Of Cola
from album (Chaotic) by Britney Spears
My heart wont skip a beat I never look before I leap ride just enjoy the ride there'll be no rea.. 
Twist And Shout
from album (A Salt With A Deadly Pepa) by Salt-N-Pepa
Yo Salt your mic Yo Pepa your mic Yo Spin you hype We're def you.. 
Dance & Shout
from album (Boombastic) by Shaggy
Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover Uh, uh, well Sugar Here's another one And another day Move to.. 



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