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Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me
from album (Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me) by Faith Hill Featuring Tim McGraw
If I could win your heart If you'd let me in your heart I'd be so happy, baby Just for these.. 
All That You Are
from album (All That You Are) by Econoline Crush
If I said it, I meant it I'm not really demented I'm just saying it's been said again.. 
All That You Fear
from album (All That You Fear) by Impaled Nazarene
I am the fly on the wall I know about you Your secrets are mine I am the thorn in your side Hurting.. 
Music That You Can Dance To
from album (Music That You Can Dance To) by Sparks
Music that you can dance to That and that alone is enough for me Stark *** modern music Hotter tha.. 

To Know That You're Alive
from album (To Know That You're Alive) by Kutless
The black of night is closing in around you The crippling fear moves in as they strap you down Will.. 
Secrets That She Keeps
from album (Dance Passion) by Roxette
I move all right, I got the wheels going round, Making ways in the night. Yea we're movin' a.. 
Hours That You Keep
from album (Heresy & The Hotel Choir) by Maritime
First the streetlight says you should eat something soon, We always flood the hallways with our arbi.. 
(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me
from album (Forever Your Girl) by Paula Abdul
It ain't the clothes that you wear It ain't the things that you buy It ain't your house.. 
The Way That You Love Me
from album (Forever Your Girl) by Paula Abdul
It ain't the clothes that you wear It ain't the things that you buy It ain't your hous.. 
Something That You Said
from album (Be With You) by The Bangles
Everything in a moment starting where Something you said is hanging in the air Now I know my life is.. 
Mourn You Til I Join You
from album (Mourn You Til I Join You/Keep In Touch Single) by Naughty By Nature
Voice 2Pac: It's gonna be alright You gotta believe dat [Treach] dear god times.. 
In The Suit That You Wear
from album (Thank You) by Stone Temple Pilots
Hey you someone said you were lost out there in the grip trying to strangle us all down here in.. 
All That You Have
from album (Act Your Age) by Home Grown
What if everything you had, You had to give back? Would you be the same? I don't think you wo.. 
You Keep Me From Breaking Apart
from album (You And Me Against The World) by Apoptygma Berzerk
I am only here because of you because you never left me behind saying thanks in my own way I say it.. 

You Keep A Diary
from album (I Like It When You Die) by Anal Cunt
What Was That
from album (The Company You Keep) by John Gorka
Guess I'd better get back up Get up off the ground again Guess I'm really not so tough Up is.. 
When You Walk In
from album (The Company You Keep) by John Gorka
Your heart is broken Your world is a bitter place Your confidence shaken Your faith erased What you.. 
All That You Say
from album (You Don't Know It's You) by Harcsa Veronika Quartet
I'm trying to find words that rhyme with your name An easy game - my baby forgive me I'm tr.. 
from album (To Know That You're Alive) by Kutless
Clouds rolling on moving shadows Over the countryside A ray of light descends from the heavens You&#.. 
Promise You
from album (To Know That You're Alive) by Kutless
Tears wash the blood off of my face Why did it have to be this way I've taken the last beating f.. 
I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
from album (From Me To You) by Juelz Santana
Tomorrow, I'll say happy birthday, darling And surprise you with a gift when I come home Then mi.. 
The One That You Love
from album (A Place Where We Belong) by Air Supply
Now the night has gone Now the night has gone away Doesn't seem that long We hardly had two word.. 
In Your Keeping
from album (Blood Red Cherry) by Jann Arden
tell me i will never die take away my pain rock me gently in your arms say that i’ll remain in y.. 
You Keep Me Hangin On
from album (Album Unknown) by Diana Ross & The Supremes
You Keep Me Hangin' On Artists: The Supremes (peak Billboard position #1 in 1966) Words and Mus.. 
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
from album (Album Unknown) by Dinah Shore
You keep coming back like a song, A song that keeps saying "Remember". The sweet used-to-b.. 
from album (Foot Loose & Fancy Free) by Rod Stewart
(Holland / Dozier / Holland) Set me free why don't you baby Get out of my life why don't yo.. 
This Earth That You Walk Upon
from album (Sons And Fascination) by Simple Minds
What's your name What's your nation Sense of order Sense of speed Earth that you walk upon S.. 
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
from album ((I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance) by Billie Holiday
Your eyes so blue Your kisses too I never knew what they could do I can't believe you're in.. 
It's Me That You Need
from album ((Ho! Ho! Ho!) Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas) by Elton John
Hey there Look in the mirror Are you afraid you might see me looking at you Waiting, waiting at wind.. 
Make Me The Woman That You Go Home To
from album (Album Unknown) by Gladys Knight & The Pips
You promised me Things that meant a lot Said so much you Just up and forgot What you said To me, abo.. 
Knowing That You Love Me
from album (Generations) by Journey
I still see the look in your eyes The night you walked into my life How we danced, the way that we t.. 
You Keep Coming Round
from album (Harmony) by Don Williams
You sure know how to get to me somehow You just won't let it be We both know it's all in va.. 
You Keep Me Hangin On
from album (Bladerunner) by Kim Wilde
Set me free why doncha babe Get out of my life why doncha babe Cuz you don't really love me, you.. 
You Keep Me Hangin'on
from album (Singles Collection 1981-93) by Kim Wilde
Written by Holland, Dozier & Holland Set me free why don't cha babe Get out of my life why.. 
Any Way That You Want Me
from album (Out For Blood) by Lita Ford
If it's love that you want, then, baby, you've got it From the depths of my soul, yeah, uw b.. 
You Keep Running Away
from album (7 Rooms Of Gloom) by The Four Tops
You keep running away You come back to me But still you won't stay Darlin you keep running away.. 
Beautiful Day
from album (All That You Can't Leave Behind) by U2
The heart is a bloom, shoots up through the stony ground but there's no room, no space to rent i.. 
Electrical Storm
from album (All That You Can't Leave Behind) by U2
The sea, it swells like a sore head And the night, it is aching Two lovers lie with no sheets on the.. 
from album (All That You Can't Leave Behind) by U2
Grace She takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace It'.. 
In A Little While
from album (All That You Can't Leave Behind) by U2
In a little while Surely you'll be mine In a little while I'll be there In a little while.. 



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