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Smokey Joes Cafe
from album (Smokey Joes Cafe) by The Robins
One day while I was eating beans at Smokey Joe's Cafe Just sittin diggin'all the scenes at S.. 
Nether Lands
from album (Nether Lands) by Dan Fogelberg
High on this mountain The clouds down below I'm feeling so strong and alive From this rocky perc.. 
Der Nette Mann
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Kleine Kinder hab ich gern, zerstückelt und in Scheiben, Warmes Fleisch, egal von wem, ich wills mi.. 
Underground Network
from album (Underground Network) by Anti-Flag
the national media cover clinton/lewinsky while the world's governments sell out millions on the.. 

Cafe Girl
from album (Cafe Girl) by Sage Francis
We walk as two, but we'll leave one set of tortured footprints/ Now here she comes...walking thr.. 
from album (Netinho Ao Vivo) by Netinho
When we were young nobody died And nobody got older The toughest kid in the street Could always be b.. 
Reminisce Cafe
from album (Reminisce Cafe) by Gene Summers & Shawn Summers
Pictures of Elvis on the menu Little Richard on the wall Gene Vincent on the jukebox Lawd and that a.. 
Orange Dream
from album (Gokutama Rock Cafe) by An Cafe
Shiroku kiri ga furikakaru kyori ga tsurakatta Yasashiku miseta hohoemi wo omou to kokoro ga itakute.. 
Netsuretsu Kangei Wonderland
from album (Netsuretsu Kangei Wonderland) by Ueda Kana & Koshimizu Ami & Kugimiya Rie & Shiraishi Ryouko & Itou Shizuka
ganbatchatta ganbatta wareware dongnan seobei waai waai atsumare! wandaa geemu hajimemashou (hai pa.. 
The Blue Cafe
from album (The Blue Café) by Chris Rea
My world is miles of endless roads That leaves a trail of broken dreams Where have you been I hear y.. 
Cafe Society
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
Late at night When reality's failing and nothing is prevailing but the wind I come to you Out of.. 
Bluebird Cafe
from album (When You Were Mine) by John Waite
Her I.D, says she's 21 But she's just 17 Her apron says Mary But her real name is Jean She&#.. 
Street Cafe
from album (Primitive Man) by Icehouse
if there were no tomorrows if there was just one more chance I'd take it again you know I'd.. 

The Sad Cafe
from album (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) by The Eagles
Out in the shiny night the rain was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard.. 
I Will Never Be Untrue
from album (Without A Safety Net) by The Doors
I will never be untrue Do anything you would want me to Never stay out drinking no later than two (t.. 
Whiskey, Mystics And Men
from album (Without A Safety Net) by The Doors
Well I'll tell you a story of whiskey and mystics and men And about the believers, and how the w.. 
from album (Blue Afternoon) by Tim Buckley
I was just a curly-haired mountain boy On my way Passing thru I heard a voice Whisper good evening I.. 
When October Goes
from album (2:00 AM Paradise Cafe) by Barry Manilow
And when October goes The snow begins to fly Above the smoky roofs I watch the planes go by The chil.. 
Throwing Stones
from album (Without A Net) by The Grateful Dead
Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free Dizzy with eternity. Paint it with a skin of.. 
Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody
from album (Wild Things Run Fast) by Joni Mitchell
Caught in the middle Carol, we're middle class We're middle aged We were wild in the old day.. 
The Family And The Fishing Net
from album (Plays Live) by Peter Gabriel
Suffocated by mirrors, stained by dreams Her honey belly pulls the seams Curves are still.. 
from album (Life Is Killing Me) by Type O Negative
Nettie, no need to cry Let me wipe those tear drops from your eyes In the dark bathed in Cathode ra.. 
Cafe 5-0
from album (9811) by 9811
I said hello, how are you doing? I think I could be doing fine. I said hello, how are ou fe.. 
Fisch Im Netz
from album (Chaos) by Herbert Grönemeyer
FISCH IM NETZ deine kraft macht trunken dein herz aus gold wer hat dich aus dem hut geholt bewegst.. 
from album (Ojala Que Lleva Cafe) by Juan Luis Guerra
(Juan Luis Guerra) Inspiracin: Poema 15 de Pablo Neruda Nos encontramos una tarde bajo el sol de pri.. 
All These Years
from album (Cafe On The Corner) by Sawyer Brown
She likes adventure with security And more than one man can provide She planned adventure feeling su.. 
Cafe On The Corner
from album (Greatest Hits 1990-1995) by Sawyer Brown
At the cafe down on the corner With a lost look on his face There ain't no fields to plow No re.. 
Cafe Shabu
from album (Angel Of Death) by John Cale
Welcome to the Caf¨¦ Shabu. Permit me to introduce you to some of our regulars. Starting on my imm.. 
Cafe 405
from album (Hitler Bad, Vandals Good) by The Vandals
Watching her at the mall She don't know me at all Hope no employee over hears Think I'm i.. 
Solo Queria Un Cafe
from album (A Cara O Cruz) by Ricardo Arjona
Solo quería un café con poca azúcar, quizá un crosant No iba por la tertulia o el flirteo Solo.. 
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Wir trinken auf sein Wohl Unser bester Freund, der Alkohol Der uns lustig und besoffen macht Bei Tag.. 
Böhse Onkelz
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Wir saufen mit links und herrschen mit der Rechten, wir sind die Herrscher Frankfurts - Könige der.. 
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Auch zwölf dunkle Jahre in Deiner Geschichte, macht uns're Verbundenheit zu Dir nicht zunichte... 
Dr.Martens Beat
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Refrain: Dr.Martens Beat, Dr.Martens Beat, Der Klang einer Stahlkappe, die Dir in der Fresse tritt... 
Frankreich '84
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Im Sommer `84 fahren wir nach Frankreich, um unsere Nationalelf siegen zu seh'n, und für unser.. 
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Der Alkohol, mir schwinden die Sinne Wie ein Alptraum läuft es vor mir ab Ich denke, ich denke an w.. 
Freitag Nacht
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Freitag Nacht, der Mop trifft sich im Sachsenhäuser Park Bier wird reichlich abgefüllt, bis keiner.. 
Fussball Und Gewalt
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Samstag Mittag, Stadionzeit. Schnaps und Bier, wir machen uns bereit! Linie 13 total überfüllt, am.. 
from album (Der Nette Mann) by Böhse Onkelz
Mädchen, Mädchen, komm und spreiz die Beine, Mädchen, Mädchen, Du weisst schon, was ich meine! M.. 

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