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Mashed Potato Time
from album (Mashed Potato Time) by Dee Dee Sharp
It's the latest, it's the greatest, Mashed Patato, ya, ya ,ya A Mashed Potato started long.. 
(The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets
from album ((The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets) by The Bee Gees
MassachussetsBee GeesMusic & Lyrics : Barry Gibb - Robin Gibb - Maurice GibbFeel I'm goin.. 
Wanna Hurt Mase
from album (Harlem World) by Mase
1 Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that.. 
Wanna Hurt Mase?
from album (Harlem World) by Mase
1 - Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do y.. 

The Masterplan
from album (The Masterplan) by Oasis
Take the time to make some sense Of what you want to say And cast your words away upon the waves Bri.. 
Master Of Disguise
from album (Master Of Disguise Soundtrack) by Vitamin C
In a secret world among us Lives a special man Who's trying to find his role within a bigger pla.. 
Master Of Puppets
from album (Master Of Puppets) by Metallica
End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fea.. 
The Master Plan
from album (The Master Plan) by Dream Warriors
[Featuring Kandu] You want bigger and better and higher and larger and more shit Peaches an.. 
Ski Mask Way
from album (Valentine Day's Massacre) by 50 Cent
(Intro) Yeah I’m Tryin to catch me sumthin I’ma catch you sumthin (Chorus) ***** that watch is n.. 
My Master Beckons
from album (My Master Beckons) by Shadow Man
I sleep with eyes shut completely tight I hear the call to awake and rise I know now my time has com.. 
from album (Masterpiece) by Gazebo
what a wonderful day everything is ok not a problem in mind leaving worries behind except for that l.. 
Ya Nunca Mas
from album (Ya Nunca Mas) by Luis Miguel
Ya nunca más, ya nunca más Mi vida volverá a ser igual Ya nunca mas, podré correr Por las prader.. 
Mass Romantic
from album (Mass Romantic) by The New ***graphers
Mass romantic fool wears Foster Grants, his books on tape ring true, Like everyone wants to say I l.. 
Master Of The Moon
from album (Master Of The Moon) by Dio
And then you dream Of a world with only windows Inside you - you can hide you You know And then the.. 

Masters Of The Universe
from album (Masters Of The Universe) by Binary Star
[Intro] (These styles is unknown to).. The two headed dragon ...(these styles is unknown to) ...the.. 
Maschine Zeit
from album (Maschine Zeit) by Funker Vogt
Der Mensch als Traum - nicht Wirklichkeit Gedankengänge kontrolliert Das Du im Ich in Raum und Zeit.. 
Chana Masala
from album (Chana Masala) by Looptroop
Intro: DvsG’s Come one DvsG’s Come one With us, with us, with us DvsG’s Yao, they love this, l.. 
No Mas
from album (No Mas) by Los De Adentro
Son las 4 de la mañana estoy solo en mi habitación un suspiro encarna mi alma y siento un gran ca.. 
Palabras Mas, Palabras Menos
from album (Palabras Mas,palabras Menos) by Los Rodriguez
Palabras más, palabras menos palabras más o menos ayer me decías palabras más o menos que no me.. 
Nazis Nunca Mas
from album (Nazis Nunca Mas) by Reincidentes
son pocos, son bobos, pero organizaos si no estamos, al loro, ya te la han liao Defiende, raci.. 
Demi Masa
from album (Demi Masa) by Raihan
from album (Mastermind) by Deltron 3030
Whoa.. Hey let me ask my man over here! Hey man let me ask you a question man and c if you know what.. 
2B A Master
from album (2.B.A. Master) by Pokémon
I got 2 B the one the only one who can withstand the test and B the best and I got 2 strive to keep.. 
Master Control
from album (Master Control) by Liege Lord
When far futures calling and your needs at hand I'll be your creation, with you I'm hand in.. 
from album (Masquerade) by Running Wild
Masked souls and blackest minds, mandrakes of the dark Pitch and poison in their veins, they wear th.. 
Master Of Disguise
from album (La Masquerade Infernale) by Arcturus
("No! this face is only a mask a wicked ornament, Illuminated by an exquisite grimace, Look and.. 
The Masquerade Ball
from album (The Masquerade Ball) by Axel Rudi Pell
See the Sun over the rainbow And the rain comes falling down Holy nights, the spirit of the temple T.. 
Satanic Masowhore
from album (Satanic Masowhore) by Impaled Nazarene
Satanic Masowhore Damnation war - genocide Putrefacted war, dead rotten bodies in sight Will you bl.. 
War Master
from album (War Master) by Bolt Thrower
Throughout all time Within the past, present and future Man has sought to destroy All that stood in.. 
from album (Maske) by Sido
Erschreck dich nicht Sido ist schrecklich frisch Ich hab dir schon auf'm ersten Tape gesagt das.. 
The Day Of Massacra
from album (Final Holocaust) by Massacra
Vado Al Massimo
from album (Vado Al Massimo) by Vasco Rossi
Funeral Masses
from album (Funeral Masses) by Socratic
Dearly beloved, We're gathered here to mourn, The death of the young one, The death of your firs.. 
The Puppet Master
from album (The Puppet Master) by King Diamond
solo: Mike Night time in Budapest So many people are waiting in line Darkness without a glow What a.. 
Masquerade - Act 1
from album (Masquerade) by Dreams Of Sanity
In which a mask is applied not only shielding the ugliness. The loneliness weaving wonders Left me.. 
Masquerade - Act 2
from album (Masquerade) by Dreams Of Sanity
In which the way is mind and mind is way. And off they went - both of them - The charm of luck fell.. 
Masquerade - Act 3
from album (Masquerade) by Dreams Of Sanity
In which the darkness masks the mask. [Christine:] I close my eyes and wonder: "Where is this.. 
Masquerade - Act 4
from album (Masquerade) by Dreams Of Sanity
In which not only the mask dies. So as the year has spent the meaning Of all the hopes - the bitter.. 
Masquerade - Interlude
from album (Masquerade) by Dreams Of Sanity
So see me enter those timeless walls The city of Paris - or was it Rome? I do not care - Oh! - I nev.. 
from album (Amy Mastura) by Amy Mastura
Verse1: Di malam ini Kita berdua Bintang bercahaya Bulan pun tertawa Kekal dalam hati Kini telah ber.. 



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