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from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
The yellow walls are lined with portraits And I've got my new red fetching leather jacket All th.. 
In The Wake Of Poseidon
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
Plato's spawn cold ivyed eyes Snare truth in bone and globe. Harlequins coin pointless games Sne.. 
from album (Posesiv) by Genta
Posesiv - Genta Ismajli Me gënjeshtra e përralla Dashuri s'është kjo ! Për n.. 
Born A Woman
from album (Album Unknown) by Sandy Posey
It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor Or if you're smart or dumb A woman's place.. 

I Take It Back
from album (Album Unknown) by Sandy Posey
Spoken: Here he comes now. I've got to tell him somehow. I could put it off till later b.. 
Single Girl
from album (Album Unknown) by Sandy Posey
The single girl all alone in a great big town The single girl gets so tired of love letting her down.. 
from album (Sleepwalker) by The Kinks
The Poseur's in town The Poseur's around Hey, it don't bother me, But there's a.. 
If I Had Posession Over Judgement Day
from album (Me And Mr Johnson) by Eric Clapton
If I had posession over judgement day If I had posession over judgement day All the women ive loved.. 
Jesus Christ Pose
from album (Badmotorfinger) by Soundgarden
And you stare at me In your Jesus Christ pose Arms held out Like you've been carrying a load And.. 
Top Contender
from album (The Game) by X-Pose
verse:so real gold grill, stand tall to ball, kickin in doors bout to rob em all, see me swang on 4&.. 
from album (You Can't Take It Back) by Lifeblood
Murky waters up ahead Feeling feeling not unlike dread Watch your step, it's one big drop Don.. 
Dave's Posessed Hair
from album (Half Hour Of Power) by Sum 41
Ever get the feeling no one’s got your back Caught up in themselves livin’ lies.. 
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
California, California You're such a wonder that I think I'll stay in bed Big time rollers,.. 
Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
Cigarettes and chocolate milk These are just a couple of my cravings Everything it seems I like'.. 

Greek Song
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
You who were born with the sun above your shoulders You turn me on you turn me on You have to know Y.. 
Grey Gardens
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
Honey I'm a roller concrete clover Tadzio, Tadzio Arm wrestle your mother Simply over TAdzio, o.. 
One Man Guy
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
People will know when they see this show The kind of a guy I am They'll recognize just what I st.. 
Rebel Prince
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
Where is my master the rebel prince? Who will shut all of these windows It's these windows all a.. 
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
Who will keep Keep me in this evening Even though They are not here with me I could be a great star.. 
The Consort
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
Prepare your things Dissolve your mind 'Cause I'm your consort Beautiful queen of seventeen.. 
The Tower Of Learning
from album (Poses) by Rufus Wainwright
I'm looking for the tower of learning I'm looking for the copious prize I saw it in your eye.. 
Poser, Du Bist Ein...
from album (Wie Es Geht (Single)) by Die Ärzte
Heute fühl' ich mich so richtig knackig. Ey Tussi, gib mal ein Bier her, aber zackig! Und hast.. 
Po*** & Poesie
from album (Basics) by Funny Van Dannen
"Kein Po*** mehr", sprach meine Freundin, "zur Strafe weil Du mich nicht liebst".. 
Cadence And Cascade
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
Cadence and Cascade Kept a man named Jade; Cool in the shade While his audience played. Purred, whis.. 
Cat Food
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
Lady Supermarket with an apple in her basket Knocks in the manager's door; Grooning to the muzak.. 
Peace - A Beginning
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
I am the ocean Lit by the flame I am the mountain Peace is my name I am the river Touched by the win.. 
Peace - An End
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
Peace is a word Of the sea and the wind. Peace is a bird who sings As you smile. Peace is the love O.. 
Pictures Of A City
from album (In The Wake Of Poseidon) by King Crimson
Concrete cold face cased in steel Stark sharp glass-eyed crack and peel Bright light scream beam bra.. 
Rock Star Poser
from album (In Search Of...) by N.E.R.D.
[2x] ***in' Posers It's Almost Over Now It's Almost Over Now Yeah [verse] You Think Th.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Poser
Many Things come and go Some hardly even show But it's harder for recurring stuff When will I kn.. 
In The Wake Of Poseidon
from album (Headfirst Straight To Hell) by Grade
the bodies were still warm as we awoke time took past away we dragged what was left to the shore.. 
Posed To Death
from album (Danse Macabre) by The Faint
I feel a warm resistance Beneath the outer layer What once moved living organs Leaks through a thin.. 
from album ((It's Been) A Long Time) by Trooper
Credeati ca e un mit Frica e in soapte O blinda noapte Teroare-a devenit V-am vizitat Am fost trada.. 
Pista De Dança
from album (Maritmo) by Adriana Calcanhotto
Quando criança Me assoprou no ouvido um motorista Que os bons não se curvam E, eu, Confuso Aqui ne.. 
Throb (Hands Of Poseidon Mix)
from album (Blue Ruin) by Ashengrace
these echoes play across her footsteps in the undertow, fading through your winter and all the place.. 
Demoniac Posession
from album (Carnivoracity) by Avulsed
[Pentagram - 1986] Exorcised By A High Priest Your Body Writhes In Pain Possessed By The Seven Demo.. 
La Pista Secreta
from album (Album Unknown) by Los Tucanes De Tijuana
Jefe nos descubrieron la pista secreta Maldita sea, hagan frente, voy para alla Saco una bolsa de p.. 
El Poseso
from album (Los Dioses Han Llegado) by Gigatron
El otro dia hice un rito infernal, mi calimocho exploto. Mientras limpiaba mi chupa de cuero el parc.. 
I Am A Poseur
from album (Germ Free Adolescents) by X-Ray Spex
I am a poseur and I don't care I like to make people stare I am a poseur and I don't care.. 

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