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Can't Take My Eye's Off Of You
from album (Can't Take My Eye's Off Of You) by Lauren Hill
You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you You'd be like heaven to.. 
Cant Take My Eyes Off You
from album (Cant Take My Eyes Off You) by Frankie Valli
You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off you. You'd be like heaven to t.. 
Signing Off
from album (Signing Off) by UB40
Walking Off The Buzz
from album (Walking Off The Buzz) by Blessid Union Of Souls
Amy woulda died for me She would've had my baby If I needed a favor It was yes, she n.. 

Off To See The Lizard
from album (Off To See The Lizard) by Jimmy Buffett
I was raised by a maid who came from Martinique She wore geckos round her neck and bracelets on her.. 
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
from album (Can't Take My Eyes Off You) by Al Green
You're just to good to be true Can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch.. 
Off The Ground
from album (Off The Ground) by Paul McCartney
There must have been a lot of heartache For you to sink so low. You must have had a ton of pressur.. 
A Thousand Days
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Ask me no questions and I'll tell you I'll tell you no lies When all is said and done Does i.. 
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Mommy doesn't have a head any more Keep it underneath my bed on the floor Well that's alrigh.. 
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
In this world of hate and shallowness Where enemies become your consolation And those of us who win.. 
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Time has washed away And now I may wonder How did it all slip by Cause I always thought We had forev.. 
Demons (A Mexican Fiesta)
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Clouds pass over the moon Like an eye that shows impending doom Tension in this misty air Souls pass.. 
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
When we younger There always seemed like Some perfect mold That we're supposed to be But now we&.. 
I'll Be Waiting
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Once I had a friend that I could count on So I thought Well so it seemed But times of need are not e.. 

Jennifer Lost The War
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Jennifer lost the war today You'll find her burned and raped Through it all She must have wonder.. 
Kill The President
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
In a world without leaders Who'd start all the wars? The world that your saving Will.. 
Out On Patrol
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
Look at my soldier boy now With that big gun in your little hand As you patrol this foreign land Hea.. 
from album (The Offspring) by The Offspring
In your plane in the blue sky You roam again Words that echo in your mind Make your heart beat faste.. 
from album (Re-Offender) by Travis
Keeping up appearances Keeping up with the Jones' Fooling my selfish heart Going through the mot.. 
Turn Off The Lights
from album (Turn Off The Lights) by World Class Wreckin Cru
Hey what's happening baby I'm the one who needs no introduction Cuz I'm the world class.. 
Officially Dead
from album (Officially Dead) by Veruca Salt
I don't believe what you said I can go anywhere I can hold my head up I can breathe in the air I.. 
Living Off Experience
from album (Living Off Experience) by The L.O.X.
Word up, Word up It's like this, ya heard nigga We done dropped a few hot joints Blaz.. 
Break You Off
from album (Break You Off) by The Roots
[Chorus 2X: Musiq] Comin to break you off(beat started.....start-started..) Comin to break you off(.. 
Runnin' Off At Da Mouth
from album (Runnin' Off At Da Mouth) by Twista
(feat. Sinister Def) [Tung Twista] Yo, Sinister Def [Sinister Def] Yo, what's up money? [Tung T.. 
Off Parole
from album (Off Parole) by Rappin' 4 Tay
I wonder why there's so much hatred in this world today You know a lotta of us brothers a.. 
Biz Is Goin' Off
from album (Goin Off) by Biz Markie
"I!!! - am the magnificent..." {*Biz beatboxes a scale, repeating the last note*} ".. 
The Jump Off
from album (The Jump Off) by Wu-Tang Clan
[INS] Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome to you All the way from the slums of Shaolin Sp.. 
Hats Off To Larry
from album (Hats Off To Larry) by Del Shannon
Once I had a pretty girl, Her name it doesn't matter; She went away with another guy-- Now he wo.. 
from album (Offerings II: All I Have To Give) by Third Day
Magnificent, holy father I stand in awe of all i see Of all the things you have created Still you ch.. 
Adolf '8-Off' Agallar (Interlude)
from album (The Piece Maker) by Tony Touch Featuring 8-Off Agallar
[8-Off Agallar] Feelin kinda tense and angry Gotta let out my frustration y'know? Yeah yeah, B.K.. 
Two Months Off
from album (A Hundred Days Off) by Underworld
[There was a little drawing of a heart next to that, followed by an exclaimation mark. The back of.. 
Better Off Alone
from album (Better Off Alone) by Grinspoon
I never gave a reason why I didn't call Now I've grown so tired of lying to myself I cannot.. 
Better Off With Him
from album (Better Off With Him) by A
A - Better Off With Him Run around, watch the frequency you're on. Get around, life's addic.. 
Long Way To Fall
from album (Autopilot Off) by AutoPilot Off
Eyes are fixed and dialated, Stuck staring out, So jaded and frustrated, Dragging you down, You can.. 
Main Offender
from album (Main Offender) by Hives
I'm on my way. Can't settle down. I'm stuck in ways of being an***I got a lot of nerv.. 
Rest Of The Day Off
from album (Rest Of The Day Off) by Neil Finn
Totally wired and the game is up Im under the table You carry my heart in the palm of your hand As t.. 
Burnt Offerings
from album (Burnt Offerings) by Iced Earth
In one last breath You'll feel this damned old soul You'll see the things I see For all the.. 
Eviscrated Offspring
from album (Eviscrated Offspring) by Dying Fetus
Immortal Gods Of Life, Cast Into Waves, Bleed For The Maker, Drowning In His Faith, No Ressurection,.. 
Peel Off
from album (Peel Off) by Jin Tha MC
[Intro] GO!!!(*echos*)(Elite!!) Yeah, double R uh (wooo) Come on, Crafty Plugz, what (wooo) GO!!!(*e.. 
You're Better Off Dead!
from album (You're Better Off Dead!) by Children Of Bodom
War-eyes! Hey what's the matter with you? Whatcha trying to do? We're wrecking the place...I.. 



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