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Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada)
from album (Country Roads-Very Best Of John (1998)) by John Denver
This song appears on seven albums, and was first released on the Farewell Andromeda Album, and Count.. 
Black Cold Nights
from album (Angeldust) by On Thorns I Lay
I'll stay forever with you to the gates of paradise Never leave me alone Before the end of years.. 
Crazy, Crazy Nights
from album (Crazy Nights) by Kiss
People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us.. 
Cold Sweat
from album (Cold Sweat) by James Brown
Cold SweatJames BrownHa!I don't care ha about your pastI just want ho our love to last deeI don.. 

Cold On The Shoulder
from album (Cold On The Shoulder) by Gordon Lightfoot
All you need is time All you need is time, time, Time to make me bend Give it a try, don't be.. 
Cold Rock A Party
from album (Cold Rock A Party) by Mc Lyte
Cold Rock A PartyMc LyteAlbum: Bad As I Wanna BTo the L, to the Y and the T to the ESo get ready cau.. 
Cold Rock A Party (Remix)
from album (Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix) CD 5) by Mc Lyte
featuring Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott Puff Daddy [Puff Daddy] I thought I told y.. 
Crazy Nights
from album (Crazy Nights) by Lonestar
From the moment I walked in the room I knew what I was in for Soft music, the smell of perfume An.. 
Cold Life
from album (Cold Life) by Ministry
Cold Life cold you know the yolk it's spreading from you laugh as people scatter 'bout s.. 
Damn Cold Night
from album (Damn Cold Night) by Avril Lavigne
I'm standin' on the bridge I'm waitin' in the dark I thought that you'd be here.. 
Cold Rain
from album (Cold Rain) by John Wythes
well ive been walking on the wrong side on a cold and lonely night wishing old lady love would leave.. 
Cold Winter Nights (Bonus Track)
from album (Destiny) by Stratovarius
Summer´s gone a while ago The daylight dims away I´m watching here how the snow begins to fall.. 
Everyone Dies
from album (Cold) by Cold
Take me back from God Well I can't sleep No one can hear the sound of your heartbreak Every litt.. 
from album (Cold) by Cold
I give you everything but me, everyone around you twisted fame I can't control you and your loo.. 

Go Away
from album (Cold) by Cold
All the sounds around you used to play along with your torn up head, As the music seeps into you, ev.. 
Goodbye Cruel World
from album (Cold) by Cold
All my friends are takin' over To make a mess of me All my friends are broke and ugly And make a.. 
from album (Cold) by Cold
Everyone around you suffocates, think I don't believe in God Every little pill that helps you t.. 
Makes Her Sick
from album (Cold) by Cold
All the world is just a fake Made to drop you when you fall Everyone gets blown away And everyone is.. 
Serial Killer
from album (Cold) by Cold
Everyone around you suffocates I can see your madness rip your brain I can see the bodies on the wal.. 
Strip Her Down
from album (Cold) by Cold
Everybody played a game How come you won't tell me the rules I'm tired of trying on new skin.. 
from album (Cold) by Cold
I don't listen much to reason Everybody wants to be here Santa Claus has lost his mind Easter Bu.. 
The Switch
from album (Cold) by Cold
I can take another bet She loves to ***, I must confess Everything is so abused The little things s.. 
from album (Cold) by Cold
All the world loves things of beauty and intrigue, these two things I've never had one Born in.. 
Cold Cold Heart
from album (Cold Cold Heart) by Hank Williams
I tried so hard my dear to show that you're my every dream. Yet you're afraid each thing I d.. 
Little Green Apples #2
from album (22 Best Of The Best, Ben Colder/Sheb Wooley) by Ben Colder
"Little Green Apples #2"

And I come home late at night and t.. 

Dark Days, Bright Nights
from album (Dark Days, Bright Nights) by Bubba Spar***
{Bubba Spar***} Okay If you shed blood with me to this point, you deserve an explanation For all the.. 
Keasbey Nights
from album (Keasbey Nights) by Catch 22
It was the summer of '95 (so what?!), in the backyard, shaving the old plies. Feeling so strong,.. 
Cold Roses
from album (Cold Roses) by Ryan Adams
Mirrors in the room go black and blue On a Sunday morning in Saturday shoes We don't choose who.. 
On Nights Like This
from album (On Nights Like This) by Soraya
No matter what anyone says time doesn't pull you through cause there are nights when i still cry.. 
Everything's Too Cold, But You're So Hot
from album (Rooms Too Cold) by The Early November
You’re smile’s like the sun to me So bright it’s weakening You’re so sweet But of all that you l.. 
...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...
from album (...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...) by Absu
[1st Verse] Laughter from Esharra is convincing, but unclaimed. The last of Ka drifts across the r.. 
from album (Cold) by Static X
We kiss The stars The writhe We are You name Desire Your flesh We are Cold we're so cold We ar.. 
from album (Cough/Cold) by The Misfits
This street we walk upon This corner full of piss and fear This street won't bear it long It sl.. 
Cold Ways
from album (Cold Ways) by Katatonia
I can't do what you do I'm just able to tear it down yeah Stay in a cold minute of sleep See.. 
Coldness Of My Mind
from album (Coldness) by Kotipelto
When the circle is fulfilled and the levels are low It's time to sit down and think for a while.. 
Cold Steel
from album (Cold Steel For An Iron Age) by Destroyer 666
This is retribution! So come to me all you philosphers I have a use for all your words And as for y.. 
Long Cold Winter Nights
from album (Culture, Sacrifice And Darkness) by Kind Of Alteration
We are the throned of eternal sunrise We live from the dark northern sky to the great historic ruins.. 
Under Cold Blue Stars
from album (Under Cold Blue Stars) by Josh Rouse
Under the cold blue stars You would just stroll Around the yard That’s what happens to dreams When.. 
Cold Summer Nights
from album (Album Unknown) by Francis Magalona
I keep on blaming my self I should have eaten my pride how can i convince you its just a matter of t.. 
The Nights Are Cold
from album (Late Night Final) by Richard Hawley
The fate of man is random so don't look down The towns and the cities are all burning down Your.. 




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