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The Dark Moor
from album (Dark Moor) by Dark Moor
Tells the legend, there's a magic place That could nobody find its trace Land of darkness, land.. 
Darkness Descends
from album (Darkness Descends) by Dark Angel
FEAR The world now stands ancient, showing her age Antique, senile, archaic Peroration impending, no.. 
My Dark Desires
from album (Dark Funeral) by Dark Funeral
Father I call your name upon the furious winds I‘m possessed by the spiritual strenght of.. 
Forever Darkness
from album (Diving Into Darkness) by Darkseed
In the fire of the sunken sun fast as ravens, bullets, thoughts I run I inhale the golden oil and I.. 

The Dark One
from album (Ultimate Darkness) by Darkseed
Darkness - In every line and word i'm singing Demons - Haunting me whenever I think Nightfall -.. 
Ultimate Darkness
from album (Ultimate Darkness) by Darkseed
Pride and credit In a meaningless world Don't be greedy For the wishes of the mob Spinning round.. 
Dare To Collapse
from album (Dark Age) by Dark Age
Can everyone please go for a while I need to breath I have to face my darkest trial Killing me from.. 
My Own Darkness
from album (Dark Age) by Dark Age
Turn the lights down Cause there is nothing more to see Watching the days drown Inside a world that.. 
A Darkness To Drown In
from album (In Darkness Comes Beauty) by Dark The Suns
Into the night we drown with Sun The blaze of light is dying down There are no birds to sing our s.. 
Darkness Of The Edge Of Town
from album (Darkness Of The Edge Of Town) by Bruce Springsteen
They're still racing out at the Trestles But that blood it never burned in her veins Now I hear.. 
Fly Me To The Moon
from album (Bobby Darin: The Capitol Years) by Bobby Darin
Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On a-Jupiter and Mars.. 
from album (The Legendary Bobby Darin) by Bobby Darin
More than the greatest love The world has known, This is the love That I give to you, Alone. More.. 
Dare To Be Stupid
from album (Dare To Be Stupid) by Weird Al Yankovic
Put down your chainsaw and listen to me It's time for us to join in the fight It's time to l.. 
A Saucerful Of Secrets
from album (Saucerful Of Secrets) by Pink Floyd
(Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour)......(Instrumental).. 

Cold Dark & Yesterday
from album (Big Bam Boom) by Daryl Hall & John Oates
The sun beats down so slow I feel my body heating up inside I watch the danger zone For signs of lif.. 
Start From The Dark
from album (Start From The Dark) by Europe
Thought you were ordinary Would not amount too much I guess they never knew you You found the place.. 
On The Dark Side
from album (On The Dark Side) by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
The dark side's callin' now, nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From.. 
Sausalito Summer Night
from album (Sausalito Summer Night) by Diesel
We left for Frisco in your Rambler The radiator running dry I've never been much of a gambler.. 
Road To Glory
from album (The Ozark Mountain Daredevils The Best) by Ozark Mountain Daredevils
There's a card game in the courtyard, and the winner loses all. When the judge checks his supp.. 
Kill Your Darlings
from album (Kill Your Darlings) by Soulwax
There's a script - but I ain't writin' Left that stage all in my mind Cause I'm not.. 
I Love Her, She Hates Me
from album (Darryl Worley) by Darryl Worley
I was sittin at the bar with my buddies Discussin the state of the world Everyone had an opinion The.. 
If It Hadn't Been For Love
from album (Darryl Worley) by Darryl Worley
I never would have hitchhiked to Birmingham if it hadn¬ít been for love I never would have caught t.. 
If Something Should Happen
from album (Darryl Worley) by Darryl Worley
Buddy you and me go way back Camp Lejeune, all through high school and before that. So I don't m.. 
Work And Worry
from album (Darryl Worley) by Darryl Worley
An old mans name is Johnson He had a mansion on a hill A brand new car, a lumberyard And a big ol.. 
Darkest Days
from album (Darkest Days) by Stabbing Westward
There are times when I'm just a shell When I do not feel anything for anyone All I feel is hol.. 
Soldiers Of Darkness
from album (Soldiers Of Darkness/5 Arch Angels 12") by Sunz Of Man
featuring 9th Prince Killa Sin (Killarmy) [Movie Sample] Attention Soldiers: Kill everyo.. 
Journey Throo Da Darkside
from album (Dare Iz A Darkside) by Redman
*explosion* Woo woo wowowowooo! Lord hi gher Could somebody turn on da lights Somebod.. 
Prince Of Darkness
from album (Prince Of Darkness) by Big Daddy Kane
Intro: Give it here... uhh Mic testing one two Right about now I wanna have a little fu.. 
Dark Days
from album (Dark Days) by Coal Chamber
It feels like abuse So subtle the noose So subtle the noose There is no light That's what they.. 
from album (Between Darkness And Wonder) by Lamb
I couldn't see darkness until now Only light! (though sometimes the shadows flickered across my.. 
Smoke Rings In The Dark
from album (Smoke Rings In The Dark) by Gary Allan
Well I won't make you tell me What I've come to understand You're a certain kind of woma.. 
from album (Long After Dark) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
There was a little girl, I used t o know her I still think about her, time to time There was a mom.. 
From Darkest Skies
from album (The Angel And The Dark River) by My Dying Bride
Take your own Sick with fever And cry out loud to God Your sorry own Will be piled upon me That I ca.. 
Dark Light
from album (Dark Light) by HIM
Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries the poison tears of her life delight In the raven.. 
from album (Darklands) by Jesus And Mary Chain
sung by William i'm going to the darklands to talk in rhyme with my chaotic soul as sure as lif.. 
from album (Dark Sneak Love Action) by Tom Tom Club
Baby, I love you So what the hell am I a gonna do? Baby, I need you I need you like I need another s.. 
Dare (Soulwax Remix)
from album (Dare) by Gorillaz
Jump with them all and move it Jump back and forth And feel like you were there yourself Work it out.. 
from album (The Tension And The Spark) by Darren Hayes
Been spending so much time underground I guess my eyes adjusted To the lack of light I got Covered i.. 
The Dark Ride
from album (The Dark Ride) by Helloween
All board step right this way The dark ride is leaving soon Just sign your name on the dotted line A.. 
Dark Angel
from album (Dark Angel) by VNV Nation
In your dream you see me clear I have no restraint, no fear powerless i watched from faces i'd a.. 



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