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The Land Of ***And Honey
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
face to face blood to blood the mountain you tumbled from and in the land of ***and honey you prey.. 
Total Soul Rape
from album (Total Soul Rape) by Craft
Deepest cold to ever grace the land of planet earth, purest cleansing Hellfire to burn the mark of h.. 
Raped In Their Own Blood
from album (Raped In Their Own Blood) by Vomitory
With bloodbath, death and chaos dominates All slaughtered, no one left to cry Bloodlust, the air is.. 
Bitch Said I Raped Her
from album (Prone To Bad Dreams) by Point Blank
Let Point Blank explain The way I smoked the bitch I put my hands around her neck And the.. 

from album (Dream After Dream) by Journey
This song is instrumental... 
Raped And Freezin'
from album (Billion Dollar Babies) by Alice Cooper
Finally got a ride, some old broad down from Santa Fe She was a real go-getter She drawled so sweetl.. 
The ***Of The World
from album (New Beginnings) by Tracy Chapman
Mother of us all Place of our birth How can we stand aside And watch the ***of the wo.. 
from album (In Utero) by Nirvana
***me ***me, my friend ***me ***me again I'm not the only one [X4] Hate me, D.. 
***Me (1993 Acoustic Version)
from album (With The Lights Out) by Nirvana
"Check, check, check, check, check..." ***me ***me and then Father just take me Rape.. 
Santa Will ***Your Dogs
from album (The Tom, Mark And Travis Show) by Blink 182
(Tom) Bad kids! (Mark) Bad christmas spirit! (Tom) Bad christmas spirit! (Mark) Hey, O.K. I need.. 
Date Rape
from album (40 Oz. To Freedom) by Sublime
Let me tell you about a girl I know had a drink about an hour ago. Sitting in a corner b.. 
Thin Line Between Law And Rape
from album (Muse Sick In Hour Mess Age) by Public Enemy
Ya took me from a place Where the race didn't matter And gathered up bodies Without a.. 
Thin Line Between Law & Rape
from album (Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age) by Public Enemy
Ridenhour - Rochester - Walford Ya took me from a place Where the race didn't matter And gathe.. 
The Infamous Date Rape
from album (Low End Theory) by A Tribe Called Quest
Classic, classic... Classic example of a...a date rape(4X) Q-Tip: Listen to the rhyme, it'.. 

The ***Over
from album (The New Danger) by Mos Def
(Boogie man business) Listen Old white men is runnin this rap shit Corporate force's runnin thi.. 
Big God/Raped Souls
from album (Soul Of A New Machine) by Fear Factory
In America today, every 25 *** seconds someone is viciously raped, someone is brutally violate.. 
The ***And Ruin Of Angels (Hosannas In Extremis)
from album (Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein) by Cradle Of Filth
Hosannas in Extremis Invading tempestuos skies When Inanna rose, bringing angels repose And Narcissu.. 
Date Raped
from album (Meet In Person) by New Found Glory
Oh' the sucker has been planing a camp for me but I don't feel like going But you missed yo.. 
from album (Internal Affairs) by Pharoahe Monch
(woman screaming) I'm obsessed with multiple *** photographs of the beat in my room on the wal.. 
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
eyes open empty as halos he comes for me deity help- what's the matter? looking for someone? he.. 
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
i'm gonna kill him i'm gonna break his face i'm gonna crack his skull i'm gonna kick.. 
I Prefer
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
have you run into the human race have you run into the world have you run into the system and i rais.. 
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
stronger than reason stronger than lies the only truth i know is the look in your eyes the look in y.. 
The Missing
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
the missing he's missing... they took him away! the last days the sinking shunned the last rit.. 
You Know What You Are
from album (The Land Of ***And Honey) by Ministry
don't try to reason no words, no words i've seen it all before don't cry because it is t.. 
Raped By The Beast
from album (Bloodthirst) by Cannibal Corpse
Black forest of evil, a demons possession A beast in the wild with nocturnal dementia Unearthly revi.. 
Stripped, Raped, And Stabbed
from album (The Bleeding) by Cannibal Corpse
They think they know who I am All they know is I love to kill Face down, dead on the ground Find me.. 
Raped By The Light Of Christ
from album (With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness) by At The Gates
When the yellow dies under the velvet thoughts Blood-bubbles nestled in thorns I have travelled thr.. 
Right To Rape
from album (Hate Yourself With Style) by Clawfinger
What kind of world is this that we're living in when a man accused guilty of ***Is still freed.. 
Kill Your Mother ***Your Dog
from album (Killing On Adrenaline) by Dying Fetus
Kill your mother and ***your dog! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Kill your mother and ***your dog! Ki.. 
Baby Raper
from album (We Kill Everything) by Gwar
Babyraper, sperm creator Hulking, brutish masturbator Babyraper, emasculator Fleshy flap valve navig.. 
Your Mama Raped Me
from album (Slim And Unim) by SlimUnim
Need to hurl over the stands got shitfaced, i kissed a man dick swelled just an inch or two i'm.. 
God Raped A Virgin Mary
from album (Walk To Hell) by Sca***
you knock her up beat him down those kind of actions those kinds of sounds get into heaven through g.. 
***This Day
from album (Mit Gas) by Tomahawk
You're the only one I've ever told That I will ***this day Got to walk and talk A swarm to.. 
Maim ***Kill Rape
from album (Shitfun) by Autopsy
White-collared killer Pray by day - *** the dead by night Preach the book - brainwash the sheep Kil.. 
***Of Virtue
from album (As I Die) by Paradise Lost
Night reveals unearthly ways I felt [failing lives] abruptive [games] I felt Gripped to life, you mu.. 
***Of Mankind
from album (Rusted Angel) by Darkane
No truth will ever set you free Or help to expose this conspiracy Always being watched Every move do.. 
Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn
from album (Abomination) by Abomination
Put to the battlefield With gun in hand Following orders Every demand [Chorus:] Murder, rape, pila.. 
***Of Oria
from album (Days Of Rising Doom) by Aina
[Oria:] Rest your mind, Silver Maiden Don't fear The things that happen to you now can't be.. 

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