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The Raven
from album (The Raven) by Lou Reed
Once upon a midnight dreary as I pondered, weak and weary over many a quaint and curious volume of f.. 
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
from album (Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic) by Prince
Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave World full of lovers, city full.. 
The Masterplan
from album (The Masterplan) by Oasis
Take the time to make some sense Of what you want to say And cast your words away upon the waves Bri.. 
Master Of Disguise
from album (Master Of Disguise Soundtrack) by Vitamin C
In a secret world among us Lives a special man Who's trying to find his role within a bigger pla.. 

Master Of Puppets
from album (Master Of Puppets) by Metallica
End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fea.. 
The Master Plan
from album (The Master Plan) by Dream Warriors
[Featuring Kandu] You want bigger and better and higher and larger and more shit Peaches an.. 
My Master Beckons
from album (My Master Beckons) by Shadow Man
I sleep with eyes shut completely tight I hear the call to awake and rise I know now my time has com.. 
from album (Masterpiece) by Gazebo
what a wonderful day everything is ok not a problem in mind leaving worries behind except for that l.. 
Master Of The Moon
from album (Master Of The Moon) by Dio
And then you dream Of a world with only windows Inside you - you can hide you You know And then the.. 
Masters Of The Universe
from album (Masters Of The Universe) by Binary Star
[Intro] (These styles is unknown to).. The two headed dragon ...(these styles is unknown to) ...the.. 
That's So Raven
from album (Backflip) by Raven
If you could gaze into the future(future, future) You might think life woould be a breeze(Life is a.. 
from album (That's So Raven Soundtrack) by Raven
Verse: I know what i'm all about my body gon a change me, I stand my ground and deal with negati.. 
from album (That's So Raven Soundtrack) by Raven
Whoo, supernatural, ha ha Did you see that shooting star? Cross the sky spectacular Having fun, By.. 
Corazón Latino
from album (Corazón Latino) by David Bisbal
Corazón latino Corazón latino Corazón latino Dicen que en el amor lo mejor está en el sur, que.. 

from album (Ravenheart) by Xandria
Come to me, Ravenheart Messenger of evil Come to me. What's the news? Here I'm still lef.. 
from album (Mastermind) by Deltron 3030
Whoa.. Hey let me ask my man over here! Hey man let me ask you a question man and c if you know what.. 
2B A Master
from album (2.B.A. Master) by Pokémon
I got 2 B the one the only one who can withstand the test and B the best and I got 2 strive to keep.. 
Master Control
from album (Master Control) by Liege Lord
When far futures calling and your needs at hand I'll be your creation, with you I'm hand in.. 
War Master
from album (War Master) by Bolt Thrower
Throughout all time Within the past, present and future Man has sought to destroy All that stood in.. 
El Breve Espacio
from album (El Breve Espacio) by Nicho Hinojosa
Todavía quedan restos de humedad, sus olores llenan ya mi soledad, en la cama su silueta se dibu.. 
The Puppet Master
from album (The Puppet Master) by King Diamond
solo: Mike Night time in Budapest So many people are waiting in line Darkness without a glow What a.. 
Bleeding Eyes
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Inside my camera is watching Memorizing my view of earth And stained is the eye Ambitions not where.. 
Crawling From Hell
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
On the edge of the galaxy In the centre of Ura I was sent to a planet to see The war had just starte.. 
Crystal Night
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Why - why do we turn away When they shout that hymn Marching so brave Their hearts beat on holdly ri.. 
Enlighten Me
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Be still - I want you to listen - it's all so silly Our ways have somewhere on the way surrender.. 
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Are we caught between good and bad It's all just said and done Longing for a better way The feel.. 
Into The Light
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Send me a message in case you understand Be sincere about it - this is for real You feel this aversi.. 
Kind Hearted Light
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
We held up the metal torch And they tried to take the flame We've been running against the wall.. 
Sail On
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
You cannot see it coming Always without a warning You need to hold on tighter Find a brand new start.. 
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Out of the womd and into the light It comes in purity, yeah Arrive with peace Untouched by man's.. 
Spirit Never Die
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
There was a place - a little town Where we used to play and laugh around We went too far - reaching.. 
The Kid Rocks On
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
Through Thick And Thin
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
I was walking down the street one day She was there from far away She came to stay It was a bright s.. 
When Love Comes Close
from album (Masterplan) by Masterplan
She put a spell on him She had his heart in her hand And when she squeezed a litte bit too hard She.. 
El Espanto Surge De La Tumba
from album (El Espanto Surge De La Tumba) by Dorso
Si Es Verdad Lo Que Paso En Esta Ciudad Cuando La Morgue Se Infecto Con Ese Virus Revividor... Y En.. 
De Espaladas Al Mundo
from album (De Espaladas Al Mundo) by Boikot
Bienvenidos a esta Tierra aquí vendemos Ilusión dondel Rico es un Hombre y el Pobre (Stafador) Bie.. 
from album (Ravenous) by God Dethroned
Arrival in the night Out of nowhere Telling stories about a butcher A living dead I eat your flesh.. 
Answer To The Master
from album (Answer To The Master) by Impellitteri
you keep on running, been lonely for too long out on the boulevard, the hammer's coming down you.. 




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