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Berikan Pijar Matahari
from album (Album Unknown) by Edwin Starr
Terhimpit gelak tertawa Diselah meriah pesta Seribu gembel ikut menari Seribu gembel terus bernyanyi.. 
Bar Imperio
from album (Bar Imperio) by Miguel Mateos
Hay un lugar, Bar imperio me dejo llevar, mis amigos también que bueno es estar, y hablar un poco a.. 
from album (Barbra Joan Streisand) by Barbra Streisand
You've gotta get up every mornin' With a smile on your face and show the world All the love.. 
Space Captain
from album (Barbra Joan Streisand) by Barbra Streisand
Once while traveling across the sky This lovely planet caught my eye Being curios I flew close by An.. 

Barely Breathing
from album (Barely Breathing) by Duncan Sheik
I know what you're doing I see it all too clear I only taste the saline When I kiss away your te.. 
Through The Barricades
from album (Through The Barricades) by Spandau Ballet
Mother doesn't know where love has gone She says it must be youth.. 
The Bargain Store
from album (Bargain Store) by Dolly Parton
My life is likened to a bargain store And I may have just what you're looking for If you don.. 
It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Next To Me
from album (Barry White Sings For Someone You Love) by Barry White
When we met, it wasn't quite clear to me What you had in store was there for only me Si.. 
I've Found Someone
from album (Barry White's Greatest Hits) by Barry White
It's not everyday You can find something in your life That is worth all the money in this world.. 
The Baron
from album (The Baron) by Johnny Cash
Wish I had a known ya When you were a little younger Around me you might have learned a thing or two.. 
Matters Of The Heart
from album (Matters Of The Heart) by Tracy Chapman
I lose my head From time to time I make a fool of myself In matters of the heart We should have been.. 
Barefoot Children In The Rain
from album (Barometer Soup) by Jimmy Buffett
Barometer Soup
from album (Barometer Soup) by Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett, Russ Kunkel, Jay Oliver, Roger Guth, and Peter Mayer Chorus FOLLOW IN MY WAKE, YOU.. 
from album (All That Matters) by Michael Bolton
How in the h*ll did this begin Like some cruel game we can't seem to win It just goes on over an.. 

It Matters To Me
from album (It Matters To Me) by Faith Hill
Baby tell me where'd you ever learn To fight without sayin' a word Then waltz back into my l.. 
The One That Got Away
from album (Barry Manilow) by Barry Manilow
So you have finally made up your mind? Take one last look at who you leave behind. We saw no ending,.. 
from album (The Lillywhite Sessions) by Dave Matthews Band
If I go Before I'm old Oh, brother of mine Please don't forget me if I go Bartender, please.. 
How Soon
from album (Matt Monro Sings) by Matt Monro
How soon the flame of love can die; How soon goodnight becomes goodbye. You're gone now, but lif.. 
If This Should Be A Dream
from album (Matt Monro Sings) by Matt Monro
If this should be a dream Then let me dream along, For in my dream my every wish comes true. I drea.. 
Home By Now - No Matter What
from album (Home By Now - No Matter What) by Meat Loaf
The locusts are singing The sun is red It’s gotten so late somehow There’s gonna be trouble You kn.. 
Bark At The Moon
from album (Bark At The Moon) by Ozzy Osbourne
Screams break the silence Waking from the dead of night Vengence is boiling He's returned to kil.. 
Marshall Mathers
from album (The Marshall Mathers LP) by Eminem
[Eminem] You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records No.. 
from album (Bare***) by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt Bare*** Did you ever have a dream where you're walking *** down the st.. 
A Matter Of Time
from album (A Matter Of Time) by Badlees
Town clock stopped tickin' but it ain't broken Got a problem that no one can define While th.. 
Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Mix)
from album (Behind Bars) by Slick Rick
featuring Warren G (Warren G) Check this out this Warren G y'know what I'm sayi.. 
from album (12 Bar Blues) by Scott Weiland
You play the game I'll *** and sing a lullaby You run the race I'll pay.. 
Barbie Girl
from album (Barbie Girl) by MxPx
Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! Wanna go for a ride? Sure! Hop on in. I'm a Barbie girl, In a Barbie world... 
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Down, down, down, down [repeat] Look what you're doing to me 'Cause I don't want you to.. 
Empty Room
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Empty Room I thought I wanted it this way I thought I really meant the words I said I had so many.. 
Girls Do, Boys Don't
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Girls do, boys don't Girls say what boys won't You're all that and more I do adore you.. 
Got Me Where You Want Me
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Never knew a boy like you You don't give up Wouldn't stop at anything to give my love Told m.. 
Higher Than Heaven
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
You take me higher You take me higher You take me higher than I've ever been before When I was d.. 
Holding On
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Ohh yeah I'm sitting here by myself But I don't want to feel this way I've been missing.. 
I Should've Never Let You Go
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I, Oh, Oh, Oh, I. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I, Oh, Oh, Oh, I. Seems we played a game,.. 
Love Me No More
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
I toss and turn in bed Can't get you out of my head Even though you're so far away I need yo.. 
Missin' Your Love
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
I guess we didn't see It wasn't meant to be But we tried to love each other There was no rea.. 
Other Side Of Love
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
Other side of love, other side of love There was another She took your trust and threw it away Leavi.. 
These Days
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
These days Some days I couldn't get up couldn't get down I'm bored of everything Someho.. 
What Have You Done
from album (Bardot) by Bardot
nothing else matters in the world today you know my car won't start and theres bills to pay i.. 
Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano
from album (The Talented Mr. Ripley Soundtrack) by Matt Damon, Jude Law, Fiorello And The Guy Barker International Quintet
Puorte 'e cazune cu nu stemma arreto... na cuppulella cu 'a visiera aizata... passa scampa.. 



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