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Not Afraid Of Romance
from album (Not Afraid Of Romance) by Machine Gun Fellatio
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 let it all out when the sunshine hits your eyes you'll find me there and i'.. 
Not Afraid To Cry
from album (Peter Cetera) by Peter Cetera
In the morning when I saw the light On the letter you left in the night After you had gone without s.. 
Be And Be Not Afraid
from album (Where You Live) by Tracy Chapman
I believe in mistakes and accidents That the nature of life is chaos and confusion That man's ru.. 
Im Not Afraid
from album (Album Unknown) by Ricky Nelson
I'm Not AfraidRicky Nelson(F. Bryant)Love they say is seriousIt's not a child's gameIt c.. 

I'm Not Afraid
from album (Post Orgasmic Chill) by Skunk Anansie
Another useless fight, saddened words ring true, leaving like a saint, still clouds follow you, I&.. 
Not Afraid
from album (Letting Go) by Earshot
Don't leave me alone I'm feeling so numb I need you to be here, I need you to call and every.. 
I'm Not Afraid
from album (Golden Hum) by Remy Zero
Tonight We can no longer fight. We could never return to what we bagan. To see. Throught the eyes o.. 
from album (Not Afraid Of Romance) by Machine Gun Fellatio
You're like a rollercoaster toast ya In a big four-poster bed You're such a puddin' I sh.. 
The Girl Of My Dreams (Is Giving Me Nightmares)
from album (Not Afraid Of Romance) by Machine Gun Fellatio
the girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares i found her on tv now i see her everywhere she's g.. 
Unsent Letter
from album (Not Afraid Of Romance) by Machine Gun Fellatio
I try to talk to you Can't get past the weather The friend I thought I knew Has found sumthin, s.. 
I'm Not Afraid To Move On
from album (Eurovision 2003 Norway) by Jostein Hasselgaard
One moment out of time someone finds a secret waiting behind Knowing there`s an end to a glory end t.. 
Not Afraid
from album (Action) by Punchline
why do i want you how can you say thing like what do you want me to be who did i fall for not the sa.. 
I'm Not Afraid Of Life
from album (Too Tough To Die) by Ramones
I am not afraid of life Of the poor man's struggle Of the killer's knife I am not afraid of.. 
Not Afraid
from album (Jail Cell) by Chuck Charles
(Rap music playing in the bakcground) Spoken: Yo man what the *** Don't pull that shit,.. 

I'm Not Afraid
from album (Aeronautics) by Masterplan
Black oil on water - Dark soul in pain My eyes cry softly in the pouring rain Rising from the ashe.. 
Not Afraid To Die
from album (Dancing With Dead) by Pain
A journey through the space, colours, planets everywhere We're testing our (in)sanity A razor.. 
The Employee Is Not Afraid
from album (Right Now, You're In The Best Of Hands) by Bear Vs Shark
came to me on icebergs and bonded cell ties and write up these letters to question your reasons for.. 
I'm Not Afraid Of The Police
from album (Paul The Young Dude) by Paul Gilbert
I'm not afraid of the police today They'll never catch me now I'm celebrating my release.. 
I'm Not Afraid
from album (Wonderful Life) by Black
The cotton is high The field is still full The dust is drifting everywhere A harvest moon comes u.. 
I'm Not Afraid
from album (Shallow Life) by Lacuna Coil
Watch your back, because I am coming closer Shivers down your spine, you were not expecting me How d.. 
Afraid Not Scared
from album (Love Is Hell Pt1) by Ryan Adams
Look at this ocean with everyone drowning, idiots Screamin, and everyone sinking in slowly We're.. 

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