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Ill Be Your Everything
from album (Ill Be Your Everything) by Tommy Page
So long that I've waited for a girl To come into my life And in my world I can't explain my.. 
She's Everything
from album (Into Your Head) by BBMak
If you let me be a part of you If you tell me what I've gotta do Maybe I could change I don.. 
She's Everything
from album (Time Well Wasted) by Brad Paisley
She's a yellow pair of running shoes A holey pair of jeans She looks great in cheap sunglasses S.. 
(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future
from album (Cast Your Pod To The Wind) by They Might Be Giants
She was a hotel detective in the future (future, future, future) She had a hundred mechanical finger.. 

She Was Only Seventeen
from album (Big Iron) by Marty Robbins
She Was Only Seventeen Marty Robbins She was only seventeen and he was one year more She loved him.. 
from album (Undercover) by The Rolling Stones
(M. Jagger/K. Richards) New York was cold and damp TV is just a blank Looks like another dead en.. 
That Was Your Mother
from album (Graceland) by Paul Simon
A long time ago, yeah Before you was born dude When I was still single And life was great I held.. 
from album (Out Of Order) by Rod Stewart
(R.Stewart/K. Savigar) I remember just like it was yesterday A summer's night, a small cafe We.. 
And She Was
from album (Little Creatures) by Talking Heads
And she was lying in the grass And she could hear the highway breathing And she could see a nearby f.. 
She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
from album (Alapalooza) by Weird Al Yankovic
When we first met she seemed perfectly normal I never dreamed she'd make my life so hard You see.. 
When I Was Your Age
from album (Off The Deep End) by Weird Al Yankovic
Let me tell you sonny... let me tell you straight You kids today ain't never had it tough Always.. 
Where Was Your***At
from album (Mad At The World) by Point Blank
When I dropped my first album niggas was jocking me tough And hoes was scared of me because m.. 
If I Was Your Girlfriend
from album (Sign 'O' Times) by Prince
Look at the bargains over here, ladies If I was your girlfriend, would U remember 2 tell me all th.. 
Shoulder To Cry On
from album (Ill Be Your Everything) by Tommy Page
Life is full of lots of up and downs, And the distance feels further When you're headed for the.. 

Waste Your Time
from album (Right Between The Promises) by Freedy Johnston
If you ever get downtown Why don't you see if I'm around Maybe I'll waste your time Like.. 
Said She Was A Dancer
from album (Crest Of A Knave) by Jethro Tull
She said she was a dancer. If I believed it, it was my busines. She surely knew a thing or two abou.. 
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
from album (As I Lay Me Down) by Sophie B. Hawkins
Damn I Wish I Was Your LoverSophie B. Hawkins That old dog has chained you up alrightGive you everyt.. 
If She Breaks Your Heart
from album (Jungle Fever) by Stevie Wonder
My love is gone with yesterday, my love is gone with yesterday We had a love for all seasons At lea.. 
When She Was My Girl
from album (Tonight!) by The Four Tops
She used to be Everything to me When she was my girl when she was my girl I held her near Told her.. 
She Was
from album (Mark Chesnutt) by Mark Chesnutt
She started her new life ten dollars in debt, That's all it took to get started back then. A tri.. 
If I Was Your Mother
from album (Keep The Faith) by Bon Jovi
She Was My Lady
from album (Anyway You Want Me) by Bread
She Was My Lady(David Gates)No one has heardNo one has seem herNobody elseCarin' but meShe was a.. 
She Was
from album (Abandon) by Deep Purple
She was she was She was all that she said she was She was all that she said she was I couldn't w.. 
Don't Waste Your Time
from album (Mary) by Mary J Blige
featuring Aretha Franklin [Mary] Lately I've got this funny feeling Something don&#.. 
The Shelter Of Your Arms
from album (September Morn') by Neil Diamond
In this cold world No matter where I go The crowds are all the same And they among just evil in the.. 
Shelter Of Your Arms
from album (Candy Man) by Sammy Davis Jr.
The Shelter Of Your ArmsSammy Davis Jr. In this cold world no matter where I go the clouds are all.. 
It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
from album (She Was Only A Grocer's Doughter) by The Blow Monkeys
it doesn't have to be this way just counting the hours 'cos when your bed it's made the.. 
Out With Her
from album (She Was Only A Grocer's Doughter) by The Blow Monkeys
They say it's meant to change your life When you fall in love And if this is what it's like.. 
I Just Want To Be Your Everything
from album (An Everlasting Love) by Andy Gibb
I Just Want to Be Your EverythingAndy Gibb- written by Barry GibbFor so long You and me been finding.. 
If I Was Your Man
from album (Righteous Love) by Joan Osborne
Floating above you beyound the *** eye blue dreams about you keep playing in my mind Oh if I was.. 
If I Was Your Lover
from album (Kylie Minogue) by Kylie Minogue
You take a piece of me every time you leave I never realised the way I feel about you My tongue get.. 
She Wasn't Good Enough For Him
from album (So Good Together) by Reba McEntire
(Dean Dillon, Leslie Satcher) She was good at late night listening When he'd call her on the ph.. 
She Was Dead
from album (Tomorrow) by SR-71
From the minute that i met here she was diffrent than the rest But i didn't hear her talking I w.. 
Don't Waste Your Heart
from album (Fly) by Dixie Chicks
For the life of me I can't believe That you're on you knees beggin' please All.. 
I Always Was Your Girl
from album (Jennifer Love Hewitt) by Jennifer Love Hewitt
I know your down agian You seen a thing but rain You put your friend to help Thats how we.. 
I Wanna Be Your Everything
from album (The Power) by Vanessa Amorosi
Oh yea Oh yeah I don't know you, not at all I took one look at you, and I want to know it all Wh.. 
If I Was Your Girlfriend
from album (Crazy ***y Cool) by TLC
Shoo doop doo If I was your girlfriend Would you remember to tell me All the things you.. 
She´s Your Cocaine
from album (From The Choirgirl Hotel) by Tori Amos
She's Your Cocaine She's got you shaving your legs you can suck anything but you know you wa.. 
Wash Your Face In My Sink
from album (And Now The Legacy Begins) by Dream Warriors
You wash your face in my sink In my sink You wash your face in my sink In my sink (sink).. 
I Want To Be Your Everything
from album (Chasing A Dream Called Love) by Kevin Ray
The first time I looked into your eyes I knew That I would do anything for you The first time you to.. 



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