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Guns In The Ghetto
from album (Guns In The Ghetto) by UB40
Daddy don't go out tonight Just stay home till morning light Me and mamma don't feel rig.. 
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
from album (Annie Get Your Gun Soundtrack) by Annie Get Your Gun Cast (Johnny And Mishelle)
*Jonny and Mishelle continue to argue as music starts* Jonny: Anything I can do, you think you coul.. 
A Gun For Christmas
from album (A Gun For Christmas) by The Vandals
A GUN FOR CHRISTMAS the Vandals families lock their doors in fear that criminals might get them but.. 
Bitch Is Back
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Yeah and this time comes in my life, hey what's your story Save your conscience For some other c.. 

Down In The City
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
A boy shoots a gun, a girl looks for fun Runnin' round in the Hollywood streets Shakedown all ar.. 
Electric Gypsy
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
I need the highway wind blowin' in my hair Five thousand miles I've roamed now, I'm get.. 
Hollywood Tease
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don't you like me, won't you invite me Take me on back to your.. 
No Mercy
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Come on Jane, I wanna hold ya tight, yeah Give ya love, make you feel alright, yeah I say the things.. 
Nothing To Lose
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
We're lost at the edge of time No money, it ain't a crime Doing things the way that I choose.. 
One More Reason
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Angel mercy, tears like rain Hurt so good, can't feel no pain Paint it black, drives me insane S.. 
One Way Ticket
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
World is turning still, it always will I could get my fill, but something went wrong I needed a reas.. 
*** Action
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Talk about love Talk about love I've been around this great big world, yeah Had my share of shad.. 
Shoot For Thrills
from album (L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Whoa Bright lights are shining Moves.. 
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Talking 'bout your silver, baby Talking 'bout your gold Give you in discrecious With a 25 a.. 

Long Time Dead (Live)
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
When I came down to your riverside And saw you standing there Pocketful of Moonbeams You had henna i.. 
My Michelle
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Your daddy works in *** Now that mommy's not around She used to love her heroin But now she.. 
One More Reason (Live)
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Angel mercy, tears like rain Hurt so good, can't feel no pain Paint it black, drives me insane S.. 
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Make a wish in a water fly Trust your heart I will make you cry I only hope that it'll last fore.. 
from album (Ultimate L.A. Guns) by L.A. Guns
Watch the seconds turn to hours See the sunshine turn to shadows It could be so easy If I just had t.. 
God Is A Gun
from album (God Is A Gun) by Otep
[eternal salvation suffers from enflation!!] sinner! say what you need to save your soul, but don&.. 
In Our Gun
from album (In Our Gun) by Gomez
The first words that came could've been more inspired You must be hungry or tired or frozen So p.. 
68 Guns (Sixty Eight Guns)
from album (68 Guns (Sixty Eight Guns)) by The Alarm
And now they're trying to take my life away Forever young I cannot stay On every corner, I can s.. 
Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do
from album (Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do) by Goldie Lookin' Chain
Come out with your hands on your head Turn the rap music off and step away from the stereo Put the r.. 
Let There Be Guns
from album (Let There Be Guns) by The Arrogant Worms
One, two, three, four... we'd be free if great if everybody had a gun we'd be free if every.. 
Girls With Guns
from album (Girls With Guns) by Tommy Shaw
I'll tell you now And I won't tell you twice Where, when, and how I got some bad advice I n.. 
Gun Shot
from album (Gun Shot) by Akon
(CHORUS): Anyone in the place tonight You don't wanna be a witness Then walk away (Akon!!!) .. 
Eddie's Gun
from album (Eddie's Gun) by The Kooks
Did you see the way she looked at me? She's got an eye for an awkward guy like me I tried to l.. 
Guns For Hire
from album ((New) Satellite Blues) by AC/DC
The word is out that I'm about And I've come gunning for you I'm a real entertainer, a m.. 
Big Gun
from album (Last Action Hero Soundtrack) by AC/DC
Riot on the radio Pictures on the TV Invader man take what he can Shootout on the silver screen.. 
Fire Your Guns
from album (The Razors Edge) by AC/DC
Janie's Got A Gun
from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
Dum, dum Dum Honey what have you done? Dum, Dum, dum It's the sound of my gun Dum dum dum honey.. 
Temptation Is A Gun
from album (Where It All Begins) by The Allman Brothers Band
by Gregg Allman, Cain, Schon Copyright 1994 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. Transcribed by Ed Luske.. 
Drop Your Guns
from album (Cum Hear The Band) by April Wine
Look at all the places we been, and look where we are Something is amiss here cause we never seem to.. 
Elephant Gun
from album (Eat Em And Smile) by David Lee Roth
Every inch of you looks like a lady So don't get caught here in the city at nite And if you wann.. 
Hired Gun
from album (Shamrock Diaries) by Chris Rea
Morning light meet the day Nervous eyes look both ways And it just won't matter, spring or fall.. 
Blues From A Gun
from album (In The Pursuit Of Leisure) by Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray - Blues From a Gun I want to watch the world cry I couldn't open my eyes I almost spo.. 
from album (Bridges To Babylon) by The Rolling Stones
(Jagger/Richards) Gonna go downtown Gonna get my gun Gonna dress real sharp Gonna beat my drum.. 
I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun
from album (Matthew & Son) by Cat Stevens
I've been demoralized too many times But now I realize, Ah ah, no more. I'm gonna get me a.. 
Gunning Down Romance
from album (Affirmation) by Savage Garden
Love and other moments are just chemical reactions in your brain And feelings of aggression.. 
Man Made The Gun
from album (Love And The Russian Winter) by Simply Red
Man made the gun a sado-***ual machine It's slaughter brings you to your knees Man made the gun.. 



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