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from album (Secrecy) by Secrecy
Hey you look me in the eyes And tell me what you see Another shining silhouette Crawls inside of me.. 
Otro Día Más Sin Verte
from album (Jon Secada) by Jon Secada
Sólo al pensar Que cuando no estás me siento diferente Cuando estás en mis brazos Quiero amarrar.. 
A Saucerful Of Secrets
from album (Saucerful Of Secrets) by Pink Floyd
(Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour)......(Instrumental).. 
Secret Messages
from album (Secret Messages) by Electric Light Orchestra
A moving stream of information That is floating on the wind The secrets never end And now they call,.. 

Your Secret Love
from album (Your Secret Love) by Luther Vandross
A kiss in the dark A certain time I can call you A letter of love But no name did you sign Pretendin.. 
Your Little Secret
from album (Your Little Secret) by Melissa Etheridge
I know what you're thinking baby I used to be just like you You move when she's not looking.. 
from album (Seventeen Seconds) by The Cure
Secrets Share with another girl Talking all night in a room All night Everything slowing down I wish.. 
Seventeen Seconds
from album (Seventeen Seconds) by The Cure
Time slips away And the light begins to fade And everything is quiet now Feeling is gone And the.. 
The Secret Life Of Plants
from album (Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants) by Stevie Wonder
I can't conceive the nucleus of all Begins inside a tiny seed And what we think as insignificant.. 
The Secret Of My Succe$s
from album (The Secret Of My Succe$s) by Night Ranger
(#64 in 1987.) Think if it, I hold the world in the palm of my hand Run a comb through my hair, he.. 
Secret World
from album (Secret World Live) by Peter Gabriel
I stood in this sunsheltered place 'Til I could see the face behind the face All that had gone b.. 
Secret Love (SoSoDef Remix)
from album (Secret Love Remix 12") by Kelly Price
featuring JD Da Brat [JD] Uh uh uh So So Def Crossed us you know not So So Def.. 
The Secret Of Giving
from album (Secret Of Giving) by Reba McEntire
(Rick Bowles, Sunny Russ) In this life we all go through hard times When we struggle and pray for a.. 
The Second Coming
from album (The Second Coming B/w We Live This 12") by Nas
[Nas] Third grade, singin Star Spandled Banner Using proper manners, learned to handle anger Anima.. 

Secret Wars Part One
from album (Secret Wars Part One 12") by Last Emperor
Dig this and dig it deep What if I had the power to gather all of my favorite emcees.. 
Secret Land
from album (Into A Secret Land) by Sandra
i remember leaves were falling down in St.Germain it was a cold november you went away an' i got.. 
from album (88 SECONDS IN GREENSBORO) by OMD
88 seconds Is all it takes 88 seconds Don¡¯t make m.. 
from album (88 SECONDS IN GREENSBORO) by OMD
I got a secret and I can¡¯t explain All the time, I¡¯ve waited for this day.. 
Amor Secreto
from album (Amor Secreto) by Luis Fonsi
Yo quiero ser aquel que a tu lado está alumbrándote en la oscuridad. Quiero elegirte entre las dem.. 
Secreto De Amor
from album (Secreto De Amor) by Joan Sebastian
Te voy a cambiar el nombre para guardar el secreto porque te amo y me amas y a alguien debemos respe.. 
Aquel Lugar Secreto
from album (Aquel Lugar Secreto) by Yordano
De alla donde nace el viento y cobran vida los sueños llegaste sin avisar abriendo de par en par l.. 
The Dark Secret - Ira Divina
from album (The Dark Secret (Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Ii)) by Rhapsody
I. THE ANCIENT PROPHECY (spoken) "It was a good time for all creatures of the earth, but fate.. 
93 Million Miles
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Where does your garden grow? Tell me the secrets that you know Another time, another place (place) W.. 
Buddha For Mary
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
A simple fear to wash you away An open mind cancelled it today A silent song that's in your wor.. 
Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
So I run, hide and tear myself up Start again with a brand new name And eyes that see into infinity.. 
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Look at the red, red changes in the sky Look at the separation in the borderline But don't look.. 
Edge Of The Earth
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
You know enough to know the way Six billion people, just one name I found tomorrow in today Apocalyp.. 
End Of The Beginning
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Here we are searching for a sign (sign) Here we are searching for a sign (sign) It's the end,.. 
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Yeah, I've been to Jupiter And I've fallen through the air I used to live out on the moon Bu.. 
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
The enemy arrives Escape into the night Everybody run now, everybody run now Break into another time.. 
The Mission
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Open up my head inside and find another person's mind I'm gonna take this chance I've go.. 
Welcome To The Universe
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
And so the time has come, it's here The silence ends, change is near You wait in the palid slive.. 
Year Zero
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
Be your hero, kill your ego But it doesn't matter, it's all just a pack of lies Build a new.. 
The Secret Inside
from album (The Secret Inside) by Century
far away from my last life the sinner?s gone, i pray for you now like a final breath, your are my fo.. 
Seconds To Fall
from album (Seconds To Fall) by Fury In The Slaughterhouse
well it took years to climb that hill and now we look up to the mountains as high as you might cli.. 
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
from album (In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3) by Coheed And Cambria
Broad incision sits across the evening A victim to our fathers lost war The restless children sit.. 
It's No Secret Anymore
from album (It's No Secret Anymore) by Linda Eder
I've been a little reluctant to share my feelings out loud I've never done well addressing a.. 
House Of Secrets
from album (House Of Secrets) by Otep
[intro] oh no. NO. LET ME GO. [hah hehe] NO. GOD NO! SHUT UP! [song] shhhhhh. it's okay, it.. 
La Llave De La Puerta Secreta
from album (La Llave De La Puerta Secreta) by Rata Blanca
Escondida en algún bosque, una puerta encontrarás Su poder es el camino que nos puede transformar... 
Secret Of My Heart
from album (Secret Of My Heart) by Kuraki Mai
Donna kotoba ni kaete kimi ni tsutaerareru darou Arekara ikutsumo no kisetsu ga Toorisugita keredo i.. 



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