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Good Bad Right Wrong
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
When I was good I couldn't have been anymore bad And when I was right I couldn't have been a.. 
Modern Way
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
I know cause I've seen it It was grey and I want it Theres no point in sitting Going crazy on my.. 
The Only Way Is The Wrong Way
from album ((Can't You) Trip Like I Do) by Filter
Did you think that I'd disappear? Did you think that I'd wash away? Did you think that I&#.. 
Wrong Way
from album (Human Clay) by Creed
What makes you touch? What makes you feel?.. 

Wrong Way
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Penny's 12 years old and tommorow she'll be a whore Nobody ever told her it's.. 
Right / Wrong
from album (Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack) by DMX
THIS...IS...MY...LIFE [Chorus] (Right and wrong) Whatever which way they go (right and wrong) Whate.. 
Wrong-Way Street
from album (The Outer Limits) by Voivod
I lost my key...Where is the door? Am I living here anymore? My souvenirs thrown on the floor It'.. 
Been There Done That
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
I was dreaming It's a hundred and ninety degrees We were crawling around on our knees Till the s.. 
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
A man was sleeping under a tree. He wrote to me from Cordoba. After the theatre, we went to his hous.. 
Crime In The Desert
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
Crime and punishment in Tuscon Back to normal in the sun Playing blackjack in the drive-in Shooting.. 
Empty Frame
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
So they rode the sea, It went on and on They were years away Though it seemed so long But the captai.. 
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
I'm a man of many colours: Only yesterday I was blue. Ten days from now, I'll be different A.. 
In The Backroom
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
When Sentildeoritas walk at night, Habantilderos on the move, It's music to their ears in the ba.. 
Lay My Love
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
Lay My Love I am the crow of desperation I need no fact or validation I span relentless variation I.. 

One Wold
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
Night-time is falling on the Louvre. It's been a lazy afternoon. We walk to the house, the air i.. 
Spinning Away
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
Up on a hill, as the day dissolves With my pencil turning moments into line High above in the violet.. 
The River
from album (Wrong Way Up) by Brian Eno
So deep in the water Sleep, dark as the night Somehow it seems it was all another dream Soon dissolv.. 
Right Of Way
from album (Pawn Shoppe Heart) by Von Bondies
I've been hanging around this place too long I get satisfied and then I'm gone You break m.. 
The Wrong Way To Be
from album (The New Fellas) by The Cribs
Because a guy I used to know Is returning now to show That the wrong way to be Is rubbing off on me.. 
Wrong Way
from album (Album Unknown) by Moxie Bliss
See no evil, Hear no Evil Speak no evil, yeah All the rules I try to mind Are weighing on me all t.. 
You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louis
from album (My Son, The Nut) by Allen Sherman
Louis the Sixteenth was the King of France in 1789. He was worse than Louis the Fifteenth. He was wo.. 
I Predict A Riot
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
Watching the people get lairy Is not very pretty I tell thee Walking through town is quite scary And.. 
Oh My God
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
Time on your side it'll never end The most beautiful thing you can ever spend But you work in a.. 
Take My Temperature
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
Take a look at your eyes they're bloody mental swelled to the size of the Lincoln Continental a.. 
Wrecking Ball
from album (Good Bad Right Wrong) by Kaiser Chiefs
It's not my problem now Get him to sort it out And when the dust has cleared Look on your should.. 
The Wrong Way
from album (Breathe In) by Beauty's Confusion
Don't take this the wrong way But you will never get The satisfaction you desire This is not a.. 
When The Wrong One Love You Right
from album (When The Wrong One Loves You Right) by Wade Hayes
(Leslie Satcher) Now they all said she was wrong for me Her tender words were not what they seemed.. 
Right Place Wrong Time
from album (In The Right Place) by Dr. John
I been in the right place but it must have been the wrong time I'd have said the right thing but.. 
Right Or Wrong
from album (A Matter Of Rights) by Reset
Right For The Time
from album (Right For The Time) by Waylon Jennings
Almost out of adolescence And into a world we didn¬ít know Not necessarily love but in trouble Wi.. 
Till You Do Me Right
from album (Till You Do Me Right) by After 7
I was in love with you And gave my heart to you I did my best to keep you satisfied You took the lov.. 
Feels So Right
from album (Feels So Right) by Alabama
Whisper to me softly, Breathe words upon my skin No one's near and listening So please, don'.. 
I Got A Right To Be Wrong
from album (Best Of-Hell & High Water-Ari) by The Allman Brothers Band
by Dickey Betts (c) 1980 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. and Pangola Publishing Company Oh-uh-oh, oooh... 
By The Way
from album (By The Way) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Standing in line To see the show tonight And there's a light on Heavy glow By the way I tried t.. 
Aint No Way To Treat A Lady
from album (Aint No Way To Treat A Lady) by Helen Reddy
Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady Helen Reddy (H. Schock) -Peaking at #8 in 1975, this was Helen'.. 
Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right)
from album (I'll Still Be Loving You) by Restless Heart
(Verse 1) It's no secret Somebody waits at home for you, And I know how hard this is For you to.. 
Somethin' So Right
from album (The Way We Were) by Barbra Streisand
You've got the cool waters When the fever runs high You've got the look of lovelight in your.. 
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
from album (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover) by Paul Simon
The problem is all inside your head she said to me The answer is easy if you take it logically I'.. 
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT
from album (Foot Loose & Fancy Free) by Rod Stewart
(Banks / Hampton / Jackson) If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right If being right means.. 
I Wont Stand In Your Way
from album (I Wont Stand In Your Way) by Stray Cats
I - I got a low down dirty feeling That I been cheated on and lied to If it's so then it's w.. 



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