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867-5309 Jenny
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Jenny who can I turn to You give me something I can hold on to Now you think I’m like the others be.. 
from album (Jenny) by Exemption
Hey! Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold onto. I know you think I'.. 
Remembering Jenny
from album (Remembering Jenny) by Christopher Beck
El Regreso
from album (El Regreso) by Nach
Tardé en volver, me entretuve, buscandome la vida deambulé, anduve de nube en nube, estuve de.. 

Jenny Take A Ride
from album (Album Unknown) by Mitch Ryder
Jenny Take A Ride Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels Hey! Oh see, see see rider Oh see, what you h.. 
Poor Jenny
from album ('til I Kissed You) by The Everly Brothers
I took my little Jenny to a party last night At ten o'clock it ended in a heckuva fight When som.. 
Jenny I Read
from album (Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)) by Concrete Blonde
Jenny I read something you said about Rock and roll and life and death Ah, jenny I read they carried.. 
Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
from album (All Aboard) by John Denver
This song was first released on the All Aboard! album. It is the only album it has been released on... 
Cotton Jenny
from album (A Little Good News) by Anne Murray
There's a house on a hill By a worn down weathered old mill In the valley below where the river.. 
Cotton Jenny
from album (Gordon's Gold) by Gordon Lightfoot
There's a house on a hill By a worn down weathered old mill In the valley below where the river.. 
Jenny Jenny
from album (Album Unknown) by Little Richard
JENNY JENNYLittle RichardJenny, Jenny, Jenny, won't you come along with meJenny, Jenny, Jenny, w.. 
Jenny Wren
from album (Chaos And Creation In The Backyard) by Paul McCartney
Like so many girls, Jenny Wren could sing But a broken heart, took her soul away Like the other gir.. 
Jenny From The Block
from album (I'm Gonna Be Alright) by Jennifer Lopez
Children grow and women producing Men go working Some go stealing Everyone's got to make a livin.. 
Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
from album (High Lonesome Sound) by Vince Gill
When Jenny was a little girl she only dreamed of trains She never played with dolls or lacy kinds of.. 

Ask The Magic 8 Ball
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
What the *** the *** have I become I've become the product of the sum caught in an endless cir.. 
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
I think, I think I know it all, but can I be sure of the things I've grown to know, and can I sa.. 
History Of A Boring Town
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Just talked to this girl who used to live on my street After all these years you're here and you.. 
Johnny Quest
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Well I really don't know if it matters at all so but we try to keep the prices low for our recor.. 
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Well I Really don't know.. 
Liquor Store
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Now listen up and hear what i'm saying If he's not talking to himself Then he must be prayin.. 
My Very Own Flag
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Something that's inside of me It's something that I cannot see Like rules and regulations Pa.. 
Ska Sucks
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
ska sucks, ska revival isn't cool you stupid ***, the bands are only in it for the bucks and if.. 
We're All Dudes
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
It's time to put our times behind it all the bad things off your mind He's feeling good she.. 
Jenny's Cryin'
from album (Life) by Dope
Just som one to hold and someone to hate And something to blame for all the pain I could ignore her.. 
Jenny Says
from album (Are You With Me) by Cowboy Mouth
I got no reason for the things I fear The things that plague me when I see and hear A dime's a n.. 
Jenny Lee
from album (Jeremy Spencer) by Jeremy Spencer
Written by Jeremy Spencer. After school today, you smiled and looked my way I asked you out - the.. 
from album (Dig Me Out) by Sleater Kinney
do you see her face when she's gone sometimes so bright your heart just stops did she answe.. 
Jenny Ondioline
from album (Transient Random Noise Burst W) by Stereolab
Life on earth is a bloody As in the city the public wears... I think the brilliant cast for insane r.. 
from album (Feelings) by Jenny Booth
Verse: Taking the bus down town, talking to people making them feel so good. Driving i.. 
from album (I'm Here) by Jenny Booth
Sunny day, looking my way, feeling so good today hay. mmmmmm!!! Looking up at the sky it's an.. 
You Better Do Something
from album (Falling Off The Edge Of The World) by Jenny And Alex Legg
I've been too long, looking at a photograph Through an unchanging window pane With a Saturday an.. 
El Regreso
from album (Dónde Está La Luz?) by Warcry
Inundado en alcohol que vio ella en ti cuentame que paso quien te hizo asi arrancaste mi niñez.. 
Tuyo Siempre
from album (El Regreso) by Andrés Calamaro
Si alguna vez no me vuelven a ver porque a mi como a todos se me olvida algo va a quedar adentro tuy.. 
The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge
from album (Toy Matinee) by Toy Matinee
Jenny was raised in a house of cards A face that could hijack your breath The legs of a thoroughbr.. 
Pirate Jenny
from album (Threepenny Opera) by Threepenny Opera
Gentlemen, you now see me rinsing your glasses, And I'll make a fresh bed up for you, And you.. 
from album (Tutone 2) by Tommy Tutone
(Hey!) Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold onto. I know you think I&#.. 
from album (Jenny's Jeffrey) by Jennifree
Woo! We're seein Good Charlotte tonight! Feelin' happy, feelin' bright And now it seems.. 
from album (Stellastarr) by Stellastarr
Jenny was sitting in the lounge  She was talking to herself   Well maybe things like that turn yo.. 
Good-Bye Jenny
from album (Come In From The Rain) by Andi Deris
Jenny had a white heart Now her face is red with blood Her eyes that I know laughing Stare into the.. 
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
from album (Hot Fuss) by The Killers
We took a walk that night, but it wasn't the same We had a fight on the promenade out in the rai.. 

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