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Bi.ndiyaa Chamakegii, Chuu.dii Khanakegii ( Do Raaste - 1969)
from album (Super Star Rajesh Khanna - Lyrics) by Rajesh Khanna
Song Title : Bi.ndiyaa Chamakegii, Chuu.dii Khanakegii Movie : Do Raaste - 1969 Singer : Lata.. 
The First Cut Is The Deepest
from album (The First Cut Is The Deepest) by Cat Stevens
I would have given you all of my heart but there's someone who's torn it apart and she'.. 
Love Me Still
from album (Epiphany: The Best Of Chaka Khan Volume One) by Chaka Khan
Here is my hand for you to hold. Here's a part of me they have not sold. I've wandered far,.. 
Love In The First Degree
from album (Love In The First Degree) by Bananarama
Last night I was dreaming I was locked in a prison cell When I woke up I was screaming Calling out y.. 

Head First
from album (Head First) by The Babys
Well the first time that I saw ya You looked down and out And I had my doubts About you But baby sin.. 
The First Night (So So Def Remix)
from album (The First Night 12") by Monica
featuring J.D. R.O.C. [JD] Baby baby tell me what's up Can you hear me hear me.. 
*** On The First Date
from album (*** On The First Date) by Twiztid
[Monoxide Child] Now let me introduce myself as the man *** every bitch in the world, just cuz I.. 
First Time
from album (First Time) by IMx
La da da da da da da (Mmm, mmm) La da da da da da da La da da da da da da La da da da La da da da da.. 
In The First Place
from album (In The First Place) by Hoku
I don't know why You came back in my life or why we said goodbye in the first place In your eye.. 
First Lady
from album (First Lady Of Ruff Ryders) by Eve
[Swizz Beats] Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo When I say Eve y'all say eve Eve (E.. 
First Time For Everything
from album (First Time For Everything) by Little Texas
(Porter Howell/Dwayne O'Brien) (Track 2 - Time 4:01) I don't stay out all night I don't.. 
Alone With 20 Bucks
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Living, barely surviving Freebasing life till its end Divided soulless vices Death before life co.. 
Ant In The Dope
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I would fast for days And call you a god I would do anything even say I'm in love Just to pene.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Public Domain) Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright 'Round yon vir.. 

Closer To Coma
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like som.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Like ecstasy to the spine A moment of lost words no memory of time A twist from within Like the ca.. 
Human Pinata
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Directions say assembly required Nothing's admired the majority's been Hired, wired, the tr.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong Jesus forgive for I have sinned Jesus I belief bo.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Shaffer/Arvizu/Morrill/Silveria) Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong? Jesus forgi.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone) I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst car.. 
L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care I'm not.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/J. Gonzalez/G. Gonzalez) Translated by Reptilian You roll with the sick dog We come.. 
Powertools For Girls
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Dirt and grease The seductive sin Green tattoos, hands all over Life starts over again The cemen.. 
The Devil's Sweepstakes
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Up the stakes, up the stakes, up the stakes In the devil's sweepstakes This road is paved with.. 
Ty Johnathan Down
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Jonathan Davis) Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock.. 
Whatever Comes First
from album (Whatever Comes First) by Sons Of The Desert
(Walt Aldridge/Brad Crisler/Drew Womack) Everyone says it's no big deal Nothin' a little mo.. 
The Empire Strikes First
from album (The Empire Strikes First) by Bad Religion
We strike first and we're unrehearsed here we go again to stage the greatest show on heaven a.. 
Angels Fall First
from album (Angels Fall First) by Nightwish
An angelface smiles to me Under a headline of tragedy That smile used to give me warmth Farewell - n.. 
First Love
from album (First Love) by Nikka Costa
First Love Everyone can see There's a change in me The all say I'm not the same Kid I used.. 
First And Last And Always
from album (First And Last And Always) by Sisters Of Mercy
See a body and a dream of the dead days A following lost and blind Living far from here Tomorrow.. 
There's Always A First Time
from album (At First Light) by Silje Nergaard
Never been much for devil-may-care Painting the town or letting down hair Oh so wary of building o.. 
First Strike Still Deadly
from album (First Strike Still Deadly) by Testament
Prisoners of the venom master Guilty for what you've been charged Sit in cells condemned to face.. 
Video Game
from album (Video Game) by Stiliti
Anche se tu mi chiamerai Ora sarò solo come non mai Ricorderò cose che tu Non cercherai quando mi.. 
Dschinghis Khan
from album (Album Unknown) by Dschinghis Khan
Hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha Hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha Hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha, hu, ha Sie ri.. 
First Class
from album (First Class) by Gold City Quartet
Verse I've got a first class ticket To that jubilee It's been bought and paid for I'll b.. 
First Aid Kit
from album (First Aid Kit) by Disco Ensemble
Here I lay in a crashed car No-one knows when I’ve left Here I lay, staring at stars But I know the.. 
from album (First Aid Kit) by Disco Ensemble
The vampires *** dry the innocent Jackknives they stabbed the good samaritan These fingertips sp.. 
Video Demons
from album (Video Demons) by Dead Inside The Chrysalis
First Time
from album (First Time) by Offer Nissim Featuring Maya
up up up every every every every every everytime i'm with you and everytime we meet i just s.. 



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