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One Last Day
from album (One Last Day) by Count The Stars
As we sank our souls into the last good moment we'll ever know yet could I Stop to think about m.. 
One Last Cry
from album (Back At One) by Brian McKnight
One Last Cry Brian Mcknight My shattered dreams and broken Heart are mending on the shelf. I saw yo.. 
One Last Look
from album (Some People Can Do What They Like) by Robert Palmer
(Payne/ Tate) Well it seems such a long time Since our love had it's day You hope it knew the t.. 

One Last Cigarette
from album (Till Death Do Us Part) by Cypress Hill
(Man in background) *** you mother***er untie me from this chair man you better untie me from this.. 
One Last Time
from album (Get It On...Tonight) by Montell Jordan
Verse 1 Here we are again In this bed again Making love again Afraid to let it end.. 
All In All (This One Last Wild Waltz)
from album (Too-Rye-Ay) by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Oh, what's the matter? Oh no. It's no better. I've been thinking it out And it still g.. 
One Last Kiss
from album (Sanctuary) by J. Geils Band
Just one last kiss Before I walk out the door I'm gonna hold you tighter Than I ever did before.. 
One Last Time
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Hey hey hey (x3) Shady Aftermath (Haha) G-unit Haha EMINEM (chorus) : Cuz we came here to set.. 
One Last Breath
from album (Weathered) by Creed
Please come now I think I'm falling I'm holding on to all I think is safe It seems I found t.. 
One Last Dance
from album (The Story Goes) by Craig David
One last dance with you even though what we have is strong both of us know that we've done wro.. 
One Last Good Hand
from album (It's Your Call) by Reba McEntire
(John Jarrard, Gary Burr) The stars are way out of reach, they all said Those are crazy schemes tha.. 
Just One Last Look
from album ((I Know) I'm Losing You) by The Temptations
Stop right there. Let me picture you in my mind for the last time. Soon you'll be walking out of.. 
One Last Time
from album (Eight Arms To Hold You) by Veruca Salt
I wind you up then I wait for the melancholy I give you up while you sit here in all yo.. 

One Last Time
from album (Kamikaze) by Twista
You don't wanna see these murder guys, Princess cuts hurt ya eyes, Got tha chicks that work th.. 
One Last Chance
from album (IMx) by IMx
Ohh Oh baby One last chance I'll treat you right One last chance I'll do no wrong One.. 
One Last Song
from album (Make It Good) by A1
Take my hand Touch my face Let me feel Your embrace Let me see In your eyes That you won't.. 
One Last Run
from album (The State) by Nickelback
Crafty friends where'd they all go Try and find but no one ever knows You fall down makes you wa.. 
One Last Time
from album (Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory) by Dream Theater
[N:] It doesn`t make any sense This tragic ending In spite of the evidence There`s something still m.. 
One Last Time
from album (Razorblade Romance) by HIM
Is it so hard to believe our hearts Are made to be broken by love That in constant dying lies The be.. 
One Last Love Song
from album (Best Of-Carry On Up The Charts) by The Beautiful South
(Heaton/Rotheray) I once had a friend who I loved from my heart But I went on and left her 'for.. 
One Last Ride
from album (Kingdom Of XII) by Molly Hatchet
Ridin that night and the the moon is high Gotta hell hound on my trail Got to cross the Rio Grande A.. 
One Last Chance
from album (Things Not To Do) by Vroom
One Last Goodbye
from album (Judgement) by Anathema
How I needed you How I grieve now you're gone In my dreams I see you I awake so alone I know yo.. 
Just One Last Dance
from album (Bounce) by Sarah Connor
Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance We meet in the night in the Spanish cafĂ© I.. 
Just One Last Dance (German)
from album (The Key To My Soul) by Sarah Connor
Nur ein letzter Tanz, oh Baby, Nur ein letzter Tanz Wir treffen uns nachts in einem spanischen CafĂ.. 
One Last Time
from album (Viva Divas) by Sharon Cuneta
One last time just to see you One Last time maybe hold you in my arms To feel the warmth and tender.. 
One Last Hope
from album (Hercules) by Disney
So you wanna be a hero kid, well whoop de doo. I have been around the block before with blockheads j.. 
One Last Time
from album (Album Unknown) by Dusty Drake
When she picked up the telephone his voice came on the line she said this can't be happening and.. 
Say Anything
from album (One Last Day) by Count The Stars
I can't lie Girl I love your bruises Your silk hands A voice that leaves me useless And there I.. 
Waste Of Life
from album (One Last Day) by Count The Stars
We wake up at 3 and fall back asleep Because leaving here is just a waste of energy and time With so.. 
One Last Fight
from album (Appearances Wear Thin) by Whippersnapper
Don't be decieved, You have to question everything Especially those who say they represent Do.. 
One Last Time
from album (Encore) by Eminem Featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
Dre: ShadyÂ… AftermathÂ… G – Unit Chorus Coz we came here to set this party off Right letÂ’s boun.. 
One Last Cold Kiss
from album (Album Unknown) by Christy Moore
Two island swans mated for life, And his faithful heart would not consider any other wife. For three.. 
One Last Chance
from album (From The Cradle To The Brave) by Highland Glory
I was sent here all alone To defend my masters throne To fight evil and to clear my name In a distan.. 
One Last Cigarette
from album (Identity) by Echostream
I tried reality but it kept avoiding me the world around melting into nothing and all the people sta.. 
One Last Chance
from album (Demo 2) by Barrier Dutch
Eyes they are all around me, Can't stand to stand by me, The pressures on now, all surround me,.. 
from album (One Last Laugh In A Dying Place) by The God Machine
The trees are bare And the sky is grey Like veins in the side Of a mountain And I sit in the compan.. 
In Bad Dreams
from album (One Last Laugh In A Dying Place) by The God Machine
When you sleep Do you see an angel in dying light Or can you see someone standing outside Trying to.. 
from album (One Last Laugh In A Dying Place) by The God Machine
Daddy said boy it's a long way down As he took his hand and knocked me to the ground Daddy said.. 



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