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Room Service
from album (Room Service) by Bryan Adams
When a hotel room's the closest thing you got to home You could be in Philadelphia you could eve.. 
Boom Shake The Room
from album (Boom Shake The Room) by Will Smith
Yo back up now and give a brother room the fuse is lit and I'm about to go boom mercy mercy merc.. 
Emily Plays
from album (The Best Of Pink Floyd) by Pink Floyd
Emily tries but missunderstands She often inclined to borrow somebodys dreams till tomorrow There i.. 
The White Room
from album (The White Room) by The KLF
Spanna noo na noo na ne na naho Spanna noo na ne ne naho Spa noo na naho Noo na naho Noo na naho Spa.. 

7 Rooms Of Gloom
from album (7 Rooms Of Gloom) by The Four Tops
I see a house, a house of stone (Seven rooms) A lonely house 'cause now you&#.. 
Pink Triangle
from album (Pinkerton) by Weezer
When I'm stable long enough I start to look around for love See a sweet in floral print My mind.. 
Sittin Up In My Room (Doug Rasheed Remix)
from album (Sittin Up In My Room 12") by Brandy
featuring LL Cool J (rap):LL Cool J Brandy got to make it hot LL Cool J got to make it ho.. 
Boom Shake The Room
from album (Boom Shake The Room) by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Boom! Shake the RoomJazzy Jeff and the Fresh Princeyo back up now and give a brother room the fuse i.. 
Room 112 (Intro)
from album (Room 112) by 112
Welcome to our world Room 112, where the players dwell (repeat).. 
Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)
from album (Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room) by Dwight Yoakam
She wore red dresses with her black shining hair She had my baby and caused me to care Then coldly s.. 
Room To Breathe
from album (Room To Breathe) by Reba McEntire
You aint done nothin wrong, but I think we need to talk You might be the one, but before we go too.. 
Pink Flag
from album (Pink Flag) by Wire
I was sold up the river to the red slave trade The stores were gathered, the plans were laid Synchro.. 
Round Room
from album (Round Room) by Phish
My room is tound when I lay dowm when I wake up it's sqare When I go outside it's on a spira.. 
Pink Bubbles Go Ape
from album (Pink Bubbles Go Ape) by Helloween
Some people are much too smart They know everything before it starts Eating wisdom with the pail No.. 

Pink Moon
from album (Pink Moon) by Nick Drake
I saw it written and I saw it say Pink moon is on its way And none of you stand so tall Pink moon go.. 
I Can't Live In A Living Room
from album (I Can't Live In A Living Room) by Red Zebra
Tranquilizers made me nervous I can¬ít relax no more Should I go out or stay in I never had this fee.. 
Room With A View
from album (Room With A View) by Carolyn Dawn Johnson
They gave you a corner room on the fifth floor The city lights were like candy to a kid in a store L.. 
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
from album (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots) by The Flaming Lips
Her name is Yoshimi - she's a black belt in karate Working for the city - she has to discipline.. 
The Mountain Range In My Living Room
from album (The Room's Too Cold) by The Early November
With this being said Every petal's come off again And fell to the floor Every word again It'.. 
Room To Move
from album (Room To Move) by John Mayall
May seem peculiar How I think o' you If you want me darlin' Here's what you must do. You.. 
The Girl In The Other Room
from album (The Girl In The Other Room) by Diana Krall
The girl in the other room She knows by now There's something ain't know other fears Now she.. 
Pink Dinosaur
from album (Pink Dinosaur) by Papaya
Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do You're a sweet little dinosaur Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do, You're a.. 
Blackout In The Red Room
from album (Blackout In The Red Room) by Love/Hate
So you're going drinking tonight It's party time Gonna turn bad to maybe So you're gonn.. 
Furnace Room Lullaby
from album (Furnace Room Lullaby) by Neko Case
All night All I hear All I hear's your heart How come How come I twisted you over And under to.. 
Electric Pink
from album (Electric Pink EP) by The Promise Ring
I live on a small street, with very small shoes but in a big house, with a big wardrobe. I've go.. 
Room Of Angel
from album (Silent Hill 4 - The Room) by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
You lie silent there before me Your tears they mean nothing to me The wind howling at the window The.. 
Room To Live
from album (Room To Live) by Fall
Some people want stars in eyes Some people want eyes in stars They've been like that for years T.. 
Telescope Eyes (Room Noises)
from album (Room Noises) by Eisley
Oh you humor me today Calling me out to play With your telescope eyes, metal teeth I can't be se.. 
Room Of Angel
from album (Room Of Angel) by Akira Yamaoka
You lie silent there before me Your tears mean nothing to me now The wind owling at the window The L.. 
Act IV - Room V
from album (Room V) by Shadow Gallery
Not long ago a plan was conceived, where all could be revealed Critical info delivered in secret, bu.. 
Child Of Sorrow
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Know me I am like you Never I breathe But I'm true Come and see me I am the light I've never.. 
Close Your Eyes
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Don't believe All that you dream is just illusion Don't believe You look for things not made.. 
Hit The Bottom Raw
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Who stands? Who creeps? Live and grow strong All a heart beats for Who bleeds? For this makes your.. 
I Only Wanna Be With You
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
All that I know is Babe I've only seen you smile But something captured me By the look in your e.. 
One Step Into Paradise
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
It's the night I'll be with you Lovely to see you , lovely to hear you You're TV-acting.. 
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
I'll take your body I'll beat in your heart So never turn up your cards Else I'll own yo.. 
Party Maker
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Listen I'd like to tell you a story How to get from low to high To get to a hundred from zero I&.. 
Rolling Down A Thunder
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Hear it roll in the night Feel it bending aside I'm on my way to you Mountain - high dikes Lift.. 
Shadows Are Falling
from album (Pink Cream 69) by Pink Cream 69
Once was written down a form On a dark day it was torn It was lost and never found And there were ru.. 



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