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Waving Flags
from album (Do You Like Rock Music) by British Sea Power
You are astronomical Fans of alcohol So welcome in Earth rising in the east And setting in the west.. 
Pink Flag
from album (Pink Flag) by Wire
I was sold up the river to the red slave trade The stores were gathered, the plans were laid Synchro.. 
Gifts From America: With Love, The U.S.A.
from album (Bouncing Souls Anti Flag BYO S) by Anti-Flag
The world keeps turning and I keep fighting 'cause what else are you to do? When there's a f.. 
Smash It To Pieces
from album (Bouncing Souls Anti Flag BYO S) by Anti-Flag
A psychic said to me - (WHAT DID SHE SAY?) She said, "You know I gotta a very special feeling,.. 

The Freaks, Nerds, & Romantics
from album (Bouncing Souls Anti Flag BYO S) by Anti-Flag
I got a song stuck in my head Walking down street number nine I sing it out loud with my friends And.. 
*** The Flag
from album (The Terror State) by Anti-Flag
Brainwashing Piece of Rag Take it off mast, and stick it up your***Now it's time to slaughter.. 
Unter Falscher Flagge
from album (Unter Falscher Flagge) by Die Toten Hosen
Nun irrten die halbtoten Hosen von Durst geplagt schon seit Wochen auf den 7 Meeren umher. Orkan und.. 
America Got It Right
from album (Bouncing Souls Together With Anti Flag) by Anti Flag
I was in Chico, California talking to a foreigner, when a fasicst threatened me He hoped to threaten.. 
No Borders, No Nations
from album (Bouncing Souls Together With Anti Flag) by Anti Flag
I always thought if you want to change the world Then you have to start with yourself So if the head.. 
Under The Flag I
from album (Under The Flag) by Fad Gadget
Well the story begins on the Isle of Dogs In a time of world recession There's a queue a mile lo.. 
Under The Flag II
from album (Under The Flag) by Fad Gadget
Young man, go out And take what's yours, don't doubt There's strength in numbers, walk o.. 
Biala Flaga
from album (Biala Flaga) by Republika
gdzie oni są gdzie wszyscy moi przyjaciele -ele-ele-ele-ele-ele zabrakło ich cho&a.. 
If I Could Only Flag Her Down
from album (Eliminator) by ZZ Top
I don't need her money I don't need a ride I got enough connections I don't need a piece.. 
Flag Day
from album (Anxious) by Housemartins
Flag DayHousemartinsToo many Florence NightingalesNot enough Robin HoodsToo many halos not enough he.. 

The Chequered Flag (Dead Or Alive)
from album (Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die!) by Jethro Tull
The disc brakes drag, the chequered flag sweeps across the oil-slick track. The young man's home.. 
That Ragged Old Flag
from album (The Essential Johnny Cash) by Johnny Cash
I walked through a county courthouse square On a park bench, an old man was sittin' there. I sai.. 
The Flag
from album (Gordon) by Bare*** Ladies
The phone rings, it's early, it's seven o'clock. He says sorry I woke you, but I just ha.. 
White Flags
from album (Club Ninja) by Blue Oyster Cult
Hold me close, don't fear my body. The flesh is weak, in need of touching. Your hands are hungry.. 
There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
from album (Album Unknown) by Elton Britt
There's a star spangled banner waving somewhere in a distant land so many miles away Only Uncle.. 
Flagpole Sitta
from album (Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?) by Harvey Danger
i had visions, i was in them i was looking into the mirror to see a little bit clearer rottenness.. 
Follow The Flag
from album (Land Of Dreams) by Randy Newman
You can stand alone Or with somebody else Or stand with all of us together If you can believe.. 
Defenders Of The Flag
from album (Scenes From The Southside) by Bruce Hornsby
It’s coming any day said the captain It’s coming any day now cried the priest The people in high p.. 
You're A Grand Old Flag
from album (All American Party Music) by Traditional
You're a grand old flag You're a high-flying flag And forever in peace may you wave You'.. 
Your Rebel Flag
from album (Carnival Of Carnage) by Insane Clown Posse
Stop the bus Violent J comes out Barrels to your chest and blow your lungs out Mother ***er f.. 
Red Flag
from album (Until The End) by Kittie
I feel trapped and it's all In my dirty hands These walls are closing in You always were so har.. 
My Very Own Flag
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Something that's inside of me It's something that I cannot see Like rules and regulations Pa.. 
Throw Yo Flags Up
from album (Above The Law) by Pastor Troy
Verse 1: Pastor Troy I'm in my big body Benz, Riding with 4 of my friends Shoot a bird at them.. 
Flagrant Cops
from album (Melvin Flynt-Da Hustler) by Noreaga
[Skit] [Noreaga] Hey yo the same old G Yo thats my shit Switch cd's threw on Nas shit Yo in the.. 
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
[Intro/Chorus: Madame D] Light is shinin.. beauty sunshine Here comes one-time.. the ball was so fin.. 
In The Hood
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
"The story you're about to see, occured along the main trading route, on the border betwee.. 
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
feat. Prodical, Two On Da Road [Intro--Prodical] Yo son I know what time it is Yo tell em, 12, huh?.. 
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
[RZA] All you hoes, be cryin for these bitches All you niggaz, be cryin for these hoes {*scratched.. 
Uzi (Pinky Ring)
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics Uzi (Pinky Ring) Lyrics [U-God] Yo.. yeah Don't erase none of that good s.. 
Yall Been Warned
from album (Iron Flag) by Wu-Tang Clan
WU TANG CLAN "Yall Been Warned" (Iron Flag) [Method Man] Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh Wu-Tang, nigg.. 
Burning Flag
from album (Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)) by Marilyn Manson
They want to sell it out but it up dumb it down a good god is hard to find I'll join the crowd t.. 
Brother Trucker
from album (Flag) by James Taylor
Breaker number nine, big buddy, Put your ears on me now. This trucker got to have a big line tonigh.. 
Company Man
from album (Flag) by James Taylor
It seems you've been living on your own, Lonely and free. Looking to make yourself known, same.. 
Day Tripper
from album (Flag) by James Taylor
I've got a good reason for taking the easy way out. I got a good reason for taking the easy way.. 
I Will Not Lie For You
from album (Flag) by James Taylor
I will not lie, I will not lie. I will not lie, I will not lie for you. Every time I see you foolin.. 
Is That The Way You Look?
from album (Flag) by James Taylor
Excuse me? Excuse me, yes? Is that the way you look? Is that the way you look? Is that the way you.. 

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