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Silent Nation
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
Shake the hand of time With the builders of stone Are you recognized? You're not going home Hav.. 
Digital Nation
from album (Digital Nation LP) by Bad Company
We are a digital nation.. 
My Private Nation
from album (My Private Nation) by Train
Why you gotta treat me like I'm a low down dirty Climbin' up on thirty Dress like a kid to m.. 
Nationwide Rip Ridaz
from album (Nationwide Rip Ridaz) by Crips
Verse One: I cast out cased up Loc locked down I'm a Menace I gives it up I give a fuc.. 

National Express
from album (National Express) by The Divine Comedy
Take the National Express when your life's in a mess, it will make you smile.. All human life is.. 
Tribe To A Nation
from album (Nation) by Sepultura
We Ova Inna Tribe Haffe Call To A Nation So Inna Direct Communification Heal Your Wounds In Dysya.. 
All The Nation's Airports
from album (All The Nation's Airports) by Archers Of Loaf
Shuffling through all the nations airports Invalids collide with terrorist scum. Choking on the lag,.. 
Rock The Nations
from album (Rock The Nations) by Saxon
Big wheels are rolling On thru' the night We hit the city in the morning No time to eat or sleep.. 
Hope Of The Nations
from album (Hope Of The Nations) by Brian Doerksen
Jesus hope of the nations Jesus comfort for all who mourn You are the source of Heaven's hope.. 
The Sadist Nation
from album (Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation) by Darkest Hour
One nation under the gun Where forward thinking is shunned A morbid tradition Of archaic value syste.. 
Across The Nation
from album (Across The Nation) by WWE
Now get the guns, the drugs, From my generation. I’ll take the fall, the saints, across the nation... 
Hero Nation
from album (Hero Nation) by Metalium
Warp through the past Stand here at last Historical moment, survived all the quests Spiritual knowle.. 
Keranamu Malaysia
from album (Keranamu Malaysia) by Various
Buruh, nelayan dan juga petani***a hidup kini dah berubah Anak-anak terasuh mindanya Lahir generasi.. 
One Nation Under A Groove
from album (One Nation Under A Groove) by Funkadelic
So wide can't get around it So low you can't get under it (So low you can't get under it.. 

from album (Nationalsången) by Sverige
Du gamla du fria, du fjällhöga nord Du tysta du glädjerika sköna! Jag hälsar dig, vänaste land.. 
Out To Every Nation
from album (Out To Every Nation) by Jorn Lande
I was born to be a storytelling man I spread the word across the land A voice of hope a chant for pe.. 
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
So keep me going, light switch the light on, Break up my bones and throw me on the afternoon, It'.. 
Cherry Tree
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
We used to meet on sundays, Feet underneath the cherry tree, Hidden by leaves and branches, We used.. 
Drink To Moving On
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
Moved on to clear the air, Just to be alone, We're perfect on our own, Settle down, Try not to c.. 
Litter Bin
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
You say i'm like your litter bin, It's not that obvious to me, It's not that obvious Sa.. 
Peanut Dreams
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
Give me something, Give me silence, Give me jokes, live it out with my peanut dreams. GIve me dayli.. 
Playing In The Distance
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
Got me playing in the distance, Said they got me playing in the distance, Said they got me playing i.. 
Talk Amongst Yourselves
from album (Kicking The National Habbit) by Grand National
I blame it on myself 'cos i can't keep anything down,anything down, However hard i do try, S.. 
from album (Telekom Malaysia Berhad Kristal Song) by Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Mesti komited pada pelanggan Dan berusaha sehabis upaya Tunjukan kesefahaman tinggi Berfikiran terbu.. 
Young Nation
from album (Age Ain't Nothing But A Number) by Aaliyah
Chorus: Young nation under a groove Keeping it smooth with a jazz attitude Young nation under a groo.. 
Happy Nation
from album (The Sign) by Ace Of Base
laudate omnes gentes laudate magnificat in secula et anima mea laudate magnificat in secula h.. 
Blue Moon Monday
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
So scared of the dark Frightened now to close heavy eyes Escape this dream Haunts my every cell Whe.. 
Darkness Day
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
So Do you believe? The truth Of who we are Everyone must kneel Everyone must bow No matter how you.. 
Ghost In The Mirror
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
I've been hearing voices Voices in my head Can't escape the noises Lying in my bed The wint.. 
Gone Too Far
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
Kelly stands by the water With a gun in her hand She won't believe in the future In a world made.. 
I Will Be There For You
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
I remember long ago A foolish one that hurt you so I was someone you need to know Stay here tonight.. 
Long Way From Home
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
There's a black Siberian Look a white guy in the sun Miles away from where the quest begun From.. 
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
They put away the DDT now But gave metal to the sea A hundred years can't wait A hundred years c.. 
The Prophet
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
He often wondered where he's from The Holy Grail, the bloodline son In his veins the answer come.. 
What About Love
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
It crawls inside you Like a strange disease One time the giver Next time the thief I know what you k.. 
League Of Nations
from album (Sister Feelings Call) by Simple Minds
League Of Nations League Of Nations Relief Relief League Of Nations League Of Nations Relief Relief.. 
National Anthem
from album (Seminar) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Intro: Mix talks while The Star Spangled Banner plays in the background Huey B. Newton shot.. 
One Nation
from album (Sister Hazel) by Sister Hazel
When you were born you didn't know You thought we were the same You know we walked the same - we.. 
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
from album (Bad To The Bone) by ZZ Top
Well I was rollin' down the road in some cold blue steel, I had a blues man in back, and a beaut.. 
29 Palms
from album (Fate Of Nations) by Robert Plant
A fool in love - a crazy situation Her velvet glove knocks me down and down and down Her kiss of fi.. 

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