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Alfa / Omega, The Desert Song
from album (Utopia A.D.) by The Black League
[Jarva et al.] The ROAD is LONG. For it's got NO END. The sand is BURNING and the river's D.. 
Alpha Omega
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
imagine a child living in a dark place being accused of being a failure nothing is right everything.. 
Omega Man
from album (Size Isn't Everything) by The Bee Gees
We set the same scene. Circumstances different than they might have been. People in two places ca.. 
No Omega
from album (Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em) by Eric B. & Rakim
I'm the Alpha with no Omega Beginning without the end so play the eye inside no exte.. 

from album (Ghost In The Machine) by Sting & Police
Written by Andy Summers The night came down, jungle sounds were in my ears City screams are all I&#.. 
Alpha And Omega
from album (Elements Part 2) by Stratovarius
I am the earth and sky I am the low and high I am the snowflake in the winter evening I am the birth.. 
from album (Accident Of Birth) by Bruce Dickinson
The ashes drift away, smoke of our confusion We turn our frightened faces to each other, say goodbye.. 
from album (Stone Sour) by Stone Sour
What a skeletal wreck of man this is. Translucent flesh and feeble bones, the kind of temple where t.. 
El Cuento Del Alfajor
from album (Nunca Es Tarde Si La Dicha Es Buena) by Reincidentes
Un, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco copas pedazo desayuno genial enciendo un cigarrillo mejor si es mezclai.. 
First Lesson
from album (Alpha And Omega) by Whoa! D
~ verse 1 ~ I am the motha***a thats bringin the new era to the game so whats up nothins changed st.. 
Freestyle Diss
from album (Alpha And Omega) by Whoa! D
my story is like no other i have no brother / starting from nothing and changing it to something, pu.. 
Gettin' Right
from album (Alpha And Omega) by Whoa! D
it dont matter from the slam three pointer to the dunk in the air hookin pimp up wit his bitches hat.. 
from album (Alpha And Omega) by Whoa! D
Im in love God sent her to me from above she is my dreams my life cupid shot arrow like a dart throu.. 
Omega Therion
from album (Deggael) by Babylon Whores

Cold Heart
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
we're living in a thoughtless age especially with the scare of AIDS with the scare of the milita.. 
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
wir rollen auf den Abgrund zu und trinken Sekt dabei jeder will das größte Stück jedoch die Welt.. 
Green World
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
green world soundless drifting over the green a breeze let me fly higher and higher waterfalls I.. 
Revolution Now
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
for all who didn't get it yet we're living in the age of change that means you should change.. 
Silent Scream
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
blocked mind you can't go through - miss mani***ted move I can't handle this controlled dre.. 
The Animal
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
I don't feel the need to behave anymore and if you try to hold me back I'll lick your bones.. 
The Longing
from album (Alpha Omega) by Project Pitchfork
dream-world boundless mind spirit is free spirit is free now I am an eagle now I am an eagle flying.. 
God Is In The Cupboard
from album (Omega) by Xanni
You see, God is in the Cupboard, And God, Is going to come out of the cupboard over there, And stab.. 
Awaken The Swarm
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
You and I are not alone The earth and sea are not your home Soon our eyes will see the truth Elimina.. 
Bleed Forever
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
I hear a voice It calls my name It once was simple now the complications reign I recognize But I won.. 
Destroy The Hush
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Hold close the human in you Cherish your freedom Let nothing deny you Your enemy hides from the tru.. 
Fighting Backwards
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Rot in cages we crouch *** Waiting for the rest to land Extended faith they betrayed our friendshi.. 
Illuminati Is Machine
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
ONE WORLD NEW ORDER Illuminati uses you THEIR JURY THEIR JUSTICE But for the chosen few Who is the.. 
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Our time keeps us measured Not enough of the gifts we treasure Can't stop we keep pushing forwar.. 
Into The Nowhere
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
The god sighed and silence was born A tortured life is spared of vision And it's painful when it.. 
It's Not What You Think
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Something's wrong with the world Something's wrong with the view from here It's so hard.. 
Know Your Master
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Wake the dreamer From sleep comes the secret held deep in the psyche Restless vision The pain of reg.. 
New Godz
from album (Omega Conspiracy) by Agent Steel
Tearing beneath your feet Feel the ground split and crack and crumble beneath you Calamity serves a.. 
Omega Supreme
from album (Ghetto Pop Life) by DM & Jemini
"Funk soul, on deck Prince of the ghetto Omega supreme Danger Mouse We do it like this" [.. 
Universums Dunkla Alfabet
from album (Visions From The Spiral Generator) by Vintersorg
Likt ett levande väsen i harmonerande dynamik, Besjälad i den stora talens lagar En mondial kompos.. 
Frequency Omega
from album (A Calling To Weakness) by Canaan
Silence all around me is like a key to neutralize the deadly frequencies inside There is only silenc.. 
Alpha And Omega
from album (Album Unknown) by Gaither Gospel Group
I Heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men He shall dwell w.. 
from album (Eld) by Enslaved
Bring forth your sacrifice The winter can last for long Show them honour Servants of Frey Let the bl.. 
Lavame El Alfajor
from album (Pirata Vol.1) by Alfredo Casero
[ Y ahora desde los angeles provincia de california una de las voses mas prometedoras del tango naci.. 
Omega Day
from album (Time Of The Last Persecution) by Bill Fay
Inside a bar of a sleeping town There lay a sleeping man he wore a frown A stranger woke him he look.. 
from album (Omega) by Earthtone9
i would walk to remember to forget to remember to forget what do i have to offer you the offer is.. 

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