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New Values
from album (New Values) by Iggy Pop
I'm healthy as a horse Ahh, but everything is spinnin' And if I use a gun I'm sure to go.. 
from album (The Frankie Valli And The 4 Seasons Anthology) by Frankie Valli
Sherry, Sherry baby Sherry, Sherry baby Sherry baby (Sherry baby) Sherry can you come out tonight (.. 
In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
from album (Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)) by Marilyn Manson
We have no future Heaven wasn't made for me We burn ourselves to hell As fast as it can be I wis.. 
How Did You Know
from album (Gary Valenciano: How Did You Know) by Gary Valenciano
I remember so well The day that you came Into my life You asked for my name You have the most beauti.. 

Abruka Valss
from album (Abruka Valss) by Ivo Linna
On kusagil lainete süles üks kaunis ja haljendav saar. On sinine taevas ta üle ja meri on sinin.. 
Való Világ
from album (Való Világ) by Ganxta Zolee és A Kartel
Zolee: Elmondtam már százszor azt, hogy mi lesz vagy mi van, Kevesen hitték, de mégis nekem le.. 
Valley Of The Damned
from album (Valley Of The Damned) by Dragonforce
On a cold dark winter night Hidden by the stormy light A battle rages for the right For what will be.. 
Be My Valentine
from album (Be My Valentine) by Art Paul Schlosser
Be my Valentine Drive me crazy and blind For your love I will do anything I'll even try to fly e.. 
A Moment In Valhalla
from album (Valdr Galga) by Thyrfing
Horns raised and filled with the finest of mead Valhalla's warriors battle succeed The lodge so.. 
Valley Of The Lost
from album (Valley Of The Lost) by Winterlong
Beyond reality in flames of desire I watch you die in another life We danced around in silence Only.. 
El Vals Del Obrero
from album (El Vals Del Obrero) by Ska-P
Orgulloso de estar entre el proletariado es difícil llegar a fin de mes y tener que sudar y sudar.. 
from album (Honour Valour Pride) by Bolt Thrower
Action this day Ordnance at full release Frontiers crossed and violated Remote the chance for peace.. 
Out Of The Valley
from album (Out Of The Valley) by John Gorka
They talk of getting out of the valley Out of the valley here below Maybe ride the river and run off.. 
Tem Que Valer
from album (Tem Que Valer) by Kaleidoscopio
Tem que valer, valer, viver tem que viver, viver, valer Tem que valer, valer, viver tem que viver, v.. 

A Valsa Das Águas Vivas
from album (A Valsa De Águas Vivas) by Dance Of Days
Eu faria tudo outra vez se soubesse que ouviria o eco responder a tudo aquilo que, por noites em cla.. 
Valores Do Passado
from album (Maracatus, Batuques E Ladeiras) by Alceu Valença
Bloco das flores, Andaluzas, Cartomantes Camponeses, Após Fum e o bloco Um dia Só Os Coraçõe.. 
Olinda - Sonho De Valsa
from album (O Fino Do Frevo - Carnaval De Todos Os Tempos) by Alceu Valença
Olinda Tens a paz dos Mosteiros da Índia Tu és linda Pra mim és ainda Minha mulher Cala.. 
I'll Forgive You
from album (Bobby Valentino) by Bobby Valentino
Body) I might as well admit it that I still miss you I know what I said but its kinda hard for.. 
Light Down Low
from album (Bobby Valentino) by Bobby Valentino
Baby yeah, come on Baby yeah, come on I wanna make love, oh baby I wanna make love Three months.. 
Love Dream
from album (Bobby Valentino) by Bobby Valentino
[Verse 1:] Never have I wanted someone like this before Now we are all alone let me explain it more.. 
My Angel (Never Leave You)
from album (Bobby Valentino) by Bobby Valentino
Damn You know If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be You cant run from love This is how I met m.. 
Never Lonely
from album (Bobby Valetino) by Bobby Valentino
Independent girl that's what you are Everytime I see you, you look like a star Don't mean to.. 
Cries In Vain
from album (Bullet For My Valentine) by Bullet For My Valentine
lord i know i cried a thousend dreams tonight but nothing seams to qwench the first you keep on crav.. 
from album (Bullet For My Valentine) by Bullet For My Valentine
We've waited far too long to, watch it all crash and fall through So when you feel like shit you.. 
Just Another Star
from album (Bullet For My Valentine) by Bullet For My Valentine
Yeah! This is what I can see through my eyes this is the colour of your sunrise this is what I can s.. 
No Control
from album (Bullet For My Valentine) by Bullet For My Valentine
I scream into your face i scream into your face until my vains are bursting through prisioners now l.. 
Turn To Despair
from album (Bullet For My Valentine) by Bullet For My Valentine
Need to be a revolution Maybe theirs to be less tension They become into the nature Far frustrating.. 
La Valigia Dell'attore
from album (La Valigia Dell'attore) by Francesco Degregori
La valigia dell'attore F. De Gregori Eccomi qua sono venuto a vedere lo strano effetto che fa l.. 
Kerjäläisten Valtakunta
from album (Kerjäläisten Valtakunta) by Dingo
Heitin veteen pienen kiven ja se särki kuulan veen oli vastarannalla lapsi joka minua seurasi häne.. 
J'envoi Valser
from album (J'envoi Valser) by Zazie
J'en vois des qui s'donnent, donnent des bijoux dans le cou c'est beau mais quand même.. 
Valentin Alsina
from album (Valentin Alsina) by Dos Minutos
Nosotros venimos del sur de la ciudad. Un barrio de leyenda tango y arrabal Nosotros venimos de un.. 
In A Turkish Town
from album (Ritchie Valens) by Ritchie Valens
V) There across the sea waits my fair loved one In a Turkish town, waiting there for me And I know t.. 
Oh.. My Head
from album (Ritchie Valens) by Ritchie Valens
Well, well,now,now baby Let´s just go all night long Well, on,on,on,on,darlin I just want you-to-go.. 
Even In The Valley
from album (Even In The Valley) by The Whisnants
High upon the mountian the sun is shining bright My heart is filled with gladness here above the car.. 
Valley Of The Dolls
from album (Valley Of The Dolls) by Generation X
Into the valley of the dolls Into the valley of the dolls Into the valley of the dolls Went the gang.. 
Cara Valentina
from album (Cara Valentina) by Max Gazzè
Cara Valentina il tempo non fa il suo dovere e a volte peggiora le cose credimi pensavo davvero di.. 
Hulkuri Valss
from album (Hulkuri Valss) by Üllar Jörberg
Seal lossides krahvidel pulmad on hoos, kus mõrsjal on kroonitud pea, seal voolamas shampust, vii.. 
Dead Kings Of The Unholy Valley
from album (Dead Kings Of The Unholy Valley) by Six Magics
For my father for my kingdoom I will make the promise give your life! I gave my blood for the salvat.. 
Valor In Hatred
from album (Valor In Hatred) by Scent Of Flesh
Stride my hordes To the battlefields Sharpen your swords Polish your shields Death lurks upon the en.. 
from album (Jul I Valhal) by Jul I Valhal
Myter højt fra nord har fortalt jer hvad vi gjorde ikke gamle skrøner som I gÃ¥r og tror de.. 



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